Actress Celebrates Her ‘Best’ Abortion While ‘Christian’ Doctor Explains Why It’s Okay to Kill the Unborn

Photo: Instagram

Martha Plimpton is a woman who needs healing and prayer. Plimpton appeared at a #ShoutYourAbortion event for a Seattle townhall, where she excitedly told a roaring crowd that her appreciation from Seattle had to do with it being the site of her first abortion, which was her “best one.” It was “heads and tails above the rest,” she added, despite mentioning she didn’t remember who performed the procedure.

Plimpton has appeared in “The Goonies” and television shows, including “The Real O’Neils,” from anti-Christian LGBT activist Dan Savage.

Also featured at the June Seattle event was Dr. Willie Parker, an abortionist who cites the Christian faith to justify his profession. He similarly mocked pro-lifers (and science), claiming “I’ve never killed a baby. I’ve ended pregnancies, but I’ve never killed a baby.”

In addition to interpreting the Christian faith in such a way, Parker released his book this year, “Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice,” and spoke of supposedly “bless[ing]” women who have abortions, part of “making sacred decisions,” during the opening of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Washignton, D.C.

He is not the only one who has confused the Christian tenant to do for the least of us and his purpose with abortion. Some have realized the error of their ways, while others have not.

The event in June, which is just now making news, was not the first time in which Plimpton advertised her abortions, and such enthusiasm for advocating for abortions.

In March 2016 she also participated in #ShoutYourAbortion by wearing a dress covered with the word “abortion” and hearts.

The campaign had some assistance from the mainstream media, including ABC News’ “Nightline,” in October 2015. It featured Plimpton, who explained she had actually had two abortions as a young woman, justifying the procedures as “medical care” and “a normal part of women’s medical lives.” She added that because of those abortions “I feel that my ability to access that kind of medical care made it possible for me to live out my dreams and do what I really wanted to do with my life.”

Despite failing to recognize, or at least uphold, the scientific humanity and personhood of unborn children, Plimpton also claimed pro-lifers are “not the brightest bulbs that we’re dealing with here.”

Not all women have such positive abortion experiences as Plimpton and others who proudly participated in #ShoutYourAbortion. To counteract this social media campaign, post-abortive women who regretted and/or suffered from their abortions also shared their stories.

Regardless of the involvement one has in abortion, whether by having had an abortion or abortions, fathering aborted children, and/or committing abortions, it is not too late to find forgiveness and healing.

There are several post-abortive resources for women (and men), including retreats like Rachel’s Vineyard, and awareness campaigns like Silent No More.

Dr. Anthony Levatino formerly performed abortions, though now has participated in Silent No More events. He also describes what abortion is, by explaining the various methods, including those he performed, in Live Action’s “Abortion Procedures” series.

Abby Johnson is a post-abortive mother and former Planned Parenthood director, who is now a pro-life activist. Her organization, And Then There Were None, is dedicated to providing support and assistance to those who wish to cease working for the abortion industry.