Mommies Matter: Being Present in the First Three Years

Why Mommies Matter: Being Present in the First Three Years

Erica Komisar, a New York psychoanalyst, says she is in the business of making people uncomfortable. She succeeded brilliantly with the publication of her new book—which has made a lot of people not just uncomfortable, but downright angry.

The book is titled “Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters.” Komisar wrote it after noticing a disturbing trend: A huge increase in the number of kids being diagnosed at an earlier age with mental disorders and emotional problems.

For instance, Komisar writes, in just one year—from 2011 to 2012—the number of children “diagnosed with psychiatric disorders rose to a staggering 19 percent”—nearly a fifth of all children. And the number of kids hospitalized for eating disorders “has increased 119 percent in the last decade,” she notes.

Komisar points to the shocking prediction of the U.S. Census from 2015: Approximately one fourth of all American kids “will be diagnosed with a mental disorder before the age of 18.”

Komisar’s 27 years of practice and research led her to an inescapable conclusion: Children are at a higher risk for these problems when, she says, “the essential presence of a mother is missing.”

Komisar massively documents her assertions: Decades of research “confirms the more time a woman can devote to the joy and job of mothering a child in the first three years,” she says, “the better the chance her child will be emotionally secure and healthy throughout his life.”

And now you know why the heads of feminists and liberals are exploding. They think Komisar (who, by the way is a feminist and a liberal herself) is attempting to take women at warp speed back to the 1950s.

It’s not surprising that today’s mothers think their babies won’t miss them if they grab their briefcases and go back to a full-time job six weeks after giving birth. They believe what our culture taught them—that they can easily juggle career and motherhood; that babies thrive just as well in daycare as at home with their moms; that mothers and fathers are fungible; that when it comes to motherhood, it’s all about “quality time”—even if it comes at the end of a long workday when mothers are exhausted.

Stay-at-home moms can also fail to be “present” for their babies if they ignore them while talking on the phone, checking emails-or volunteering for too many church events.

In short, women all too often careen into motherhood with absolutely no idea of how much their babies need them.

This is why young people should consider the research about the needs of babies if they expect to have children one day, and begin planning for parenthood even before they’ve met a future spouse. For instance, are wives prepared to make career sacrifices, if necessary, to care for the kids for a few years? Are couples willing to settle for a smaller home, fewer vacations and less income during the years mom is nurturing the babies?

Thinking about those awful mental health statistics, I hope and pray they will be. As Komisar points out, “Your baby does not care if she has a bigger room or a Florida vacation; what she wants is you and the safety and security of being in your presence.”

Of course, many moms MUST work for economic reasons, and we should support them all we can. And if you read “Being There,” you’ll find advice on how working moms can maximize their time with their kids.

So, I suggest we ignore the angry catcalls from the left (which I always do anyway), and embrace Komisar’s arguments. If enough people do, America will end up with happier, healthier children.



About five years ago, lawmakers in New Hampshire approved a series of changes to improve their citizens’ access to homeschooling, but they now appear to be preparing to roll back those improvements.

And it’s generated considerable controversy, since one legislator opposing homeschooling called it “child abuse.”

Which wasn’t received well by another lawmaker whose children mostly have graduated from the family’s homeschool, and have gone to top-tier colleges.

The Home School Legal Defense Association is reporting on the situation, as it was involved in the improvements back in 2012.

Besides “child abuse,” homeschooling there also has been condemned with comments like, “Half the kids are failing to learn,” and “it’s a floodgate for dropouts,” HSLDA reported.

See what American education has become, in “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children.”

“Recent comments like these reveal antagonism toward homeschool among certain factions in the New Hampshire legislature, explaining why we appear headed toward a legislative battle over homeschool freedoms,” the group revealed Friday.

It said reports are that three lawmakers are preparing plans to “roll back improvements,” and discussion already has begun.

