No longer a slave to lies, 400 years of history

Sharecroppers (B&W pic)

Many blacks in America are not making economic gains because they are convinced injustice is holding them back, says a black conservative.

“How is it,” asks writer and activist Mychal Massie, “that we are to believe [blacks] are no better off than they were during slavery, that blacks are at the bottom of injustice and always attacked at the color of their skin ad nauseam, when we have people coming here from other countries that can barely speak English and have progressed further than we are led to believe that blacks have.”

Rosa ParksMassie wrote in a recent commentary that much of the blames rests on government for setting up an environment – “generational zeitgeist of government dependency,” he writes – that can be traced to the breakdown of the black family and the rise of the single black mother and an absent father.


“I believe this mentality was born out of the nanny government providing everything for blacks under the guise of, You’ve been mistreated so we’re going to provide special dispensation for you,” says Massie. “And they’ve inculcated a mindset of government dependency from the womb to the grave.”

In the commentary, Massie credits late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a liberal Democrat, for warning in the 1960s that the breakdown of the black family would lead to single mothers and poverty.

Massie goes on to tell OneNewsNow that black conservatives pose a threat to progressives – “skin-color profiteers” – and he urges more blacks to embrace truth and intellectual freedom.