Where Have All the Church Pioneers Gone?

Edited by George Duke

Apostolic history of early Pentecostal Ministers reveal that these men totally dedicated themselves to the work of God and took their new found faith in Jesus Christ to the people without any idea of how they were to accomplish their ministry other than through total faith in him. God had called them and they obeyed his call and went! Some were Home Missionaries and others were Foreign but all took the experience of the new birth and God blessed them by honoring their obedience by healings, miracles, and infillings of the Holy Ghost baptism.

What’s the greatest hindrance today to effective pioneer church planting?

You might expect to get varied answers to this question from church planting theorists, strategists, and practitioners, but among those consistently participating in this conversation one comment bubbles to the top almost every time: A scarcity of prepared leaders.

It appears that the men and women that go into all the world today are unprepared for the journey because of leaders that are inexperienced that do not always train them properly in how to reach the world. Many desire to take Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world but instead of taking a loving Saviour they take American customs and ideas.

If we are to reach a world that needs Christ we must become one with the nation we are dealing with. The Apostle Paul said I become all things to all men.