‘Mommy, I Don’t Want to Be a Boy!’ Little Girl’s Reaction to Radical Sex Ed Program Says It All

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VANCOUVER, Canada — In Canada, the fight is on over a radical sex education curriculum being pushed in public schools by LGBTQ advocates. Many parents fear their children will become confused and even brainwashed, while supporters claim the program is about allowing students to be their “true... Read More | Share it now!

Strong quake in Caribbean Sea shakes Honduras, Mexico and Belize, sparks tsunami warning

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An earthquake of magnitude 7.6 that struck near remote islands belonging to Honduras on Tuesday was felt across northern Central America, prompting a tsunami warning for parts of the Caribbean.

The quake rattled windows in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa roughly 323 miles (519 km) to the east and was felt at least as far north as the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, but no damage was immediately... Read More | Share it now!

Does God still speak in an audible voice? He has to me

Of all the slurs aimed at Christians by atheists, the idea that we’re just ‘the people who hear voices’ is one of the most painful. The thought that religion can simply be conflated with mental illness is offensive for sure, but while faith is a perfectly sane pursuit, even the most devout among us are sometimes uncertain whether we actually heard from God…or made him up in our heads. Doubt is a central part of faith after all, and the question of whether we discerned or understood God’s voice is often the main reason that those doubts present... Read More | Share it now!

Ethiopian Christians arrested for ‘praying against government’

Christians worship during a church service in a town in central Ethiopia. (Photo: World Watch Monitor, 2016)

Seven Ethiopian Christians have been arrested and detained in the north-western town of Chagni on suspicion of praying against the government.

A local source told World Watch Monitor the seven men, members of the Meserete Kiristos church, were followed and overheard by a local militia group when they went up a mountain to pray. When the... Read More | Share it now!

US Christian group kicked off campus

A Christian group has launched legal action after it was kicked off campus for its beliefs.

Business Leaders in Christ (BLinC) has been deregistered by The University of Iowa for limiting leadership to students who subscribe to its statement of belief.

Lawyers acting for the group say it has been the subject of religious discrimination.

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In 2016, the university received a complaint that BLinC had not let a student become a leader in the group because of his... Read More | Share it now!

Casino-style games on Facebook lure kids into gambling

Children are being lured into gambling by slot-machine styled games and apps through Facebook.Scientific Games, a US-based gambling company which supplies thousands of Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals to the UK, offers the enticing games without any age-verification checks via the social media platform.

Featuring popular children’s characters such as the Flintstones and Rapunzel, the apps are putting children at risk of gambling... Read More | Share it now!

EU threatens Poland over pro-life law

The Polish government has been reprimanded by the European Union for its plan to introduce pro-life legislation.

Polish ministers are pressing ahead with plans to change the law to protect unborn children with disabilities from being aborted.

The EU claims the proposals represent a “serious breach of European values”.

Unprecedented interference

Despite the proposals receiving support from 830,000 Poles in a petition delivered to the Polish government, the European... Read More | Share it now!

Trump greeted by cheers at college football playoff game

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ATLANTA (January 9, 2018) — President Donald Trump got his own national anthem moment Monday when he took the field before Alabama and Georgia faced off in the College Football Playoff National Championship.

Months after wading into the culture... Read More | Share it now!

Did a CNN quarrel signal a Trump-led media fight?

Jake Tapper versus Stephen Miller

A tense interview between a CNN host and a Trump official appeared to go off the rails over the weekend, and a media analyst says it’s an example of the Trump administration aggressively dueling with a hostile media.

There was plenty of grist for the CNN meat grinder on Sunday after the release of the dubiously-sourced book “Fire and... Read More | Share it now!

Facebook Removes Christian Page ‘Warriors for Christ’

Facebook Removes Christian Page 'Warriors for Christ'

Facebook has removed the Christian ministry “Warriors for Christ” page, saying the page violated community standards on bullying and hate speech.

Warriors for Christ, a West Virginia-based ministry, are a group that opposes any sinful behavior. Its Facebook page had more... Read More | Share it now!