MA throws common sense out of bathroom

MA throws common sense out of bathroom

A Massachusetts lawmaker is calling on others in the House and Senate to reverse a controversial transgender law.

Governor Charlie Baker signed HB2321 into the lawbooks in 2016. The Bathroom Bill, as it became known, allows males to use women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and showers in public facilities if they say they are transgender.

Representative Jim Lyons remains opposed.

“We think that’s simply inappropriate and something that we should not be promoting here in Massachusetts,” he tells OneNewsNow. “In addition, the legislation that was approved basically allows five-year-olds to determine whether they’re boys or girls.”

Lyons hopes to convince lawmakers to revisit the subject and debate it again first in committee.

“The focus, though, of our legislation is to get back to a normalcy where we recognize the difference between male and female,” he says. “We really think that ought to remain the norm as opposed to what this legislation does which basically [turns] gender upside down.”

The transgender law was passed by a substantial margin, so getting the proposal heard, let alone passed, will likely be an uphill battle. But Lyons pointed out a referendum to repeal the law will be on an election ballot in 2018.

This will give voters in the state a chance to reverse the decision of their legislators.