Russian Rebels in Ukraine Shut Down Churches

Rebels in Ukraine’s Luhansk region are reportedly raiding Christian churches.

According to reports, the group, which controls Luhansk, has demanded that churches re-register as a religious organization, but the rebel group is denying approvals for those registrations.

Forum 18, a Norwegian human rights organization, says neither Baptist nor Seventh-day Adventist churches have been allowed to re-register.

There are also reports that Protestant churches have been... Read More | Share it now!

Oxford students vote against Christian group’s residential camp

Oxford University

(Editors Note- We pioneered a Apostolic Church in Oxford England in 1977 Today that church still exists. On my recent trip to minister in the UK I was able to visit with and pray for the new Pastor there and his wife. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE CHURCH THERE) Read More | Share it now!

IDF Searches for Missing Jordanian Children Swept Away in Flash Flood Near Dead Sea

Israel Defense Force search-and-rescue teams were deployed Thursday night to assist in the rescue of a Jordanian school bus near the eastern shore of the Dead Sea after it was swept away Thursday in a flash flood resulting from heavy rains in the southern region.

At least 18 people died in the tragedy, including many Jordanian school children and teachers, according to an updated report at 10:00 pm local time.

At least 34 others were rescued, however, in... Read More | Share it now!

Buckingham Uni sparks ‘revolution’ with anti-drugs policy

The University of Buckingham has been commended after it announced its plans to become Britain’s first “drug-free campus”.

Students at the university will be asked to sign contracts agreeing not to take drugs, in what has been described as a “revolution” to make drug-taking in higher education “socially unacceptable”.

It follows criticism of Sheffield University, which last month gave students detailed advice on how to take drugs... Read More | Share it now!

CA church wins court dispute over property tax

Church offering

A California court has ruled in favor of a church that objected to a property tax.

Valley Baptist Church is thankful that Marin County Superior court is respecting the constitutional rights of churches not to be taxed by their government, says Pacific Justice Instituteattorney Brad Dacus.

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Cuban Christians Say No to Same-sex Marriage: A Brave Demonstration

It takes real courage for Christians to stand for truth anywhere. But in Cuba? Let’s just say we could learn a thing or two from our island brothers and sisters.

Cuba is considering a change to its constitution that would make it the sixth Latin American nation to legalize same-sex marriage. The government will submit it to a referendum early next year.

Such referenda are not unheard of in dictatorships only, unlike a true democracy, “people” are often... Read More | Share it now!

Pastor Andrew Brunson Reveals Which Bible Passage Helped Him Endure Turkish Prison

Pastor Andrew Brunson Reveals Which Bible Passage Helped Him Endure Turkish Prison

Pastor Andrew Brunson revealed in an interview how his faith and a specific passage in the Bible got him through his two-year imprisonment in Turkey.

Pastor Brunson is an American Pastor from North Carolina who worked as a pastor and lived in Turley for 23 years before he was detained in 2016 with his wife.

Brunson’s wife, Norine, revealed in an interview with CBS This Morning... Read More | Share it now!