Univ. of Oregon to sever ties with Israel?

anti-Israel flag BDS anti-Semitic

To the disappointment of Jewish students and Israel supporters, the student government at a northwest university last week passed a BDS proposal requesting the school divest itself of organizations with ties to Israel.

The University of Oregon joins Barnard College and George Washington University in passing its own boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) resolution. (See a related story.)

“In the last meeting of the school year, the resolution was introduced. And this is the one last thing the … student president wanted to pass before they left office,” Noa Raman of the Israel education group StandWithUs tells OneNewsNow.

Raman says more than 900 students signed petitions against Student Government President Amy Shenk’s proposal. Nonetheless, it passed by a vote of 12-6, with one abstention. But the school has already indicated that it will not act on the resolution.

“The Oregon Hillel executive director [Andy Gitelson] has been in communication with the administration, and they already stated that it’s looking like they won’t put it into action,” Raman reports.

She strongly believes a proposal will be introduced next fall to try and reverse this decision.