Illinois Boy Who Identifies as Girl Sues to Use Girls’ Locker Room to Change for Gym Class

CHICAGO — An Illinois teenager who was born male but identifies as female has filed a lawsuit against his school district as he claims that he has been prohibited from using the girls’ locker room for gym class. The district says that the legal challenge does not correctly cite the accommodations that have been offered to the student.

The 18-year-old, who goes by the name Nova Maday, says that he is unhappy with the outcome of talks with Township High School District 211 and asserts that that he has to use either the nurse’s office or a separate single-user locker room at Palatine High School to change his clothes.

“I just want to be treated like every other girl in our school,” Maday said in a statement after filing suit on Thursday. “Even after the school district agreed to allow another transgender student to use the locker rooms in her school, they have resisted and made things harder for me. I just want to be able to get dressed for P.E. class without having to jump through a bunch of hoops.”According to the Chicago Tribune, Maday sent an email to his teachers in his freshman year to advise that he identifies as a girl.

“Information about me. First, I’m transgender. In case you are not fully sure what I mean by that, I do not identify as male, like I was assigned at birth. Instead, I identify as female,” he wrote. “I would like to state that my chosen name is Nova, and I would ask that you call me by this in class …”

While teachers began calling Mayday by his preferred name and pronoun, he was advised that using the girl’s locker room would not be allowed.

His lawsuit, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), asserts that because Mayday has had to change in a separate location, he has missed notes on the wall advising where students would be meeting for physical education that day.

“Isolating and singling out Nova from the other girls by forcing her to dress separately for P.E. and requiring her to at times wander the halls looking for where her class was being held were extremely upsetting experiences for Nova,” it reads.

However, the school district says that the lawsuit is misleading and does not correctly represent the accommodations that have been offered to Maday.

“District 211 has provided caring and responsive supports for transgender students who daily use bathrooms and locker rooms of their gender identity in multiple schools,” district Superintendent Daniel Cates outlined in a statement on Friday.

“The allegations in this lawsuit misrepresent the accommodations extended to this student and District 211’s approach to working with and supporting transgender students. Every transgender student in District 211 who has requested use of the locker room of their identified gender has been offered such access, along with other supports within an individual support plan.”

“The Illinois Department of Human Rights has already dismissed this case, stating there was no evidence of discrimination,” Cates continued. “We will vigorously defend and protect compassionate, fair and equitable support for all students, and, at the same time, we continue to defend our supports for transgender students at the federal level.”

As previously reported, Township High School District 211 was previously in headlines over a similar request as an unidentified high school student requested to use the girls’ locker room at at William Fremd High School as he had been diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

But the district declined, citing the privacy concerns of the female students. It in turn offered a private location to change, but the student rejected the accommodation. He then contacted the ACLU, which filed a federal complaint with the Office of Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education.

The Department of Education responded by opining that the district had to permit the student to use the locker room of his choice due to Title IX requirements. The two sides continued in talks for a number of months, but the district held firm on requiring privacy for female students while offering various options for the transgender student, which were refused.

It said that it desired to “to protect the privacy rights of all students when changing clothes or showering before or after physical education and after-school activities, while also providing accommodations necessary to meet the unique needs of individual students.”

The Department of Education recommended that the district install privacy curtains in the changing area so that he could not see other students changing and female students could not see him. The district installed the curtains, but as negotiations remained impasse, the department gave district officials 30 days to settle the matter under threat of penalty, including the possibility of the loss of $6 million in federal funding.

The district soon voted to allow the accommodation for the student, but not without much objection from parents. In May 2016, 51 families, representing 73 parents and 63 students, sued the Obama administration over the matter, contending that it is unlawfully distorting and redefined the meaning of Title IX, and is forcing its wrongful interpretation on school districts.

“We support providing accommodations to students who request one, but the locker room of the opposite sex is not a reasonable accommodation, nor is it compassionate to their fellow classmates to demand this,” Vicki Wilson od D211 Parents for Privacy told the Chicago Tribune in light of Maday’s lawsuit.

