By Editor George Duke

Why would you donate to help rebuild the Galveston Apostolic Church?

As the sun rises after the destruction of Hurricane Harvey only God and the church member will be able to realize all the damage there!

The Galveston church has suffered many times at the onslaught of hurricanes that have come through the area. If you knew the history of how the enemy would love to be rid of the church it might help you to be more willing to help rebuild this church that was just hit by hurricane Harvey.

In 1967 I had enrolled in Texas Bible College in Houston, Texas and was working at Hughes Tool company. Pastor Johnny Willhoite who worked there at the time and was building a Apostolic church in Highlands Texas became a great friend of mine. One day he asked me what my Spiritual goal was during my stay in Texas? I looked at Johnny and told him I was looking for a place to start a new Apostolic Church. He then asked me have you been to Galveston? I replied I had never heard of Galveston. He then related to me that Galveston was about 45 miles south of Houston, a Island,

and that there had been many Apostolic ministers, including a relative of his, to go there and start a church, but there still was not one there. He told of a minister that had been there before his in Law that they use to put in jail for having services there. I looked at hi and said I am not interested! A few weeks later Brother Johnny came back up to me and asked me,”Have you been to Galveston yet?”   I said No and he again asked me to at least drive down there. I agreed and the following Sunday Jim Lenning and I drove to Galveston.

There is one bridge into Galveston and when we were at the highest point in the bridge I was able to view the city and all of a sudden I felt the  Spirit of God come upon me and tears flooded my eyes as I looked at Carol and said here is where we are going to build a church. We placed a ad in the Galveston paper found one family in the area to help start the church. We found a old building to rent and went to work giving out leaflets. In the first service we had 19 people to attend. Later we found property where the building is located now and had a old world war 2 barracks donated to us that we moved onto the property and renovated. For the next 3 years my wife Carol would cook and prepare daily 100 bags of peanut brittle to sell to pay for the property and renovation. My kids would go out after school and sell the peanut brittle. Brother Robert Glass later would relate how Sister Duke would work making peanut brittle in our house until the whole kitchen which had been painted white turned yellow. During the 4 years we were there God really blessed us. Later we were appointed as Missionaries to the UK and Brother Bill and Gloria Patton who did an excellent job were elected to Pastor the church there. Later after they resigned from the church Pastor Morton and his wife became the Pastor there taking on the fight to maintain the Apostolic Church in Galveston. They over more than 30 years have done a wonderful job there after suffering many setbacks with hurricanes.  Today a new building has been built and many souls won to God through their ministry. A wonderful and dedicated couple who now has suffered loss of their vehicles, home, and the church damage. There are so many things that I could share but only they like Paul Harvey know the rest of the story. PLEASE HELP THEM TO REBUILD AND RESTORE THE CHURCH  AGAIN IN GALVESTON TEXAS