“Witnesses tell us that in an executive session on a controversial bill relating to banning ‘conversion therapy’ for children experiencing gender confusion, senior Democratic lawmaker Marjorie Porter categorically compared homeschooling to child abuse,” the HSLDA said.

“Although the executive session in the New Hampshire House of Representatives Committee on Health and Human Services on October 26 was not recorded, sources who were present told Home School Legal Defense Association that they were shocked to hear the legislator’s comments, especially in that context.

“Others told HSLDA that Rep. William Marsh, a Republican member of the committee whose four oldest children graduated from the family’s homeschool and went on to top-tier colleges, and whose youngest is homeschooling through high school, told Rep. Porter that he considered her comments equating homeschooling with child abuse as a personal affront. He subsequently received a public apology from Rep. Porter, who is assistant minority floor leader in the House,” the report said.

The organization explained before 2012, homeschooling families had to file annual notices as well as assessments, but since then have been required to do only a one-time notice.

Those steps forward were part of a nationwide move to reduce extraneous rules for homeschoolers, and the HSLDA reported there have been no reports of problems as a result.

The Union Leader reports that it sees “another battle” brewing over homeschooling.

The legislative plan it sees as sparking the trouble is one that, again, would require a third-party review of student progress.

Michelle Levell, director of the private nonprofit School Choice for New Hampshire, says group members are already up in arms, and the bill has yet to be printed.

The crackdown is being pushed by Rep. Robert Theberge, R-Berlin.

The newspaper, and the HSLDA, both reported he has been “declining” to return calls or emails for weeks already.

However, two cosponsors say the bill was prompted by Berlin School District Supt. Corinne Cascadden, who has, according to Democrat Edith Tucker, “very grave doubts about whether half of Berlin’s homeschooled students are getting educated.”

“She (Cascadden) believes that there are some 45 youngsters who are not enrolled in public or private or church schools, whose parents do not make any effort to educate them at all,” Tucker told the newspaper in an email. “Not only are these neglected youngsters not getting the education they deserve, but they are also missing out on free and reduced breakfast and lunches and other social services.”

Levell, however, said there’s simply no evidence, which means the law, “is a solution in search of a problem.”

Cascadden reportedly told a homeschooling parent that she, as superintendent, wants access to information required to determine a “child’s welfare.”

George D’Orazio, chairman of the state’s Home Education Advisory Council, says that though he understands the concerns raised by Cascadden and others, changing the law won’t address the problem.

“Basically what’s going to happen if this passes is that the changes in the law that were made in 2012 will be undone, and I’m absolutely opposed to that,” he said. “I can’t take a position as chairman of HEAC, but as a homeschooler and member of Catholics United for Home Education I’m absolutely opposed because I think it’s unnecessary.”

New Bill Would Provide Veterans with Better Healthcare Options


Today  Saturday, November 11, is Veterans Day, a day to honor those who have served their country. This Veterans Day, legislators have an opportunity to improve the lives of America’s Veterans via a new bill.

According to, the new bill will replace the Veterans Choice Program with a more effective program for Veterans who need healthcare. The current bill would reportedly allow Veterans to receive treatment at private medical providers if the VA is not able to treat them in a timely manner.

This new bill to help Veterans is being hailed as a bipartisan measure. It was introduced by Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN), according to the Washington Free Beacon. The vote on the bill will take place once the Congressional Budget Office releases figures on how much the program will cost.

Reforms to the VA have been discussed for some time, and although this bill wouldn’t necessarily reform the VA itself, it would at least allow Veterans to receive the care they need, even if they have to go elsewhere to get it.

The presentation of the bill near Veterans Day itself will perhaps help to gain support for the measure.

The Washington Times notes that Veterans Day was officially instituted as a day of remembrance and an official holiday in 1938. It initially was associated with Armistice Day, which commemorated the end of World War I. In 1954, it was instituted as a day to honor American Veterans of all wars.

Why ‘God loves you just the way you are’ might not actually be true

God wants us clean and spotless, washed by the blood of Christ.