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Bill Clinton’s Federal Judge: Trump Admin Must Allow ‘Transgenders’ to Enlist in Military Beginning Jan. 1


WASHINGTON — A federal judge appointed to the bench by then-President Bill Clinton has issued an order clarifying her recent injunction against the Trump administration’s ban on “transgender” enlistment in the U.S. Armed Forces, and has outlined that the government must allow the enlistment beginning Jan. 1.

“[The previous] order was to revert to the status quo with regard to accession and retention that existed before the issuance of the presidential memorandum—that is, the retention and accession policies established in the June 30, 2016 directive-type memorandum as modified by Secretary of Defense James Mattis on June 30, 2017,” wrote U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly.

“Those policies allowed for the accession of transgender individuals into the military beginning on January 1, 2018,” she continued. “Any action by any of the defendants that changes this status quo is preliminarily enjoined.”

The Trump administration had asked for clarification about Kollar-Kotelly’s October injunction, in which she opined that the ban on transgender enlistment was “causing … serious ongoing harms.” The government noted that Gen. Mattis had been granted time by the president to determine whether or not allowing those who identify as the opposite sex could have any negative impact on military readiness.

Kollar-Kelly ruled that the policy permitting transgender enlistment, as initially issued under the Obama administration and amended by Mattis, must move forward.

As previously reported, Trump announced his decision to reinstate the ban on transgenders in the military in July, advising that the issue is a distraction and would place a burden on the finances of the Armed Forces.

“After consultation with my generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. military,” he tweeted. “Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgenders in the military would entail. Thank you.”

Weeks later, five service members filed suit to challenge the ban, with the assistance of the National Center for Lesbian Rights and GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders.

“Because they identified themselves as transgender in reliance on [the government’s] earlier promise [of lifting the ban], Plaintiffs have lost the stability and certainty they had in their careers and benefits, including post-military and retirement benefits that depend on the length of their service,” the lawsuit read.

Kollar-Kotelly issued an injunction in favor of the complainants in October, writing in part, “On the record before the court, there is absolutely no support for the claim that the ongoing service of transgender people would have any negative effective on the military at all. In fact, there is considerable evidence that it is the discharge and banning of such individuals that would have such effects.”

After the government sought clarification on whether or not her order “prohibit[s] the secretary of defense from exercising his discretion to defer the January 1, 2018 effective date,” Kollar-Kotelly advised that there could be no postponement.

On Nov. 21, a second federal judge issued an injunction against the enlistment ban. U.S. District Judge Marvin Garbis, appointed to the bench by then-President George H.W. Bush wrote that the “capricious, arbitrary, and unqualified tweet of new policy does not trump the methodical and systematic review by military stakeholders qualified to understand the ramifications of policy change.”

Mosque gives $1M to Univ. of Cincinnati to start pro-Islam program

Muslim praying U.S. flag background

An Ohio mosque is donating $1 million to The University of Cincinnati (UC), which, in return, is creating a pro-Islam program to address so-called concerns about “Islamophobia” on campus.

The large sum of money paying the university to promote Islam through its newly created “titled professorship in Islamic Studies” comes from the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati mosque, and more specifically, from Dr. Inayat Malik and his wife, Ishrat Malik. Coming from Pakistan in 1967 to specialize in urology at the UC Medical Center, the Muslim urologist was a member of the UC College of Medicine clinical faculty for 20 years and served as the board chair of the Islamic Center for 18 years.

The pro-Islam college experience …

Malik and his wife are touted by the university and local media as promoters of tolerance, diversity and culture.

“The Maliks have been leaders in the local Muslim community and promoted interfaith dialogue and understanding, efforts that include the co-founding of the Bridges of Faith Trialogue,” reported. “It is an ongoing conversation among Cincinnati civic leaders from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths, restarted in January 2016 to address renewed incidents of Islamaphobic violence and hate speech.”

