School Board Decides to Fight Lawsuit After Initially Ordering Students to Paint Over Christian Logo on Football Field

SHREVEPORT, La. — A school board in Louisiana has unanimously voted to fight a lawsuit filed by Americans United for Separation of Church and State after it initially instructed the field crew to spray paint over a paid advertisement on the Benton High School football field that includes a Scripture citation and a cross.

Americans United had filed suit against the Bossier Parish School District earlier this year, asserting that “school officials throughout... Read More | Share it now!

Politicians overwhelmingly back marriage referendum in Romania

Romania’s Senate has backed a referendum on marriage, after pro-family groups organised a petition signed by millions.

Currently, the country’s constitution speaks of unions between “spouses”, but campaigners want it to specify “a man and a woman”.

On Tuesday, the Senate backed the vote by 107 votes to 13. The ruling party says a referendum could be held as early as next month.

Three million

In 2016, the Coalition for Family group gathered... Read More | Share it now!

Welcome 5779 Rosh Hashanah

Looking back at 5778, I have to say, it turned out to be a very good year, full of mostly pleasant surprises.

Without a doubt, President Donald Trump keeping his pre-election promise to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is Number One on the list of pleasant surprises for 5778.

The President’s ongoing and unwavering support for Israel in the UN via Ambassador Nikki Haley is another welcome change, and we certainly can’t ignore the U.S. policy changes regarding UNRWA and its false refugee... Read More | Share it now!

Nigeria: Pastor and three sons burned alive among at least 20 killed in latest Plateau massacre

A spate of attacks, in which at least 20 were killed in Nigeria’s central Plateau State over the last week of August, has shattered peace efforts by religious and political leaders in its capital, Jos.

Three months ago, heavily armed Fulani militants stormed 15 villages across the same Barkin Ladi Local Government Area (LGA), predominantly Christian, over the weekend 23-4 June, killing more than 230 in a “co-ordinated military style”, as described by the local Stefanos... Read More | Share it now!

Three Pastors Severely Injured in Attack on Spiritual Retreat in India

(International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) severely injured three pastors in an attack on Saturday, September 8. The attack took place under the close watch of local policemen in Premnagar, located in the Barely District of India’s Uttar Pradesh State, where Christians were holding a two-day spiritual retreat. Pastor Ashok Benjamin, Pastor Vijay Masih, and Pastor Shivcharan... Read More | Share it now!

Scottish ban on parental smacking advances

You can’t smack me or I will call the Bobbies (Police)

Plans to criminalise parents in Scotland for smacking their children have taken a step forward.

Currently, parents are permitted to discipline their children with a light smack but the Scottish Government wants to make this illegal.

The Scottish Government is backing the Bill.

Public opposition

A spokesperson for Be Reasonable, the campaign group spearheading opposition to the Bill, said the ban removes a parent’s... Read More | Share it now!

Christian Girl Attacked for Refusing to Marry Muslim

(Evangelical Focus) — A 18-year-old Christian girl from Karachi, Pakistan, almost died when her Muslim friend tried to kill her, because she refused to marry him and convert to Islam.

Binish Paul, a high school student, was being stalked by a Muslim man who was her friend, and when she said no to his petition, he got angry and after beating her, he took her to the second floor of a building and pushed her from there.

The Pakistani girl... Read More | Share it now!

Sweden votes in election amid heated debate on Muslim immigration

 Sweden went to the polls Sunday in a general election that is expected to be one of the most unpredictable and thrilling races in the Scandinavian country for decades amid heated debate on immigration.

The election will be Sweden’s first since the government in 2015 allowed 163,000 migrants into the country of 10 million. While far less than what Germany took in that year, it... Read More | Share it now!