Many people fall prey to the wrong idea that since “God loves them the way they are,” they don’t strive to repent of their sin and turn back from the things that God actually hates. While it’s true that God loves us unconditionally, there are some things we need to understand about it.

And one of that is the fact that while God loved us even while we were sinners, He will never want us to stay sinners.

A Big, Fat Lie

Did you know that the statement “God loves you just the way you are” can be very misleading, even dangerous? This might sound shocking to many out there, but this statement isn’t entirely true.

The Bible tells us that God loves us so much alright, but His love for us is a life-changing one. God saw the pitiful state that we are in, and because He loved us He gave His one and only begotten Son to save us from sin and death and redeem us for Himself.  Simply put, there should be a change in us after coming to know Christ.

To help you understand, here are some key truths to remember:

1) Everyone falls short of God’s standards

The Bible tells us that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (see Romans 3:23). We all do not measure up to God’s standards, no matter how good we think we are. And yes, on that note, the Bible also tells us,

“For there is not a just man on earth who does good and does not sin.” (Ecclesiastes 7:20)

No human measures up to God’s standards.

2) Without Christ, we are far away from God’s original design for us

Did you know that God created man to be so much more than what we are today? The Bible tells us,

“Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:26-27)

God created us with such purpose. We were made in His image and likeness, were made to be in relationship with Him, and we were meant to do His will on earth. But what happened? We sinned and fell away from our relationship with Him and from what we were supposed to do.

We ended up trying to make names for ourselves apart from Him. We ended up trying to earn His forgiveness by our own futile means. We ended up a people not knowing right from wrong. We ended up separated from Him.

Is there something there that God would like?

3) God’s love lifts us up from the muck we are in

Now here’s the best of all truths: God loved us so much that He sent His one and only begotten Son to save us from sin and death, undo the works of Satan in our lives, and make us conform to the image of His Son. (Read John 3:16-17; 1 John 3:8; Romans 8:29)

If Christ came to save us from the sorry state we are in, who are we to say that God loves us just as we are? God loves us alright, but He doesn’t want us remaining in the same sinful and unrepentant state that He found us in!  Telling ourselves God loves us just the way we are can end up being an excuse not to put in the effort and hard work necessary to overcome our weaknesses or temptations, like that short temper you’ve hard for a while or laziness with morning devotionals.

Whatever it may be, God does not love those things.  He loves us in spite of those things.  And while God has done His utmost to free us from the bondages of sin, we must do our part in walking out God’s Word and living upright as the people of God.  That requires effort, self-denial and sacrifice.

Read what Jesus Himself has to say to everyone who calls himself a Christian:

“Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.”” (Matthew 16:24-25)

Christ Himself said that if we want to follow Him, we have to deny ourselves – the very self we declare that “God loves.” God loves us so much that He wants to change us and mold us into what He wants us to become, and that requires that we submit to Him, repent of our sins, and strive to live holy lives.

Remember this verse:

“…but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, 16 because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.”” (1 Peter 1:15-16)

So, does God love you just the way you are?


He loves you enough to change you so that you will never ever be the same person you were when He saved you through Christ. He loves you and wants you to be like Christ.

“For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.” (Romans 8:29)

(Editors Note- For power from God to help you overcome he gives you his Spirit, the new birth to change you. Follow the instructions given by Peter in Acts 2:38 and you will never regret it. )

UK Leading evangelical quits CofE leadership blasting ‘heretical teaching’ over gay relationships

Leading evangelical quits CofE leadership blasting 'heretical teaching' over gay relationships

A leading member of the Church of England’s governing body is quitting, accusing bishops of heresy in a sign of bitter divides over same-sex relationships.

Lorna Ashworth, a staunch evangelical, cited a ‘revisionist agenda’ and ‘heretical teaching’ as she announced her resignation over the Church’s increasingly relaxed approach to gay couples.

Lorna Ashworth
VimeoLorna Ashworth announcement her resignation on Friday citing ‘heretical teaching’ in the Church of England.