The affluent and influential Muslim mosque leader is using his money to not just fight supposed Islamophobia – which he claims to exist on campus – but to tout Islam as a major force in enhancing societies across the globe.

“We have a significant Muslim population in the area now – many of them affiliated with UC Medical Center,” Malik declared in a statement issued in a UC Foundation press release. “Ishrat and I felt that we needed to make this resource available to UC – not just for the sake of the Muslim community, but for the larger community, so they have an understanding of the history of Muslim civilizations and contributions.”

Islamic influence on campus getting bigger and bigger

Now, UC is setting out to increase its existing teachings that already promote a pro-Islam perspective.

“The Malik professorship aims to add to the university’s expertise in Abrahamic religions – faiths that claim descent from practices of the ancient Israelites and worship the god of Abraham,” the Cincinnati news site stated. “The new position will allow the university to boost its classes and research related to Islamic studies, which already include a focus on the Middle East and Arabic language and culture.”

UC College of Arts & Sciences Dean Kenneth Petren announced that the university is recruiting more Muslim staff to influence pro-Muslim thinking on campus.

“We are very grateful to the Maliks and the Islamic Center for this tremendous gift,” Petren expressed in the UC Foundation press release. “This professorship will expand and deepen teaching and research around Islamic history and culture. Our college already covers a diverse number of related topics, and this will help grow our expertise and add breadth to existing work in world religious traditions.”

UC President Neville G. Pinto also champions the Maliks as major contributors to society and academia.

“I am impressed by the Maliks’ desire to lift up UC and the entire community,” Pinto stated on the UC Foundation release. “This professorship will strengthen our relationships in the Muslim community – similar to how our Judaic and Catholic chairs are linked to their respective communities. It also will deepen our academic expertise in related fields, including history, philosophy and international relations.”

Islamize the youth

Another mosque leader in the local Muslim community, Islamic Center Board President Shakila Ahmad – who graduated from UC in 1982 and currently serves as a UC Foundation trustee – insists that students must receive an augmented dose of Islamic teachings to increase their support of the religion and its adherents.

“When we realized the need that existed at the university, we felt the Islamic Center had a responsibility to fill the education gaps in regard to Islam and understanding the Muslim-American community,” Ahmad impressed in a statement published by the UC Foundation. “The Muslim community has a strong link and commitment to the university and relies on it as an institution with a wealth of knowledge.”

Even though just a handful of American colleges and universities proactively promote the religion of Islam and its culture, more and more indoctrination programs similar to UC’s have already popped up from coast to coast to Islamize America’s youth generation.

“There are only a few colleges in the United States that offer Islamic studies majors,” The Christian Post reported. “Other colleges that offer Islamic Studies program include the Jesuit-founded Georgetown University, Villanova University (Catholic), Columbia University in New York City, Boston College, The Ohio State University, George Washington University, American Islamic College, and the University of California, Los Angeles.”

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Girl guides: ‘Let boys shower with girls’

Boys who ‘identify’ as girls will be allowed to use the toilets, changing rooms, tents and showers of their choice – under new guidance from Girlguiding UK.

The updated ‘Supporting Trans Members’ guidance states that biological males can “use the facilities of the gender that they self-identify as”.

Leaders are also advised not to tell parents if their daughters will be required to share shower and sleeping facilities with boys.

Girls at risk

The Guide Association caters for girls aged 5-7 (Rainbows), 7-10 (Brownies), 10-14 (Guides) and 14-25 (Seniors).

This means under the new guidance, a 25-year-old man could share the same facilities as a 15-year-old girl without her parents’ knowledge.

Feminist campaigner Julie Bindel expressed her alarm, saying: “The concern that I and many feminists have about boys invading bedrooms, tents and showers, is that disproportionately the victims of sexual violence are girls and women, and overwhelmingly, the perpetrators are boys and men.

“This signifies the end to girl-only space and the safety of girls in single-sex organisations.”

Trans guidance

Conservative backbench MP David Davies agreed saying the policy will “make some girls threatened and uncomfortable”, adding “the Guides shouldn’t be doing that”.

