Are Gog and Magog Events occuring in Isreal?

“Therefore prophesy, O mortal, and say to Gog: Thus said Hashem: Surely, on that day, when My people Yisrael are living secure, you will take note, and you will come from your home in the farthest north, you and many peoples with you—all of them mounted on horses, a vast horde, a mighty arm.” Ezekiel 38:14 (The Israel Bible™)

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Who is Jesus?

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Edited by George C Duke

Another great time to witness approaches as we approach Easter.  While the prophets usually said, “This is what the Lord says,” Jesus said, “I tell you the truth.” , “Prophets spoke for God, but Jesus consistently spoke as God. In addition, Jesus claimed God’s title, “I am,” and other significant characteristics of God—such as the... Read More | Share it now!

Preparing for Armageddon?

‘Largest military base in world’ building up across Israel’s border

( Editor George Duke- Over the past many years the world has been in a coma beleiving every lie that has been spoken by politicians that have cheated, lied, stole, and made deals for monetary gain instead of standing for what was right or for what they had promised their constituents. Politicians enter into the political arena poor and leave... Read More | Share it now!



More than 23,000 people already have signed a petition urging a British prison to restore a Christian volunteer chaplain who was banned by a Muslim prison official who claimed the pastor was teaching extremism.

And more are joining the cause hourly.

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Seven evil spirits came out of Muslim woman with loud shrieks

A 34-year-old Muslim woman had been sick for 16 years and neither medical doctors nor witchdoctors could bring relief from her suffering.

“She always continued getting sick,” says Muhammad, a church planter with New Covenant Missions (NCM) in East Africa.

As her family’s money drained away visiting these practitioners, she got desperate. “No help was obtained for her from these medical institutes and witch doctors,”... Read More | Share it now!

Why Political Social Media Posts Miss the Real Root of the Florida School Shooting

Once again this week, our nation has experienced another mass shooting, this time in a school in South Florida. The news media provided coverage once again of the horror that took place and the pundits and politicians took turns standing in front of the cameras making all the “right statements” and asking the nation to pray for the families and community... Read More | Share it now!

5 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Threats against Israel

5 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Threats against Israel

Mainline media outlets have been conspicuously silent about overt threats to the State of Israel. Together, let’s understand why these recent threats are relevant and should be troubling for Americans and especially those who follow Christ.As you may know, when Israel became a nation again in 1948, a... Read More | Share it now!

Amazing Video Testimony, An Ex Transgender and Bisexual accepts Jesus Christ

Salvation Plan by George Duke
Salvation could be divided into two categories? The first would be with you accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour without following the plan that Jesus spoke to Nicodemus about. This first category takes the chance that even though Jesus Christ did not give me the new birth he has still saved you? This plan takes you to the Judgement of God to find out if your plan was enough. The second... Read More | Share it now!

New Jersey ELCA ‘Church’ Holds ‘Renaming’ Ceremony for Female Leader Who Wants to Be Called Peter

HOBOKEN, N.J. — An assembly that is a part of the apostate Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) held a “renaming” ceremony on Sunday for their female pastor, who wishes to present herself as a man and now go by the name Peter—after one of Jesus’ disciples.

St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church in Hoboken, New Jersey, whose motto is “Where tradition and inclusivity meet,” held the ceremony during the Sunday morning service on a day that is known to... Read More | Share it now!