I will be at the Florida UPCI District Camp February 22 & 23rd Will You

Well the Florida District Conferance is this month.  I hope that you will be there. I will and I would like to Thank the district for allowing me to present my books there.  As a former missionary to the British Isles I have just completed and published Just a Missionary which covers many of the ministers that served in The B.I. during my 13 year tenure. You will be able to purchase these books from my table at the conferance. Here are the list of books that I will be selling and will gladly sign for you during this event.

I also wish to thank the GB&I UPCI for also allowing me to attend the Unity conferance in Llandudno Wales July 31st. I also will have my books on sale at this conferance also

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at this time. Here are the books I will be selling. Note the Fulness of the Godhead written by David Campbell signed personally by his son who now holds the copyright Gordon Campbell will also be on sale.

Here are the books