In January, Girlguiding UK announced that men can join as leaders – if they feel they have been born in the ‘wrong’ body.

The 107-year-old organisation advised that it would be unlawful to tell parents if their daughter is being looked after by a man identifying as a woman on overnight excursions.


The guidance on residential trips has now been updated to allow boys “to share accommodation with other young members if they wish”.

“The use of gendered facilities, such as toilets, can cause anxiety. Members are entitled to use the facilities of the gender that they self-identify as”, it says.

When asked if these facilities included toilets, changing rooms and showers, a Guides spokeswoman told The Mail on Sunday: “That is correct.”

‘Incredibly rare’

Julie Bentley, Chief Executive of the Girl Guides, claimed the move was to comply with equality laws, however this interpretation of the law is disputed.

In 2015 Girlguiding UK published gender guidelines which claimed that “about 1 per cent of people are transgender or trans”.

But earlier this month, a professor at a controversial ‘gender identity’ clinic for children said that just “one child born in every 20,000” experiences transsexual feelings.

Professor Gary Butler, clinical lead at the UK Gender Identity Development Service, stressed that it is “incredibly rare” for children to ‘question their gender’.

Christians now seen as ‘dangerous’, says Tim Farron warning of ‘threat to liberalism’

Tim Farron

Tim Farron is warning Christianity is seen as ‘dangerous’ and ‘offensive’ after the former Liberal Democrat leader quit in July saying it was impossible to be an evangelical Christian and head of his party.

Warning of a ‘threat to liberalism’ Farron will say the UK is descending into ‘groupthink, pack mentality and depressing conformity’ in a lecture tonight.

‘If you actively hold a faith that is more than an expression of cultural identity, a faith that forms the centre of your world view, you are deemed to be far worse than eccentric. You are dangerous. You are offensive,’ he will say.

ReutersIn his resignation statement Farron said: ‘I seem to be the subject of suspicion because of what I believe and who my faith is in. In which case we are kidding ourselves if we think we yet live in a tolerant, liberal society.’

It comes after Farron faced repeated questioning about his faith during the 2017 general election campaign, particularly around whether he thought gay sex was a sin. He ducked the question on multiple occasions, saying his personal view didn’t matter and pointing to his voting record which is largely in favour in increasingly gay rights.

But after intense pressure Farron eventually resigned as leader, issuing an extraordinary resignation statement saying: ‘To be a political leader and to live as a committed Christian, to hold faithfully to the Bible’s teaching, has felt impossible to me.’

In a lecture tonight for the religion think tank Theos, Farron will admit he handled those questions badly and ‘demonstrated a lack of wisdom’ but will argue ‘liberalism will eat itself, is eating itself, may already have eaten itself’.

He will say: ‘My experience is that although liberalism has won, it is now behaving like the established Church of the empire in the 4<sup>th and 5<sup>th centuries. It has gained ascendancy and lost itself in the process. It isn’t very liberal anymore.’

He will attack secularism saying it is ‘staggeringly arrogant and obviously wrong’ to think ‘the absence of faith is the neutral position, and that the holding of a religious faith is eccentric’.

He will say: ‘What appears now to be happening is that while the absence of faith is still thought to be the neutral position, holding a faith is only considered to be tolerably eccentric if it is merely cultural. But if your faith actually affects your worldview in any way that puts it at odds with the mainstream, then your faith is considered to be malign and intolerable.’

He goes on: ‘So there is no neutrality. The absence of faith is a valid worldview, but it has no right to supremacy. If you believe it does have that right, then I respect your view, but you are not a liberal.’

Farron, who has been MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale since 2005, became a Christian at the age of 18.

His July statement prompted praise from Church leaders as well as warnings about the nature of his resignation. In it Farron said he was quitting the leadership after joining his party aged 16. ‘It is in my blood, I love our history, our people, I thoroughly love my party.

‘Imagine how proud I am to lead this party. And then imagine what would lead me to voluntarily relinquish that honour.

