LEGAL-COURTS Should sex offenders be allowed in church?

church pews

(Editor’s Note- Since Church is a place for sinners to be able to attend, then it is only natural for even a sex offender to be allowed, but Pastors need to be aware and alert that he/she is not using the Church for their sinful pleasure. I never attempted to stop any type of sinner from attending the church I pastored unless I caught them attempting to seduce other attendees, which did occur once for which some did not agree but I am sure they might today. Never allow a pervert to teach or train your children. )

A spokesman for an Indiana-based pro-family organization has mixed feelings about an appeals court ruling that says sex offenders can attend church with children present.

In late October, the Indiana Court of Appeals overturned a lower court’s decision that denied three sex offenders from being able to attend church. Indiana has a sex offender law that prevents those individuals from being on school property, and according to the state’s interpretation of the law, churches are considered school property.

Pointing to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), the sex offenders said they were being denied the right to exercise their religion and therefore asked for an injunction. A judge in Boone County ruled against them, but that decision was overturned by the appeals court, not because of RFRA, but because of a misinterpretation of the sex offender law.


“I have mixed feelings about this, because on the one hand, the only thing that can cure a sex offender of his sin is Jesus Christ, and salvation, and His help. So in that sense, I’m happy for any churches helping sex offenders struggling with that sin in their life,” responds Micah Clark of AFA Indiana. “On the other hand, I also sympathize greatly with parents who would want to protect their children. There are concerns about any risks that might have, and I sympathize with a church that might not want to take that risk for legal liabilities or other reasons.”

The Indiana Attorney General’s office is reviewing the Court of Appeals’ decision. As of Thursday, no decision had been made on whether the case will proceed.