Islamism’s spread challenges religious rights

When a Filipino city of 200,000 inhabitants fell into the hands of militants claiming allegiance to the Islamic State group, political leaders could no longer ignore the jihadists’ move east. The regional governments knew it would happen one day, given the presence of groups allying with IS and an Islamist separatist group operating in the south of the archipelago. The battle of Marawi, described by one press agency as “the Philippines’ longest urban... Read More | Share it now!

Highland schools ‘increasingly hostile’ to Christians UK

Children across the Highlands are being bullied in schools for their religious beliefs, an MSP has revealed.

Kate Forbes, who represents Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch, said she was recently approached by families in her constituency about the matter.

They told her there was a lack of understanding about the diversity of religion in Scotland, which can often result in “a lack of tolerance or mockery of religious practices”.


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Thousands march for life in London

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of London to share a pro-life message.

The fifth annual UK March for Life reportedly attracted 4,000 supporters, with pro-lifers marching through Westminster.

The attendance is a record high for the event, which was held in the capital for the first time.

‘Galvanising effect’

Roman Catholic Bishop John Keenan urged pro-lifers in attendance to continue taking a stand in public.

“You have no idea of the galvanising... Read More | Share it now!

YouTube bans pro-life channel over ‘harmful’ content

A pro-life organisation has had a YouTube channel suspended because its content was deemed to be “harmful or dangerous”.

Heartbeat International had posted four videos on its Abortion Pill Reversal channel, showing how a baby can still be saved even if someone has taken an abortion pill.

One video featured a doctor explaining the process from a medical perspective, while three others showed mothers recounting their experiences of having ‘reversed’ their abortion.
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Alabama Governor Says it Is ‘Unacceptable’ to Disallow Teacher From Wearing ‘Just Pray’ Shirt

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — The governor of Alabama has weighed on a recent situation in Mobile in which a public school teacher had to go home to change out her “Just Pray” t-shirt, and says that it is “unacceptable” to disallow the teacher from wearing the message on her clothing just because it encourages prayer.

“Religious liberty is a cornerstone of the freedoms we enjoy in our country. For a teacher to be disallowed from wearing a shirt that exhorts... Read More | Share it now!

Trump’s accomplishments

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Would you really prefer to have a “more presidential” chief executive who promotes socialism, open borders, abortion, sexual anarchy and the criminalization of Christianity? The Left, which turned a blind eye to the flagrant immorality of Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton, is ordering evangelical Christians to abandon Mr. Trump.... Read More | Share it now!

Conviction, Sentencing of Christian in Algeria ‘Ridiculous,’ Attorney Says

Dar El Baida Court outside of Algiers, Algeria. (Wikipedia)

TIZI-OUZOUAlgeria (Morning Star News) – A court in Algeria yesterday withdrew a six-month prison sentence but upheld a fine on a convert from Islam for carrying Christian literature and some crucifix-shaped keychains into the country, sources said.

Idir Hamdad was fined 20,000 Algerian dinars (US$172) plus... Read More | Share it now!

Women desert Labour over ‘men are women’ policy

Over 300 women have resigned from the Labour Party over its position on allowing men who say they are women to be on all-women shortlists.

Labour says that the shortlists are open “to all women, including trans women; and that trans women do not need a gender recognition certificate to participate”.

In a letter to The Times, women leading the large-scale exit said they were “dismayed” at Labour’s position, and told other news sources they “cannot continue to be in a party which... Read More | Share it now!