‘In the words of Isaac Watts it would have to be something “so amazing, so divine, (it) demands my heart, my life, my all”.’

How Ten Dem (Dumb) Members of Congress Encourage the Use of Child Terrorists

Palestinian terrorist leaders often use teenagers to commit acts of terror because they know that the Israeli legal system treats child terrorists more leniently than adult terrorists. Now ten members of the “progressive caucus” of the Democratic Party are trying to give these terrorist leaders another reason for using even younger terrorists to kill even more innocent civilians.

On November 14, Representative Betty McCollum introduced legislation c co-sponsored by nine other “progressive” members of Congress — calling on the State Department to “prevent United States tax dollars from supporting the Israeli military’s ongoing detention and mistreatment of Palestinian children.” In a statement about the proposed legislation McCollum said:

“This legislation highlights Israel’s system of military detention of Palestinian children and ensures that no American assistance to Israel supports human rights violations…Peace can only be achieved by respecting human rights, especially the rights of children. Congress must not turn a blind eye the unjust and ongoing mistreatment of Palestinian children living under Israeli occupation.”

It is well established that recruiting and using young Palestinians to wage terror on Israeli civilians is part of the modus operandi of Palestinian terrorist leaders. For decades, members of the radical Palestinian political and religious leadership have been stirring up young people to wage war against the Jews and their nation state. This was seen in the gruesome Intifada that began in 2000, in which Palestinian teenagers committed dozens of attacks against Jewish Israelis on buses, in cafes and at nightclubs. More recently—in what has become known as the ‘lone-wolf’ intifada — children as young as 13 have stabbed Israelis with scissors, screwdrivers and knives with the aim of inflicting maximum harm.

Legislation proposed by members of the “progressive caucus” — entitled “Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act” — does not explicitly state what constitutes a child within the context of its proposed cut in U.S. to Israel. While noting that children between the ages of 12-17 are held and prosecuted by Israeli military courts, the bill fails to acknowledge that some of the most barbaric terrorist attacks against Jewish Israelis have been committed by Palestinian teens who have been recruited by terrorist leaders. Consider the terrorists attack that took place over this past summer in Halamish (an hour outside Jerusalem) where a Palestinian in his late teens — from a nearby PA-controlled village — chose a Jewish house at random;, and fatally stabbed three members of a family as they ate Shabbat dinner. The Palestinian “child” murderer also wounded several other family members, while one mother hid her young children in an upstairs room until the terrorist left. This scene of carnage is reminiscent of a similar attack that occurred only six years earlier when two Palestinian teens armed with knives broke into the Fogel family home in Itamar as they slept on Friday night; the teens butchered the mother, father and three of their children — including a three-month-old baby as she slept in her crib.

As a result of such terrorist attacks by Palestinian teenagers, Israel has had to introduce legislation to deal with minors who commit grave attacks. In August 2016, the Israeli parliament (Knesset) passed a bill allowing imprisonment of terrorists as young as 12. The bill also allows for leniency. The courts can not only postpone the convicted minor’s transfer date from a closed holding facility to prison, but can also shorten or cancel the prison sentence altogether, if warranted by the circumstances.

When introducing the law in the Knesset, MK Anat Berko said:

“This law was born of necessity. We have been experiencing a wave of terror for quite some time. A society is allowed to protect itself. To those who are murdered with a knife in the heart it does not matter if the child is 12 or 15. We’ve witnessed numerous cases where 11-year-old children were suicide bombers. Perhaps this law will also do something to protect these children from being used to slaughter people.”

In a desperate effort to justify her proposed legislation Congresswoman McCollum argued that, “peace can only be achieved by respecting human rights, especially the rights of children.” McCollum’s hypocrisy in this context is palpable. She claims to be an advocate for “the rights of children.” Yet the Congresswoman refuses to acknowledge or condemn the Palestinian leadership for perpetrating acts of child abuse by recruiting children to commit terror attacks on Jewish women and children. She expressed no outrage when members of the Palestinian leadership have been caught posting material on social media inciting and encouraging young Palestinians to go out onto the streets and stab Israelis. McCollum failed to protest when Hamas set up training camps — under the mantra “Vanguards of Liberation” — aimed at training children as young as 15 to use weapons against Israel, or when children in Gaza were crushed to death when the terror tunnels they were recruited to build by the Hamas leadership, collapsed on their bodies.

