Delta Sued for Anti-Semitic Policies

“I will bless those who bless you And curse him that curses you; And all the families of the earth Shall bless themselves by you.” Genesis 12:3 (The Israel Bible™)

Four Delta Air Lines flight attendants, former and current, initiated a lawsuit against the company in a Brooklyn court for what they claim is an “anti-Jewish, Hebrew, and ethnic Israeli attitude” towards employees and passengers.

First reported by TMZ, the long-time employees accused the company of maintaining “a pattern of intentionally discriminating and retaliating against ethnically Jewish, Hebrew and/or Israeli employees and passengers” specifically on the flight route from New York City to Tel Aviv.

“Delta has encouraged and maintained an anti-Jewish, Hebrew and ethnic Israeli attitude among management, who, through words and deeds, operate under an express assumption that ethnic Jews and Israelis, as employees and passengers, cannot be trusted, are aggressive and inappropriate, and engage in what are deemed to be ‘strange’ behaviors by conducting prayers on the flight and requiring special dietary accommodations (kosher meals),” the plaintiffs’ attorney, Brian R. Mildenberg, said in the statement.

Cynthia Fukelman, who had worked for Delta for 21 years, claimed she was fired in March because she is Jewish. Delta claimed she was terminated because she missed a flight but the attendant claims she was on maternity leave at the time.

Tsipora Kuba was denied membership to Delta’s purser program after applying three times despite her “qualifications, seniority and experience”. Kuba served in the IDF, had prior managerial experience, and spoke four languages. She claims she was discriminated against for being Israeli. Kuba reported that seven flight attendants whe were Jewish or Israeli were fired last year.

A non-Jewish attendant claimed she was suspended without pay and had her travel privileges revoked after she shared her “Travel Companion” pass with a Jewish friend.

Morgan Durrant, a spokesman for Delta, denied the allegations in a statement to Newsweek.

“Delta strongly condemns the allegations of discrimination described in this suit and will defend itself vigorously against them,” Durrant said in an email. “As a global airline that brings people across the world together every day, Delta values diversity in all aspects of its business and has zero tolerance for discrimination.”

This is not the first time Delta has been accused of anti-Semitic policies. In 2011, Saudi Arabian Airlines joined Delta’s “SkyTeam” network. Critics said the Saudi airline had “anti-Semitic” and “racist” policies.

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