‘I am no longer willing to sit around the table, pretending that we, as a governing body of the Church of England, are having legitimate conversations about mission. I refuse to be mistaken as one participating in the fanciful notion of “good disagreement”,’ she said in her resignation letter.

She told Christian Today there were ‘completely different agendas’ at work within the Church. She said her resignation was not just about sexuality but about a fundamental understanding of the gospel.

Ashworth is a longstanding and prominent conservative presence within the CofE and sits on the influential business committee that sets the agenda for the ruling general synod as well as the Archbishops’ Council – a senior advisory body to the Church.

She has spoken strongly against women bishops and gay marriage in the past and her departure will be a blow to evangelicals as they perceive the CofE is drifting towards allowing some form of gay blessing or official liturgy for same-sex couples.

Ashworth is also part of the conservative group Reform and warned evangelicals were being ‘squeezed out’ of the Church. She said the Archbishop of Canterbury’s plea for ‘good disagreement’ was impossible.

‘I don’t think we can have good disagreement about something that is about life and death,’ she said.

The General Synod last met in July and passed motions to ban gay cure therapies and consider transgender re-naming liturgies.

Evangelicals are increasingly nervous about the CofE’s direction after a report maintaining the status quo on the Church’s ban on gay marriage was rejected by the general synod. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York called for a ‘radical new Christian inclusion’ following the defeat last February and promised a new teaching document based on ‘a proper 21st century understanding of being human and of being sexual’.

Since then the Church backed a ban on gay cure therapies, called for bishops to investigate re-naming services after gender transition and is set to vote on whether to adopt official service to bless gay couples.

Increasingly fraught language has followed with conservative bodies plotting a breakaway Anglican church in the UK.

‘She goes because she does not want to be drawn into compromise with those who seek to revise the plain teaching of Scripture. I pay tribute to her sincerity and courage,’ he said.

But he added the Church’s teachings are ‘based squarely on the authority of the Bible and I support every effort to sustain, promote and defend this.

‘For me, that means continuing to minister within the Church of England, defending its historic commitment to Scripture.’

‘Her prayerfulness, magnanimity, and her grasp of all matters in hand has been a great asset to us all,’ he said.

‘Those who elected her were of the view that she had much to give to the working of the Council, especially in the area of Renewal and Reform. However, I do not share her doubts that the Church of England will be part of God’s renewal of the Christian faith in this nation.

‘I am convinced that the Church of England remains faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ and will move forward rooted in the Christian faith as we have received it. I share Lorna’s passion to make disciples in all nations and her conviction that God will continue to build his Church in this nation.

White Mom of Beautiful ‘Colored’ Boys

I’m white. My son is black.

More accurately, my first born is an olive-toned Native American, and my youngest is black. I’m Slovenian and my husband is Irish. We are both olive. Until our second son was born—the black son—no one ever saw our family as bi-racial. Truth is, the thing that earned us the bi-racial status was not race or ethnicity, but skin color.

As a bi-racial family, a white couple with children of different-than-us colors, how should we raise our children? Should we train their eyes to see color as significant (i.e., black pride, Indian heritage, etc.) or coach their hearts to be color blind, to treat every person as created equal and beautiful—made in the image of God?

Yes. It must be both.

Lessons are just beginning. Jaden is almost three; joyfully in the “what” and “why” stage. Every other minute is a moment to teach. As devoted Christ-followers, we want to raise our children according to God’s Word. We try our best to discipline with consistency and grace; we strive for bedtime Bible study with scripture memory and songs; we live out the gospel, inviting people into our home and serving others regularly so our boys see love modeled.

We feel the weight of parenting.

Life lessons aren’t simply so our boys grow up to be successful citizens. The instruction is to help them find freedom in Christ for their eternal souls, while living a radical adventure for our Lord. Our parenting is to provide for their needs, love them unconditionally, and guide them to know their Creator. The first two jobs may be exhausting, but relatively easy. It’s the third job of parenting that takes a village! A village of friends and family (including authors of books) saturated in the Word of God, equipping our hearts for that task.