So I ask: what do these members of Congress think Israel should do? If children as young as 13 or 14 were roaming the streets of New York, Los Angeles or Boston stabbing elderly women as they shopped at the supermarket or waited at a bus stop, would they protest the apprehension and prosecution of the perpetrators? Of course not. No country in the world would tolerate terror in its cities, regardless of the age of the terrorists. Israel has a right — according to international law — to protect its citizens from constant terror attacks, even those committed by young Palestinians. Indeed, it has an obligation to do so.

If Israel were to be punished for trying to protect its citizens from teenage terrorists, it would further incentivize terrorist leaders to keep using children in pursuit of their key objective: wiping the Israel off the map. Meanwhile, rather than condemning the abhorrent and unlawful use of children as pawns in this deadly process, this group chose to single out only the nation-state of the Jewish people for punishment, as it tries to protect its own citizens from indiscriminate terror attacks. People of good faith on both sides of the aisle should call out this double standard for what it really is: an attack on Jewish victims of teenage terrorism and their state. For shame on this group of biased anti-Israel “progressive” Democrats, which include the following members of Congress: Mark Pocan (WI), Earl Blumenauer (OR), André Carson (IN), John Conyers, Jr. (MI), Danny K. Davis (IL), Peter A. DeFazio (OR), Raul Grijalva, Luis V. Gutiérrez (AZ), and Chellie Pingree (ME). They give a bad name to the Democratic Party, to the Progressive Caucus and to Congress.

UK Methodist church ordains first transgender minister

A university chaplain who is undergoing a transitioning process to become a woman has become the first transgender minister to be ordained by the Methodist Church in the U.K.

Joy Everingham, a chaplain at the University of Kent Canterbury, had spent decades wearing women’s clothes before deciding to come out as transgender three years ago.

After receiving the full support of senior church leaders, the 46-year-old chaplain had announced his decision to transition into a woman in a notice handed out before a service.

“People sat down and started reading [my letter on transition], and then I could see them looking up and around,” Everingham said.

“I was scared to death, but people kept coming up to me and saying ‘well done.’ A couple of people didn’t speak to me for a bit, but they had to work it out for themselves. I was expecting it to be a long hard trek to justify who I was, but it’s not been like that,” he added.

Everingham said that he had become a Christian at age 15 and married his best friend, Ruth, when he was 19.

For eight years, his wife did not know that he had been hiding clothes in the loft and continuing to dress as a woman.

After the birth of their first son, Everingham traveled to Leeds on a secret trip to a transgender club, where he realized that his desire to become a woman “wasn’t going to go away.”

“I felt so at ease with myself. I felt normal. Coming back to the hotel that night I was thinking ‘I don’t want to take ‘me’ off’. I didn’t want to go back to being what I what was. I knew I had to tell Ruth,” he said, according to Kent Online.

When the chaplain told his wife about his secret, she said that she was prepared to help him explore his identity, but she contended that “she wouldn’t stick around'” if he transitioned to a woman.

The couple had donated all of Everingham’s female clothes shortly after the birth of their second son in 2002, but that decision led to his bouts of depression.

Everingham had been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, but he continued to suppress his gender identity for fear of losing his wife.

Ruth had become more accepting of his feelings after she heard a radio DJ reveal his decision to transition into a woman on air.

Everingham, who started working as a minister at St. Peter’s Methodist Church in Canterbury in 2014, has started taking cross-sex hormones and has since been living full-time as a woman.

The chaplain said that he does not know whether his wife is still attracted to him sexually, but he contended that they are still in love and are still best friends.

He had set up the Canterbury Trans Network to help people explore their gender in a “safe space.” The group meets every other Wednesday at the University of Kent and is attended by up to 30 people.



