Hollyoaks spoilers: Imran Maalik injures his mum Misbah in a violent attack

Imran injures his mum Misbah in a violent attack in Hollyoaks

Imran Maalik’s dangerous and volatile temper is set to explode once more in a showdown with his helpless mum Misbah which leaves her with a serious injury. Will Imran’s actions give him the wake up call he needs to confront his violent behaviour?  Imran has lashed out a number of times at Misbah since the crash in which he almost died but Misbah has protected her son by keeping quiet about his outbursts. Next week, she is left annoyed when Sally St Claire tells her that Imran has been skipping school. Misbah later confronts Imran and grabs his bag, which spills and reveals several hidden letters from the school. As Misbah is angry at her son, an education welfare officer arranges a visit and asks if there is any violence in the home. A subsequent incident later leaves Misbah with an injury and she finds herself struggling to see. As a concerned Sami asks her how it happened, Misbah covers for Imran again – but when Misbah’s struggling eyesight causes fresh problems, will the truth about Imran come out? And is Misbah’s health at serious risk from her injury?