A Lesson from Adoption

Years ago, as God burdened our hearts for adoption, Dustin (my husband) and I gave over our plans for our family. We said, “Okay, God…you expand our family in the timing and way you choose, with the children you choose for us, for Your Glory and the Gospel to Expand.” First, God gifted us a perfect, chosen-for-us Native American son, whom we named Jaden.

Through his adoption process we shared the gospel with hundreds, and will forever see Jesus proclaimed through his life. And just 20 months later, we brought home our second perfect, chosen-for-us son, Uriah “Ri”. Through his miraculous story, we share God’s hope for the helpless (i.e., the gospel), and were given a surprising platform in life and ministry to address this current, appalling racial war.

As one quote reads, “My friends, adoption is redemption. It’s costly, exhausting, expensive, and outrageous. Buying back lives cost so much. When God set out to redeem us, it killed him.” Adoption is quite possibly the greatest way we as humans can show the watching world God’s act of redemption for us, all colors of us. If we didn’t need the Redeemer to save us from a broken world with sin and darkness, adoption wouldn’t be needed. But this world is broken; sometimes moms can’t care for their children. What a sacrificial and humbling request to be asked to love and care for the life of a precious child.

As our boys get older and questions come, we’ll explain more in depth. For now, we simply say, “Sometimes God chooses a lady who gives life to a child, and another one to care for the life of that precious child. Mommy was chosen to care for your life.”

We never planned for our children to have such a ‘voice’ in their young lives. Our prayer was simple obedience. By humbly allowing God to grow our family—even when unconventional and, at times, uncomfortable—he has chosen to use our bi-racial, colorful family as a beacon of hope—and change.

I love putting our sons to bed. I snuggle them close. Individually I whisper into their little ears, “Can I tell you something?” Giggles. “Do you know how much I love you?” More giggles. “God wants to use your life for something great. You were chosen out of all the kids in the whole world to be mommy’s. You are my gift.”

Likewise, the gentle whisper of our Loving Father says, Are you listening? Do you remember how much I love you? I died for you so you could be mine. Do you realize I perfectly created you to be and do all I planned you for? Do you realize I chose you out of all the people of the whole world to be mine? You are my precious child. And I will care for your life—forever.

Through adoption, God has taught me how he, my Father, could love someone so different from his own characteristics. Our children may not look exactly like us in appearance, but they are wholly our sons. Both Jaden and Uriah were placed in our home, ‘colored’ as they are, for a specific purpose of the Almighty Creator. And God chose us, their parents, to help them navigate their lives.

Colored to Perfection

Jaden has a large birthmark on his arm. Just recently, he began noticing it. I explained, “Baby, God is an artist. He colored on you making a beautiful picture.” Sometimes, Jaden looks at his arm and says with a big smile, “God colored me beautiful.” And then I show him how Uriah has a birthmark too. Not quite as big, but God colored him too.

Enjoy color as a gift from God. We serve a Creator God, an artist. He chose to make people beautiful with different skin pigmentations, hair color, facial features, and sizes. To consider one type of person as greater than the other makes no more sense to an artist than saying, “Blue paint is better than red paint.” Without both, purple would not exist. Without the colors of people, the image of God—the imago Dei—would not exist.

When God created man and woman, he made them both in his image. In their biology existed all the colors of the people. And God said, “This is very good.”

Creation was the agent of diversity. Sin is the catalyst for broken relationships, pride, and racial supremacy.

May we each look thankfully in the mirror how God colored us, and then turn to one another with new eyes and see, Red, Yellow, Black, and White…we are precious in God’s sight, perfectly colored for his great purposes.