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Democrat Ohio Supreme Court Judge brags of 50 sex conquests

Judge O’Neill said the number 50 could be incorrect as he “doesn’t keep count”

Ohio voters are in shock after a top judge boasted of having been “sexually intimate” with “approximately 50 very attractive females”.

State Supreme Court Judge Bill O’Neill, who is a Democratic candidate for state governor, made the claim on Facebook on Friday afternoon.

In a follow-up interview he defended his post and a senator who was pictured apparently groping a sleeping woman.

Ohio Democrats condemned Judge O’Neill’s comments.

His post began: “Now that the dogs of war are calling for the head of Senator Al Franken I believe it is time to speak up on behalf of all heterosexual males.”

Trump: Al Franken photo ‘really bad’

Judge O’Neill noted that as a candidate for governor, his admission would “save my opponents some research time”.

Facebook post

“In the last fifty years I was sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females,” wrote the Chagrin Falls, Ohio, native.

The 70-year-old Democrat went on to describe two of the women and his alleged encounters with them.

“It ranged from a gorgeous personal secretary to Senator Bob Taft (Senior) who was my first true love and we made passionate love in the hayloft of her parents barn.”

He later edited the post to clarify it was the secretary – not Senator Taft – with whom he purportedly had sexual relations.

In an interview with after the post was published, Judge O’Neill confirmed he had written it.

Judge with his dogImage 
Image captionThe judge with his dog Lucky

He told the publication the number “50” could be incorrect since he “doesn’t keep count”.

Judge O’Neill also said he did not think it improper for a Supreme Court justice to divulge particulars of his sex life.

According to Ohio media, Judge O’Neill must retire from the bench when his current term ends in 2019 due to age restrictions.

He is the only Democrat not just on the state Supreme Court, but to hold state-wide office in Ohio.

The over-sharing jurist launched his campaign for governor in late October on a platform of expanding mental care access, tax incentives for solar power, and legalising cannabis – the last of which he mentioned in his Facebook tell-all.

The post provoked an avalanche of responses on social media ranging from baffled to admiring to derisive.

One woman wrote: “YOU ARE TRASH.”

A man posted: “You earned my vote.”

Judge O'Neill Facebook post

Many pointed out the judge’s encounters appeared to be consensual in contrast to Senator Al Franken, who along with Senate hopeful Roy Moore, is accused of non-consensual sexual contact.

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor condemned her colleague in a statement.

“No words can convey my shock,” she said.

“This gross disrespect for women shakes the public’s confidence in the integrity of the judiciary.”

Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach wrote to Judge O’Neill on Twitter: “Not only have you lost any glimpse of support from me, (you’ve) also lost my respect.”

Mary Taylor, Republican lieutenant governor of Ohio, posted on Twitter: “There’s a very serious conversation going on right now in this country about sexual harassment and @BillForOhio’s crass post is ill-timed and dismissive at best.”

“We have to be better than this,” she added.

But Judge O’Neill doubled down on his comments in a subsequent Facebook post.

“Lighten up folks,” he scolded his critics.

“This is how Democrats remain in the minority.”

‘Operation Swedistan’ launched in last-ditch attempt to save Sweden


Fake campaign calls to replace Christian cross on flag with Islamic crescent

(PopNewsMagazine) Hot off the heels of their stunningly successful It’s Ok To Be White campaign. Which managed to stir up both outrage and national media attention in multiple countries around the world. 4chan’s infamous politically incorrect board has now seemingly moved on to their next example of expert level political trolling. Their target this time? The never-ending joke that is modern Sweden.

Postcards of Nations: Sweden flag

Operation Swedistan as users have taken to calling it, follows the usual 4chan strategy of attempting to trick extremist liberals into siding with a progressive cause that would seem ridiculous or even outright appalling to the average person. In this case the goal is simple, convince Sweden to change its flag design. More specifically, to remove the Christian cross and install an Islamic crescent in its place.