Authorities in Algeria Seal Shut Another Church Building

Members of church in Riki, Algeria worship outside building. (Morning Star News)

TIZI-OUZOUAlgeria (Morning Star News) – Church leaders didn’t get an explanation for why the seventh worship building to be closed in Algeria since November was sealed last week, but they suspect lack of registration was the pretext.

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Iran Suing US in Hague Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice in the Hague has registered Iran’s complaint against the US arguing that its decision last May to renew sanctions on Tehran after pulling out of the 2015 nuclear deal violated a 1955 treaty between the US and Iran, IRNA reported Tuesday.

The complaint argues that the US’ May 8 decision to withdraw from JCPOA runs counter to its international commitments, and says the US is obliged to stop this offense and compensate Iran... Read More | Share it now!

Al Quds: Hamas to Gradually Reduce Incendiary Attacks Fearing Massive Retaliation

Hamas is moving towards a gradual reduction of incendiary attacks from the Gaza Strip towards neighboring Israeli towns, Al Quds reportedWednesday, citing Palestinian Authority sources.

The sources told Al Quds that the Hamas leadership has met a few hours ago in Gaza and decided to curb the arson attacks in order to prevent a massive war in the Gaza Strip at the present time, in... Read More | Share it now!


Muslim candidates running in record numbers face backlash
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (July 16, 2018) — A liberal woman of color with zero name recognition and little funding takes down a powerful, long serving congressman... Read More | Share it now!

Ancient Mosaics Discovered in Israel; One Depicts 2 Spies Sent out by Moses

Ancient Mosaics Discovered in Israel; One Depicts 2 Spies Sent out by Moses

Researchers have found mosaics in Israel, including one that appears to depict the two scouts Moses sent to explore Canaan.

The mosaic depicts two men carrying a pole with a cluster of grapes. In Hebrew is inscribed: “a pole between the two.”

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Arson Attacks Hit Churches in Tamil Nadu, India

HYDERABADIndia (Morning Star News) – Three church buildings were set ablaze in six weeks in the state in southern India with the most attacks against Christians this year, sources said.

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Drug deaths reach record high in Scotland

Drug-related deaths reached another record high in Scotland last year, according to new figures.

There were 934 drug-related deaths in 2017, an eight per cent rise on 2016.

Scotland’s drug-death rate is two and a half times more per capita than England and Wales and higher than any other EU country.

10,000 deaths

Campaign group Scottish Families Affected By Drugs and Alcohol have called for a public health emergency to be declared.

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A public school district in Illinois sent a “cease and desist” letter to an unnamed person who gave away Bibles to boys and girls on a public street owned by the district.

“This individual was warned that law enforcement would be called should he or any affiliated persons come onto the School District campus for the purpose of distributing Bibles to students,” an attorney for the La Harpe Community School District no. 347 wrote in a letter to the Freedom From Religion... Read More | Share it now!