Female abuse victim forced to share room with a man – Canada

A Canadian woman has spoken of her distress at being required to share a bedroom in an abuse shelter with a man who identifies as a woman.

Kristi Hanna says she is ‘supportive of LGBTQ rights’, but being placed in the room with a male because he claims to be female is unacceptable.

Kristi is taking legal action, but was herself accused of potentially breaking the law for describing the transsexual as a man.


Canada’s National Post reported that Kristi Palmerston House, in Toronto after suffering sexual abuse.

Outlining the transsexual’s sexualised remarks, as well as his obvious male appearance, Kristi said she and other residents became very distressed at his presence.On 20 July the man was assigned to stay in Kristi’s double room – sleeping in a bed just five feet away.


“All of us were completely upset and flabbergasted, pretty much, and instantly all full of fear.

“They won’t even allow a man on the property without permission by the staff and all the residents.”

Kristi added: “Everyone in the house has had at some point male-enforced trauma. This is not about discrimination, this is about the safety of male-enforced trauma victims.”

After two nights of sharing with the man, she left the shelter.

‘No discrimination’

When Kristi contacted the Human Rights Legal Support Centre, she was warned her use of the male pronoun was “potentially discriminatory” and could be illegal.

She has now lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Lucy Hume, who runs the shelter, said: “With respect to accommodating trans women, we do not discriminate; nor do we impose modifications with respect to accommodation”.

She added: “We do, however, do our best to meet the needs of all parties affected in a way that complies with the requirements of shelter standards and trauma-informed practice.”


In the UK, senior politicians are supportive of a ‘self-declaration’ scheme to replace the current medical system for people who say they were ‘born in the wrong body’.

A recent debate saw a Government minister give a commitment to keep single-sex and separate sex services protected for women, as long as “doing so can be convincingly demonstrated to be a proportionate means of meeting a legitimate aim”.

Not everybody is smiling over ‘civil rights’ gone wrong

Transgender athlete Terry Miller

Look I am a Girl too and the Idiot’s believed me

Braving accusations of bigotry, coaches and parents are finally speaking out about transgender female athletes who are crushing girls in high school track.

In the state of Connecticut, biological males Terry Miller (pictured above) and Andraya Yearwood (pictured belowplaced first and second respectively when runners competed in state finals in recent weeks.

Miller, in fact, set a meet record in the 200-meter dash on June 4 and set a new record in the 100-meter dash three days later.

The Daily Wire and other media pointed out that record-breaker Miller was competing on the boys’ team over the winter then joined the girls’ team.

Gary Moore, the coach for a competing team, meanwhile, has said Miller has the right to compete, but his presence was unfair to the female runners and there should be a “level playing field.”

Coach Moore, from Hillhouse High, went on to state that he was stopped by at least five coaches who told him they appreciated his concerns that were published in the local newspaper.

“How come other coaches aren’t talking?” he asked. “This is a big issue a lot of coaches have, that we’ve got to do something. But how come you’re not saying anything?”

A second track coach complained that current state law allows Miller to compete. The law should be changed, he said, because it was written to protect homosexuals and transgenders from bullying – not to open up girls’ high school sports to boys who identify as girls.

Yearwood (transgender runner)Steve McConkey of 4 Winds Christian Athletics says it’s wrong that a high school athlete can simply say they want to compete as a girl with no rules or barriers to block them. But, he adds, it’s good to see coaches, players, and parents pushing back.

“Don’t be afraid,” he says, even when school authorities and LGBT activists make claims of bullying.

In fact, an executive director for the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference cited “civil rights issues” and Title IX requirements when asked about the fairness of biological boys competing.

But the opposition isn’t backing down, however.

“Of course it should be that way for math and science and chorus,” a female 100-meter runner said. “Sports are set up for fairness. Biologically male and female are different. The great majority is being sacrificed for the minority.”

“The rule needs to be changed,” said a track coach representing Simsbury High.

“You need to stand up and stay strong,” advises McConkey, “and lovingly tell people the truth and don’t cave in.”

Costa Coffee and Royal Mail celebrate ‘gay pride’

Costa Coffee has announced it is “proud to be supporting” LGBT events, as it launched a new range of multi-coloured coffee cups.

Announcing the move, Costa Coffee’s Managing Director for UK & Ireland Jason Cotta called it “a fun way to celebrate” ‘gay pride.’

