Leading anti-smacking campaigner jailed for abuse of boy, 12

A key figure in campaigns to ban smacking has been jailed for sexually abusing a child in the 1960s.

Peter Newell, a former Chair of the Children are Unbeatable Alliance, admitted to five indecent and serious sexual assaults on a twelve-year-old boy.

The Charity Commission says it was made aware of allegations against Newell in 2016 but it has not been reported in the press until recently, amidst wider reports of sexual abuse at a number of household name charities.

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‘Wake up Wales’: Smacking ban has criminalised New Zealand parents

Welsh politicians must heed a stark warning from New Zealand that a smacking ban does criminalise loving parents, campaigners say.

New legal analysis on the situation in New Zealand – which banned smacking in 2007 – has shown that the law “criminalised parents who smack their children, even if only lightly, for the purposes of correction”.

In Wales, The Be Reasonable campaign has warned that outlawing smacking would see parents handed a criminal record for lovingly disciplining their... Read More | Share it now!

Bigamist jailed after wives find each other on Facebook

A man who told his family he had cancer in order to secretly marry another woman has been jailed for just three months, after years of lies.

Michael Eels told his wife Andrea and their three children that he had terminal cancer and was moving around 350 miles away for “the best treatment possible”. Instead he married another woman.

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US Puts Scores of Iranian Christians at Risk of Persecution

Denied asylum after a year-long limbo, refugees face return to one of world’s top 10 persecutors.

US Puts Scores of Iranian Christians at Risk of Persecution

( Editor’s Note- President Trump please help those that can be vetted as I know that you support helping real genuine Christians. )

A group of 100 Iranians, most of whom are Christians, are currently marooned in Vienna, Austria, and have been for the past year. They’re caught in limbo... Read More | Share it now!

Ruth Graham: The Silent Rock behind a Famous Evangelist

Ruth Graham: The Silent Rock behind a Famous Evangelist

( Editor’s Note- I believe that the wife and children are the real Missionarie’s in a Minister’s life, My wife along with my children were always the prayer warriors and hard workers for Jesus Christ. Without her I would have not suceeded in pioneering the churches that we founded. Read my latest book published on Amazon, “Just a Missionary by George C Duke.”... Read More | Share it now!

Church of Sweden faces possibility of losing more than one million members in next decade

The Church of Sweden is facing the possibility of losing more than one million of its members within a 10-year period as fewer people are attending services.

The church council of Lima-Transtrand in Vasteras, one of the most affected by the decline in church membership, is now considering selling the parish personage, which is listed as a heritage building, because it... Read More | Share it now!

Christian parents seek court order to stop daughter’s transition to male

Image result for tRANSGENDER  IMAGES

The parents of a 17-year-old teenage girl have asked an Ohio family court to issue an order to stop transgender hormone treatments for their daughter.

The unnamed girl, who wants to transition to being male, has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety disorder and gender dysphoria in 2016.

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‘Isaiah’ Seal Discovery Solidifies Bible’s Historical Accuracy

Isaiah Bulla

Archaeologists believe they may have found another piece of evidence that confirms the Bible narrative. Hebrew University of Jerusalem archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar presented her team’s findings on a clay seal, called a bulla, which may have belonged to the biblical prophet Isaiah.

Mazar said the find is especially significant because the Isaiah seal was found in very close proximity to a bulla belonging to King Hezekiah.

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Georgia Senate Passes Bill Protecting Religious Convictions of Faith-Based Adoption Agencies

ATLANTA, Ga. — The Georgia Senate passed a bill on Friday that protects the religious convictions of faith-based foster and adoption agencies.

S.B. 375 was approved 35-19 along party lines, without a single Democrat voting in favor of the legislation.

“To the extent allowed by federal law, including compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a child-placing agency may decline to accept a referral for foster... Read More | Share it now!