Great Move of the Holy Spirit Erupts in Sicily

(Shaneen Clarke/Instagram)

A great move of the Holy Spirit has erupted like Mount Etna on the Island of Sicily. I visited there last weekend to speak in Palermo at Ministero Saron, led by Pastors Eliseo and Lina Siino.

I was greeted by major flooding in the area, though the waters did not prevent my reaching the platform. The spiritual hunger of the Italian men, women and children was evident throughout the weekend. The Italians are not only renowned for their passion, but their great culture adds to the mix, and their enthusiasm for Christ and for seeing a move of the Holy Spirit was exciting.

The Italian connection I have witnessed in Rome, Turin and Palermo, being also in Congress, proves that there is a major awakening taking place in Italy and blazing a fire across Europe. Italy is, of course, a predominantly Roman Catholic country, and to see the increase in the charismatic Catholic and Pentecostal movements brings a vibrancy not to be dismissed.

This new freedom within the presence of God has liberated the religious through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, releasing those from religion to relationship. Report and testimonies since my return have been well received, and it was particularly moving to witness the worship of the youngsters.

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The migration of Italians to America in the late 19th and 20th centuries has blessed America, and it is no accident to see their historical footprint across the globe. The Roman Empire’s influence in architecture, cuisine, design and art has been a major contributor to the world in which we now live. The South American nations of Brazil and Argentina birthed the Pentecostal movement there, and Pietro Ottolini started the “unforgettable moment” of the Pentecostal movement within Italy on Sept. 15, 1907.

It was the faith of the Roman centurion that moved Jesus, and it is that faith which I saw at the weekend in Palermo that is the foundation of the move now occurring. Watch out for revival coming out of Italy.

Shaneen Clarke is an author, international speaker and humanitarian for justice.