Parents bolt from CA school over pro-transgender policy

Gender Unicorn (sex unknown)

Parents are yanking their children from a respected charter school in California after the board of education refused to listen to parents’ concerns.

California law requires parents to be informed about sex education lessons in advance but the school board for Rocklin Academy claims that lessons about transgenderism don’t qualify.

Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute says the school district is claiming that discussing transgenderism, and children changing their gender, is a noncontroversial topic.

“And they’re saying it doesn’t qualify as sex education,” he warns.

he parents-versus-Rocklin feud merited a September story in The Washington Times, which explained that an “exodus” of students began after a teacher read two books about transgenders to a kindergarten class in 2016.

Responding to that incident, the school board voted down a parental notification policy and parents, responding to that decision, have yanked their kids.

The story went on to suggest there is disagreement over how many students have left – as many as 73 children from 41 families according to the spokeswoman for a pro-family organization. A school spokeswoman claims only 29 children, from 14 families, have left the school.

It’s obvious, Dacus says, that the school intends to proselytize pupils at the earliest age possible to accept the homosexual life as perfectly normal.

“The intent of the school is very clear,” he tells OneNewsNow. “It’s to brainwash and indoctrinate children as young as they can, as early as they can, into accepting transgenderism and actually seeing it as a valid option that they should consider.”

Here are some comments :

The gay community can not procreate. Therefore what better way to continue this “sick lifestyle” then to introduce it to small innocent children.

They obviously have no conscience and certainly no morals!

Why would it be sex education? This isn’t about sex, it’s about gender. It may fall under the general category of health but it’s hardly sex education.

Parents that love their children set clear safe boundaries for them. To remove the boundaries is child abuse. Our culture continues to slide down the slippery path of legalizing sin more and more. There is an answer. Jesus is the answer. Turn to him. Please pray for a revival and/or a Great Awakening in the U.S.A.


Whatever the subject of transgenderism does or doesn’t qualify as, it’s a highly controversial topic and should not be in schools. If a school teaches it, the students should be yanked out. The approach of the school that they are saying transgenderism has nothing to do with the subject of sex ed, so they are still going to teach it because the parents are complaining about it being in sex ed is like a grade school smartmouth tactic. I used that tactic growing up. Just when do they teach transgenderism anyway? During math class? Did they establish a time frame in the school day just to teach that? Dollars to doughnuts they teach it during sex ed.