Who is Jesus?

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Edited by George C Duke

Another great time to witness approaches as we approach Easter.  While the prophets usually said, “This is what the Lord says,” Jesus said, “I tell you the truth.” , “Prophets spoke for God, but Jesus consistently spoke as God. In addition, Jesus claimed God’s title, “I am,” and other significant characteristics of God—such as the ability to forgive sins.”That’s what Jesus claimed, but the question is, was He telling the truth? Or maybe he was crazy. Or maybe the Gospel accounts are fairy tales. Or maybe…

When Apostolic Christians say that Christianity is true, we’re not saying that we think it’s true. Or that it’s true for us and not for “them.” Or that it’s true if you believe. No, we mean that it’s true whether you believe it or not. We mean that Christianity is just flat-out true: that Jesus actually lived, that you could have seen Him, that the crucifixion actually took place, that He really did rise from the dead. How can we not believe when we have had such a wonderful powerdul experience with Jesus Christ. Pentecost is alive within each of us that has allowed him to fill us with his Spirit the bible way. If you have never experienced the Acts 2 experience remember the words of Peter when he stated as a fact that it is for you, your children, and their children too. Acts 2:39-40

Had you been there, you could’ve eaten the fish and loaves that were multiplied by Jesus from the little boy’s lunch. The water that Jesus walked on would have gotten you wet. And had you been in that upper room with Thomas, you could have seen the wounds on Jesus’ hands and placed your finger in His side.

These historical events are not just matters of personal faith; they’re matters of public truth. And you and I, especially in this cultural moment, have a responsibility, a task, a calling even, to articulate and defend these truths when called upon.
Another great truth is found in the person of Jesus Christ. Yes I said the person because Jesus is the person of God. In him not them dwelleth all of the fulness of the Godhead bodily and ye are complete in him not them. Jesus Christ was and is the body of flesh that God created for himself to dwell in.
Even so as Easter reminds the world of the Jesus Christ , what are we going to do with this opportunity in front of us? Because that’s what it is…a great opportunity to tell friends and neighbors the truth about Jesus.  After all, the events surrounding the life of Jesus, especially the crucifixion and the resurrection, either happened or they didn’t. We’re not talking about merely issues of personal belief; we’re talking about real events of history, and if they happened, change everything. As an Apostolic the greatest story you can tell is about  Jesus Christ and how he allowed you to become a son of God. That is your testimony as to how Jesus Christ lives in you. So shout it out, He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today.