Ordered to kill patients, docs tell bureaucrats to drop dead

Hippocratic Oath

So-called progressives in Canada keep working to erode moral beliefs, this time literally in the name of killing fellow Canadians. But there is pushback, too.

The newest target is hospice care in British Columbia, where officials overseeing a public health region have declared that hospice facilities must participate in euthanizing dying patients.

Tamara Jansen of the Association for Reformed Political Action(ARPA) tells OneNewsNow the health region known as Fraser Health Authority has undergone a sweeping change after new board members took over and the New Democrat Party won recent elections.

“And we suddenly had an edict come out,” she reports, “saying that hospice, which is not meant for hastening death in any way, must allow for euthanasia services to be practiced there.”

Euthanasia is legal in Canada, where it’s known as medical assistance in dying, or MAID, while the government offers free – but increasingly expensive – healthcare for all.

The new edict blatantly ignores the conscience rights of medical personnel, who were assured by Fraser that the new euthanasia law would not affect them.

IV needle assisted suicideAnd now medical staff is fighting back. At a February meeting to discuss the order, an administrator at one hospice facility, Delta, called the order “bullying” and another Delta official plainly refused to follow the order, according to a news story about the meeting.

A doctor who oversees palliative care for Fraser Health resigned in protest over the new order, the story reported.

Legislative Assembly of British Columbia member Mary Polak told Fraser officials at the February meeting that MAID is another word for “killing people” while palliative care is not.

“Hospice is meant to give someone a natural death,” Jansen tells OneNewsNow. “Give families times to be together, perhaps even time to reconcile at the end of life and just give true comfort. It is never meant to hasten death.”

In Ontario, meanwhile, doctors have been told they must permit euthanasia on patients or refer them to a doctor who will – or get out of the profession.