LGBTs force closure of another Christian business

W.W. Bridal Boutique (Penn.)

A business in Pennsylvania provides the latest example of how difficult it is for a Christian owner to fight the LGBT crowd.

Thirty-seven years ago, W.W. Bridal Boutique of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, opened for business and prospered. In 2014, W.W. business owner Victoria Miller, citing her Christian beliefs, turned down potential sales from two lesbian customers who planned to tie the knot.

The same scenario occurred again in 2017. In both instances, Miller referred the same-gender couples to another shop that would serve them.

Diane Gramley of American Family Association of Pennsylvania tells OneNewsNow that the Bloomsburg business came under intense attack because of the owner’s refusal to serve same-sex couples.

“Some phone calls were made, but most of these attacks were via Facebook,” says Gramley. “It was very much a social media attack.”

Interestingly enough, much of the attack came from residents outside the state. It became so intense at one point that the bridal shop closed temporarily and would only serve customers via appointment.

Gramley, Diane (AFA of Pennsylvania)According to Gramley, Miller had hoped to be able to hand the bridal boutique down to her daughters – but now has announced plans to close her business on March 30.

“It’s just outrageous that Christians cannot run their businesses in this nation any longer according to their Christian beliefs and [according to] what marriage truly is in God’s design,” states Gramley.

LGBT activists have a history of harassing businesses that reject their lifestyle, either through hate campaigns or through courts that are inclined to protect same-sex relationships that God rejects.

“It’s just very troubling,” Gramley concludes, “and I believe it’s truly evidence of the agenda of LGBT activists: you comply with us or you will be put out of business.”