‘Racist’ Trump accused of creating hurricanes to kill blacks, Hispanics


Leftists on social media are taking their intense hatred of Donald Trump to a whole new level, accusing the president of manufacturing hurricanes as part of a devious plot to wipe out Hispanic and black Americans.

In a Sept. 4 Facebook post that’s now going viral, a user named Breanna Danielle leveled some serious and wild accusations against the president.

She wrote: “So they say Hurricane Irma is headed for Miami. Did y’all realize 70% of Miami is Latino, Hispanic, or Cuban?? 44% of the Haitian population in the US resides in Miami. Miami is like Houston in which it is FLOURISHING economically. Coincidence? Trump wants them off our land so what better way than to flood them out. Read between the lines peBreanna-Danielle-FBople.”

After Facebook users ripped Danielle for suggesting President Trump can manipulate the weather to target specific groups of people, she doubled down: “I stated nothing but facts in this post and this the post [sic] that got y’all being disrespectful on my page for all the late comers.”

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Others joined in the blame game on Twitter, accusing Trump of manufacturing hurricanes and other natural disaster for nefarious purposes:





Trump haters also celebrated the fact that Category 5 Hurricane Irma might “mess up Trump’s Caribbean mansion” on Antigua.

Even while he can’t seem to catch a break among his detractors, the president has been addressing the devastation head on. He traveled to Houston’s hurricane relief centers to encourage and comfort survivors and rescue teams. Trump declared Sept. 3 a “Day of Prayer” for hurricane victims. The president requested $7.9 billion in emergency aid for Harvey victims. And he personally donated $1 million to charities providing relief after Hurricane Harvey.

Trump gave $300,000 to the Red Cross and Salvation Army, $100,000 to Reach Out America and Samaritan’s Purse and $25,000 to the ASPCA, Catholic Charities, Direct Relief, Habitat for Humanity, Houston Humane Society, Operation Blessing, Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies and team Rubicon.