Charlotte voters oust left-wing mayor

North Carolina welcome sign

Voters in Charlotte, North Carolina, have taken one step to send the message that they don’t want men in women’s private facilities, but there’s one more major step to go.

In February 2016, Mayor Jennifer Roberts ramrodded a city ordinance giving transgendered individuals the right to use either restroom in city businesses, which prompted state lawmakers to respond by passing a bill to overturn it.

In last week’s primary election, Roberts was defeated in her bid for re-election.

Tammy Fitzgerald of the North Carolina Values Coalition is pleased with the election outcome.

“We think it sends a clear message to the Human Rights Campaign and other groups,” she explains, “that would target big cities like Charlotte to bring in radical ordinances [to] protect sexual orientation and gender identity – and elevate those categories above everyone else.”

Council member Kenny Smith, who is pro-life and voted twice against the Charlotte transgender ordinance, won the Republican primary.

Mayor Roberts was defeated for the Democratic nod by Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles, whose win over Roberts was called a stunning defeat by The Charlotte Observer.  Lyles defeated Roberts 46-36 percent.

However, Lyles’s voting record is nearly identical to that of Roberts.

Fitzgerald pressed the crucial need for Charlotte residents with traditional values to show up for the general election on November 7 to prevent citizens from facing another liberal mayor – one who sees the rights of gender-confused people as superior to the rights of others.