Govt won’t back Islamic parallel legal system

Sharia councils will not be given state backing, the Government has said, as it warned against appearing to have a parallel legal system.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd was responding to a new report which considered how the councils operate in England and Wales.

Rudd said ministers would, however, consider a proposal to ensure civil marriages are conducted alongside Islamic marriages.

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Conservative Christian leads Costa Rica presidential vote, run-off likely

Image result for Christian singer Fabricio Alvarado Munoz images

SAN JOSE (Reuters) – Conservative evangelical Christian singer Fabricio Alvarado Munoz will face a center-left ruling party candidate in a runoff for Costa Rica’s presidency in April, after winning a first round on Sunday by sharply opposing gay marriage.

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Russian Media Reports ‘Biblical Bombshell’ as Siberian River Turns to Crimson

“Moshe and Aharon did just as Hashem commanded: he lifted up the rod and struck the water in the Nile in the sight of Pharaoh and his courtiers, and all the water in the Nile was turned into blood.” Exodus 7:20 (The Israel Bible™)

The Molchanka river in Siberia turned into a blood-red estuary on Tuesday. The Russian news agency TASS described the sudden transformation as a “Biblical Bombshell,”... Read More | Share it now!



The inner voices speaking to Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, finally convinced him to attack America. Without further reasoning or advice, Kim pushed the red button on his desk. His action set in motion the launching of five intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads aimed at California.

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Gaza Tunnel Collapses

A tunnel being dug in Rafah, along the southern Gaza border.

The Gazans are reporting that a tunnel between the Sinai in Egypt and Gaza has collapsed, on Sunday morning.

The reports say there are people trapped inside.

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Israel Foils Attempts to Explosives via Gaza crossing

Last week, Ministry of Defense Crossing Authority officials at the Kerem Shalom crossing thwarted an attempt to smuggle crates containing dual use substances used in the manufacturing of explosive devices. The materials were discovered within a shipment of medical equipment en route to the Gaza Strip.

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B’nei Brak Man Marries Step Sister

The daughter of a prominent rabbi, a former resident of Jerusalem, who divorced some eight years ago, became engaged to her father’s stepson from his second marriage, B’Hadrei Haredim reported.

The unusual match—albeit not problematic in terms of Jewish law, since there is no biological connection between the bride and groom—was celebrated last Tuesday night by the couple’s prestigious B’nei B’rak family which is associated with the ultra Orthodox... Read More | Share it now!

Nigerian Air Force complicit in massacre of Christian villagers, says Amnesty

Fighter jets sent by the Nigerian Air Force fired rockets at villages where Fulani herdsmen were attacking Christian residents, according to a report released this week by Amnesty International.

The Nigerian Air Force confirmed that jets were despatched, but said they were instructed to fire only “warning shots” to... Read More | Share it now!