‘The Israel Bible’ merging Jewish, Christian history

Jerusalem (aerial view)

A Jewish scholar is touting a first-of-its-kind Bible that is designed to help give Christians a unique perspective on the people and land of Israel.

American Rabbi Tuly Weisz and a team of biblical scholars published The Israel Bible, a new commentary and study on the Hebrew Bible – the Old Testament Scriptures.

Weisz explained that the Hebrew text is found on the left side of the page – along with a parallel English translation on the right side.

“We provide all kinds of ways for readers to learn the Hebrew language by reading through the Bible,” Weisz informed.  “Then, of course, on the bottom of the page, we have hundreds and hundreds of study notes that really bring to life the land of Israel through the ancient text.”

Weisz – who has lived in Israel for the last seven years – told OneNewsNow that The Israel Bible is a “No. 1 New Release” in both Jewish and Christian Bible categories on Amazon.

“If you love Israel – if you love the Bible – then The Israel Bible is really for you,” the Bible scholar insisted. “The commentary was prepared by a team of Jewish scholars that was prepared for a Christian readership – the first Bible of its kind.”

Weisz – the founder of Israel 365 – pointed out that with regards to the history of Jews and Christians, the focus has always been on what separates the two. He says that this new publication sets out to do the exact opposite.

“[Our] focus is on that which unites us, and that’s the Old Testament – the Hebrew Bible,” Weitz stressed. “And that’s a holy text to both Jews and to Christians.”