Palestinian terrorists spark dozens of fires in Israeli border towns

Thousands of Palestinians rioted near the Israel-Gaza Strip border ‎on Friday, in what the military described as an “extremely violent” ‎demonstration. ‎

Rioters hurled rocks and firebombs at the troops, and in one ‎incident – a grenade, which caused no harm. The IDF said troops ‎thwarted numerous Palestinian attempts to breach the security ‎fence. ‎ ‎ Gaza health officials said two Palestinians, including a 13-year-old ‎boy, were killed and 450 were wounded, mostly from tear gas inhalation. ‎The teenager was shot in the head and a second Palestinian man, ‎‎24, died of gunshot wounds to his leg and abdomen, the Gaza ‎Health Ministry said.‎

The IDF said it was investigating the report of the teen’s death.‎

Palestinian paramedic Mutasem Khatib said the teenager was ‎throwing stones “very close to the fence” before he was shot.‎

‎”It was a critical injury from the beginning, which damaged a ‎significant portion of his head. He died as soon as we arrived at the ‎hospital,” he said.‎

Israel Police
A balloon carrying a sticker reading, “If we have to suffer, we will not suffer alone”

Other rioters send dozens of incendiary kites and balloons flying ‎over the border, sparking 24 fires in nearby Israeli communities.‎

The Palestinians’ kite terrorism campaign, launched in late April, ‎has so far reduced over 8,000 acres of forest and ‎‎‎agricultural ‎land ‎on the Israeli side of the border into ash, causing millions of dollars ‎in damage. ‎

Many balloons sent over the border this weekend had notes stuck ‎to them, reading, “If we have to suffer, we will not suffer alone,” as ‎well as photos of Palestinians who have been killed in the three-‎month border riot campaign orchestrated by Hamas.‎

Also on Saturday, The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said two ‎Palestinians were killed and eight were injured, three seriously, in a ‎mysterious explosion in the city’s eastern neighborhood of ‎Shujaiyya. ‎Some Palestinian media reports said it was a fireworks workshop, ‎but they all ruled out Israeli involvement in the incident. ‎

There was no immediate comment from Hamas. ‎

Fatal work accidents, mostly in weapons manufacturing or storage ‎facilities, are common in the territory.‎