K.J. Nally writes and teaches the truth about God, relationships, and life. K.J. and her husband have a passion to encourage men and women to flourish as they live for their Creator and Savior. She is the author of three books. More information can be found on her website,

President Trump is Filling Federal Courts with Scalia-like Conservative Judges

President Trump is Filling Federal Courts with Scalia-like Conservative Judges

President Donald Trump could fill the federal bench seats with strict constitutionalists, Paul Strand said in a column in the CBN News.

“President Obama picked left-leaning jurists and George W. Bush safe, non-controversial nominees,” Strand said. “But Trump has been nominating judges in the mold of the late Antonin Scalia, who gave first priority to the U.S. Constitution and to the law as it’s written, rather than coming up with his own interpretations.”

There are more than 100 judge vacancies and once chosen, their influence could “last 40,50 years and will have an enormous impact on the future of our country,” said Leonard Leo, of the Federalist Society and adviser for the president.

“This president has an opportunity to potentially fill as many as 40 percent of the seats on the federal bench,” Leo said. “And that will just be transformative.”

Most of Trump’s own picks will sit on lower courts, where about 99 percent of federal cases are dealt with.

Meanwhile, Democrats are fighting back against filling the federal courts with judges like the late Antonin Scalia, a strict constitutionalist.

“The Democrats insisted on 30 hours of debate on (Idaho nominee) David Nye even though at the end of the day he was confirmed a hundred to nothing,” Malcolm said. “He was always going to be confirmed. But just to eat up floor time, the Democrats insisted on 30 hours of debate.”

Leo said that Trump’s decision to choose constitutionalist judges is a major reason people voted for him.

“The president loves America and he understands that the Constitution and in particular the Constitution the way the Framers meant it to be has something to do with our exceptional character and quality as a country.”

In Communist Vietnam: Churches Growing, Christian Businesses Thriving

Vietnam Church Worship

HO CHI MINH CITY — Vietnam is now one of the largest export economies in the world and the United States is one of its top partners.

The local real estate business is also booming and modernization is everywhere in the southeast Asian country.

CBN News visited the city of Ho Chi Minh eight years ago. Back then, there was barely a car on the road. People relied on motorcycles and bikes for transportation. But today, the streets are congested with traffic. Many buildings have been built, and a lot of other construction is in progress. This type of activity reveals the rapid development which is happening in all Vietnamese cities.

Not only is business booming in Vietnam, churches are also flourishing. Thousands of Christians from more than 50 denominations came to the 500th-anniversary celebration of the Protestant Reformation that was recently held in Ho Chi Minh City.

Pastor Daniel Pham of the United Gospel Outreach Church said the event was very successful as it displayed unity among different churches. It was also a testament to the growing number of Vietnamese who have embraced the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Christianity changes the life of the people and other people see that. Another factor is the church is more involved now in the community,” Pham said.

Christian businesses are also growing and sharing their profits with local churches.

One example is the coffee shop Cafe Fresco. It owned by a successful Christian Vietnamese businessman.

George Vo, the shop’s manager, shared how the business grew after the owner dedicated it to the work of God. It started with five coffee carts selling coffee by the roadside.

“When it became successful, the owner decided to build a coffee shop so more people can enjoy our coffee. But he also made a commitment to give all the net profit of the business for the advancement of God’s Kingdom,” Vo told CBN News.

“And God all the more blessed Cafe Fresco. We opened another branch and God continues to bless not only the business but our lives as well,” he said.

The challenge of having this kind of commitment to the Gospel was made by one of the key Vietnamese leaders at the Reformation anniversary.

Dr. Duc Nguyen dedicated his life to promoting unity among churches around the world. He said it was important for Christians to love one another, so people would more easily believe the Gospel.

His message had a much greater impact on the country’s Christians when two days after the event, he suddenly died of a heart attack.

“He was happy because he said ‘My dream is to see the church have unity,'” Pham explained.  “Many people told him, ‘I want to follow your life.’ I think he had a very meaningful life. He fulfilled his dream before he went to be with the Lord.”

Pastor Pham said he hopes President Trump’s visit to Vietnam has more of a larger impact on the world rather than one that just affects the local church.

