TX school district takes action after legislature fails to act

unisex bathroom 2

A public school school district in Texas has wasted little in welcoming transgender students to use opposite-sex bathrooms after the state legislature failed to pass the Texas Privacy Act.

The San Antonio Independent School District also added “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” and “gender expression” to its anti-discrimination policy, including protections for staff and teachers as well as students.

Nicole Hudgens of Texas Values says family values groups warned this would happen if the bill failed to pass.

“And Texas leaders were warned that this would happen if the Texas House was not allowed to vote on the issue as we saw in both the regular and special session,” she says. “And the Left wasted no time in implementing a new policy with little opportunity for the public to weigh in.”

OneNewsNow has reported that State Affairs Committee Chairman Byron Cook, a Republican, refused to let the House vote on the issue in a special session.

It’s now up to parents and students to confront school boards that attempt to implement trans-friendly policies, Hudgens says.

“And ask why are they implementing policies so quickly and in ways that could lead to privacy violations,” she says.