CA church wins court dispute over property tax

Church offering

A California court has ruled in favor of a church that objected to a property tax.

Valley Baptist Church is thankful that Marin County Superior court is respecting the constitutional rights of churches not to be taxed by their government, says Pacific Justice Instituteattorney Brad Dacus.

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Cuban Christians Say No to Same-sex Marriage: A Brave Demonstration

It takes real courage for Christians to stand for truth anywhere. But in Cuba? Let’s just say we could learn a thing or two from our island brothers and sisters.

Cuba is considering a change to its constitution that would make it the sixth Latin American nation to legalize same-sex marriage. The government will submit it to a referendum early next year.

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Pastor Andrew Brunson Reveals Which Bible Passage Helped Him Endure Turkish Prison

Pastor Andrew Brunson Reveals Which Bible Passage Helped Him Endure Turkish Prison

Pastor Andrew Brunson revealed in an interview how his faith and a specific passage in the Bible got him through his two-year imprisonment in Turkey.

Pastor Brunson is an American Pastor from North Carolina who worked as a pastor and lived in Turley for 23 years before he was detained in 2016 with his wife.

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Who really launched caravan ‘invasion’ of America?

Immigrants from Central America making their way to the U.S. border (Screenshot CNN)

The media would have Americans believe that thousands of Hondurans spontaneously got together for a 2,000-mile march to the United States, where they expect jobs, social services, education and more.
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Hamas scales back Gaza riots; truce ‎efforts to renew ‎

Despite several attempts to breach the security fence, fires sparked by arson terrorism, IDF official says the weekend was “the quietest” since Hamas’ riot campaign began • Palestinians: Over 100 protesters wounded in riots • Egypt continues with truce efforts.

Hamas appears to have scaled back the violent riots on Gaza’s border with Israel, as seen in Friday’s demonstration – a weekly demonstration that had been getting... Read More | Share it now!