“We hope that President Trump will pray for us and by his influence, can help not only the Vietnamese but that people around the world would have the freedom to worship God,” he said.

Oakland’s top cop probed for assisting in illegal immigrant arrest in sanctuary city

FILE: Chief Anne E. Kirkpatrick is a 34-year veteran law enforcement

Oakland’s police chief is facing an internal affairs investigation, a formal complaint by a city commissioner and questioning by furious City Council members — all because she—perhaps unwittingly—helped federal authorities arrest an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city.

Anne Kirkpatrick, who was widely heralded as a seasoned progressive reformer when she became Oakland’s top cop early this year, has acknowledged that she sent police officers to assist federal agents for a human trafficking investigation at an Oakland home Aug. 16.

Two adults were detained during that investigation, and federal authorities have commenced civil deportation proceedings against one of them, according to SFGate.

The episode touched off a furor in Oakland, where policy precludes cooperation with federal immigration authorities and the City Council in July unanimously ended its already-limited involvement in federal task forces.

Kirkpatrick insisted at a town hall in September that she told federal agents the day before the August operation that her officers would not participate in any arrests, the East Bay Times reported. Oakland police merely blocked the streets during the federal agents’ operation, Kirkpatrick said in a written response to City Council members, SFGate reported.

“There is not a deportation matter in this case,” Kirkpatrick assured attendees at the town hall.

Kirkpatrick’s explanation did not sit well with Oakland officials.

Brian Hofer, the chairman of Oakland’s Privacy Advisory Commission, filed a formal complaint against Kirkpatrick with the police department’s internal affairs division, according to SFGate.

The complaint, which seven others joined, centers on both Kirkpatrick’s statements surrounding the operation and city authorities’ involvement in the arrests.

Oakland police described the operation as a sex trafficking investigation on Aug. 16, before later calling it a human trafficking probe, according to SFGate.

Oakland Councilwomen Desley Brooks and Rebecca Kaplan have pressed Kirkpatrick for more answers, according to SFGate.

Oakland police confirmed to the Oakland Tribune that their internal affairs division would investigate Kirkpatrick.

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Police called as feminists harangue pro-life speakers at Oxford uni debate

Police had to be called as feminists disrupted an Oxford University debate on abortion to harangue pro-life speakers.

Protestors heckled for approximately forty minutes, chanting slogans and calling the speakers ‘anti-choice bigots’.

Oxford Students For Life (OSFL) were debating abortion in the Republic of Ireland, where a vote will be held in 2018 on the country’s constitutional protections for the unborn.

Bleak future

Irish Journalist Breda O’Brien was one of the pro-life speakers.

In an article for The Irish Times titled ‘I was shouted down for 40 minutes at Oxford University’, O’Brien said “the space for civilised dialogue is shrinking” and pro-life students at Oxford often “meet reactions ranging from mild bemusement to outright hostility”.

“No matter where you stand on issues such as abortion, if this kind of behaviour is normalised the future for democracy is bleak.”

Shout down

OSFL said that college security called the police to report aggravated trespass after protestors repeatedly refused requests to leave.

Co-president of OSFL, Anna Branford, said in a statement that just “one minute” into O’Brien’s presentation, “a group of approximately 15 protesters stood up and chanted slogans” to shout her down and “prevent her from being heard”.

Branford explained that it was “impossible” to “engage in any meaningful manner with the protesters” who shouted “from a pre-prepared ‘chant sheet’”.

OSFL secretary Georgia Clarke added: “The saddening reality was that we were not given any opportunity to respond to these hurtful claims, nor give any justification for our views.”

‘Needlessly offensive’

The protest was organised by Womcam group, which is a member of Oxford University’s Student Union.

OSFL said that Womcam protestors “called the attendees and speakers ‘anti-choice bigots’”, and “blocked the projector screen”.

The University’s code of practice states that students should not engage in “needlessly offensive or provocative action and language”.