The Royal Mail has also introduced a new ‘rainbow truck’ in Northern Ireland to show its support for ‘gay pride.’


Costa Coffee, one of the largest coffee chains in the world, made the announcement via Twitter.

Costa Coffee


We’re proud to be supporting with our rainbow cups. They will available in 8 main locations in support of GLOW (GLBTQ+ Out at Whitbread), championing equality and inclusion in the workplace for LGBTQ+ employees.

The cups will be available at eight locations around the UK including London, Brighton, and Edinburgh.

Royal Mail and Primark

The Royal Mail said: “We are delighted to support LGBT colleagues and bring the rainbow truck to Northern Ireland to help us deliver the mail in a unique way.”

In Northern Ireland, marriage continues to be defined as between one man and one woman.

Last month, Primark announced its partnership with homosexual lobby group Stonewall by launching a merchandise range featuring “Pride‐ready goodies”.

The high street chain said that 20 per cent of sales from the new products will be donated “directly to the charity itself”.

Mum wants to be officially known as ‘father’

A young child may become the first person in England and Wales without a “mother” listed on their birth certificate, if a woman now living as a man wins a legal case.

The unnamed transsexual gave birth to the child, but according to the law is now a man.

Lawyers claim human rights are being breached by requiring women who give birth to register as “mother” rather than “father”.

Government action

The High Court says the case is the first of its kind and heard preliminary arguments on Thursday.

Mr Justice Francis said ministers may have to act if the court rules the current system is flawed.

Barrister Hannah Markham QC explained that her transsexual client believes the current law interferes with the right to a private and family life.

Autumn trial

But Sarah Hannett, speaking for the Registrar General, said the law forbade her client from registering people who give birth as anything other than “mother”.

The judge said media outlets could not report the young child’s sex or age, or give any geographical information.

A decision is expected following a trial in the autumn.

Teacher Fighting for Job After Refusing District’s Demands to Call Students by ‘Transgender’ Names

A teacher is fighting for his job after he says the district forced him to resign over its so-called transgender student policy.

John Kluge, the former orchestra teacher at Brownsburg High School in Indiana, said the school district’s requirement that teachers call transgender students by their preferred names, rather than those given at birth, goes against his religious beliefs. The requirement, Kluge said, violates his First Amendment rights.

“I’m being compelled to encourage students in what I believe is something that’s a dangerous lifestyle,” he said. “I’m fine to teach students with other beliefs, but the fact that teachers are being compelled to speak a certain way is the scary thing.”

CA: Nope, can’t tell your kids there is no Ze and Zir

Gender Unicorn (sex unknown)

Parents and conservative activists are spreading the word that parental rights come after the right of the State of California to indoctrinate your children.

The latest dispute involves a California health law that mandates parents cannot remove their children from sex education lessons.

It’s called the “California Healthy Youth Act of 2015.”

Parents can pull their children out of classes for explicit descriptions of sex acts but the law states they must remain seated for all other instruction, including liberal instruction on gender identity and “sexual orientation,” says Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute.

Although the law is three years old, the controversial rules came to light from a March memowritten by attorney Ronald Wenkart, general counsel for the Orange County Public School District.

The memo was addressed to the Orange County Board of Education but has since been picked up by news organizations and activists such as “Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnson.

Johnson and others were appalled to read that Wenkart suggested parents are “free to advise” their children of any sex-ed content they disagree with – after their children sit through the classroom instructions.

California flag“This is a clear violation of every single parent’s First Amendment right,” Johnston wrote, “to freely practice their religion as they are literally barred by law from even being notified when their children are being exposed to confusing, highly inappropriate subject matters.”

It’s not news that California’s state government is dominated by far-left Democrats, but the state continues to make headlines after its lawmakers suggest Draconian regulationsfor homeschoolers and even seek to replace President’s Day with Communist holiday, May Day.

Dacus tells OneNewsNow that the law clearly suggests students can be propagandized with left-wing indoctrination without parental notification.

Scantily-clad aerialists now part of ‘normal worship’ at Atlanta church

(Photo courtesy Instagram / Itsapostleb)

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Image result for 2 Timothy 4: 3 images

An Atlanta pastor is packing the pews, but also facing criticism for embracing performances by scantily-clad aerialists as part of what he calls his new “normal worship experience.”

