Mysterious Radioactive Cloud Hovering Over Europe Traced Back To Russia

Authorities traced the origins of a mysterious radioactive cloud that passed over some 28 countries in Europe recently. First discovered over Italy in early October, the cloud was found to have originated sometime in September near the border of Russia and Kazakhstan.

A report issued by France’s Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute (IRSN) detailed the findings. The radioactivity was discovered after monitors in Italy picked up on the ruthenium-106 isotope in the... Read More | Share it now!

Iran-Iraq earthquake death toll surpasses 200, officials say

Iranian officials say at least sixty dead

The death toll continued to climb early Monday after a powerful earthquake shook the Iran-Iraq border region.

Iranian state media placed the tally at 207 dead and 1,686 injured in the mountainous region of Iran alone.

GOP swamp swarm Roy Moore

Why have the Poobahs of the Black Lagoon-like Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Jon Cornyn, Lisa Murkowski and the rest been so quick to land on Judge Moore like a falling safe? For one simple reason: they despise genuine conservatives.

The senators who have dogpiled Moore – Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Jon Cornyn, Lisa Murkowski, and a host of other establishment types – are lawmakers, and certainly, know that the first principle of American jurisprudence is... Read More | Share it now!

New Bill Would Provide Veterans with Better Healthcare Options


Today  Saturday, November 11, is Veterans Day, a day to honor those who have served their country. This Veterans Day, legislators have an opportunity to improve the lives of America’s Veterans via a new bill.

According to... Read More | Share it now!

Why ‘God loves you just the way you are’ might not actually be true

God wants us clean and spotless, washed by the blood of Christ.

Many people fall prey to the wrong idea that since “God loves them the way they are,” they don’t strive to repent of their sin and turn back from the things that God actually hates. While it’s true that God loves us unconditionally, there are some things we need to understand about it.

And one of that is the fact that while God loved... Read More | Share it now!

UK Leading evangelical quits CofE leadership blasting ‘heretical teaching’ over gay relationships

Leading evangelical quits CofE leadership blasting 'heretical teaching' over gay relationships

A leading member of the Church of England’s governing body is quitting, accusing bishops of heresy in a sign of bitter divides over same-sex relationships.

Lorna Ashworth, a staunch evangelical, cited a ‘revisionist agenda’ and ‘heretical teaching’ as she announced her resignation over the Church’s increasingly... Read More | Share it now!

President Trump is Filling Federal Courts with Scalia-like Conservative Judges

President Trump is Filling Federal Courts with Scalia-like Conservative Judges

President Donald Trump could fill the federal bench seats with strict constitutionalists, Paul Strand said in a column in the CBN News.

“President Obama picked left-leaning jurists and George W. Bush safe, non-controversial nominees,” Strand said. “But Trump has been... Read More | Share it now!

Two Men Who Identify as Women Elected to Government Offices as Days Grow Darker

Two men who identify as women were elected by voters on Tuesday, one running for city council in Minnesota and another seeking to serve in Virginia’s House of Delegates.

Andrea Jenkins, whose birth name has not been cited in reports, was elected to the Minneapolis City Council with 73 percent of the vote. Jenkins began presenting as a female 26 years ago at age 30, and has been working as the senior policy aide for Councilmember Elizabeth Glidden for the past 12 years.

He also is... Read More | Share it now!