Bryan Meadows, who leads the Embassy congregation, recently posted photographs and a video from the CreativeCon Conference, which included a time of worship that incorporated a female aerialist suspended from the ceiling.

“We endeavor to create a culture driven by the creativity and character of Christ!” Meadows said in a social media post. “This was one of my favorite highlights!!!”

The reaction has been mixed.

“So cool! So out the box!” one commenter wrote. Another offered: “This is HOT!!”

(Photo courtesy Instagram / Itsapostleb)

Meadows returned fire on the critics.

“Because they shouldn’t have to go to the circus to use the gifts that God gave them!” he said. “The church should be able to create space so that everyone can use their gifts to glorify God. People may be distracted for a couple weeks, but they will get used to it!”

“I’m all for using all our gifts in the house of God, but how about she covers up her lower body?” asked another. “It can be as distracting as a male worshipper topless.”

YouTube bans pro-life channel over ‘harmful’ content

A pro-life organisation has had a YouTube channel suspended because its content was deemed to be “harmful or dangerous”.

Heartbeat International had posted four videos on its Abortion Pill Reversal channel, showing how a baby can still be saved even if someone has taken an abortion pill.

One video featured a doctor explaining the process from a medical perspective, while three others showed mothers recounting their experiences of having ‘reversed’ their abortion.

Bomb making

Despite this, YouTube suspended the account, explaining that it “doesn’t allow content that encourages or promotes violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death”.

Other videos such as “instructional bomb making, choking games, hard drug use, or other acts where serious injury may result” fall into this category.

Jor-El Godsey, President of Heartbeat International, said: “It’s hard to understand why YouTube would treat the rescuing of babies from an abortion pill the same as terrorism videos.”


Medical abortions involve taking two tablets – mifepristone, which detaches the developing baby from the lining of the womb, and misoprostol which induces a miscarriage.

Research shows that if a woman has taken mifepristone, she can still sometimes reverse the abortion by taking progesterone instead of the second pill.

According to the Federalist, in the last ten years, more than 500 women have used the abortion pill reversal protocol to save their babies.

The method is safe for women, as progesterone is a natural hormone regularly used to prevent miscarriage, and a recent study found the method is successful around two thirds of the time.


Godsey added: “we believe YouTube will find that these videos in no way resemble such dangerous or harmful content”.

Heartbeat International has appealed the ban, and is hopeful that rather than taking sides, YouTube’s decision was a mistake.

VP Mike Pence Swears in Openly Homosexual Ambassador to Germany With ‘Partner’ at Side

WASHINGTON — Vice President Mike Pence, a professing evangelical, swore in openly homosexual Richard Grenell as U.S. ambassador to Germany on Thursday, with the man’s partner standing by his side.

“Ric, I know you’ve got a lot of friends from many years here, but most importantly, you’ve got people that you cherish, and your family. I want to acknowledge your mother Judi, who’s with us today; your brothers, Jeff and Brad; your partner, Matt Lashey; and his parents, Dave and Nancy; and many others,” he said.

Lashey held the Bible while Grenell placed his hand upon it and repeated the oath, ending with “so help me God.”

Pence praised Grenell prior to administering the oath, which he said was his “great honor,” and told those gathered that President Trump also thinks highly of him.

Those of you may have noticed that on his first day in the job, he joined President Trump and myself to welcome German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the White House for discussions on strengthening the historic partnership between our two nations,” he said.

“On that day, President Trump called you an ‘outstanding man,’ who will do a great job as our ambassador to Germany. And everyone gathered here, and people across this country, share that confidence and conviction,” Pence stated.

Grenell, formerly a U.N. spokesman and spokesman for 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, also delivered brief remarks, thanking the Trump administration for having faith in him, and acknowledging his mother and partner.

“Obviously, I have to thank my mom, who has been a great support through this whole time, and of course, Matt, who is—as everybody knows, if you know him–the world’s greatest person. So thank you for all of your support,” he said.

“Thank you, Mr. Vice President, and thank you, President Trump, for the faith that you both have put in me,” Grenell continued. “I will not let you down. And I’m ready to work hard.”

View the transcript in full here at WhiteHouse.gov.

As previously reported, while a number of homosexual advocates have been opposed to Pence in claiming that he is anti-homosexual, Pence defended the Trump administration in February 2017 in its decision to retain an Obama-era order banning groups that contract with the federal government from “discriminating” against homosexuals and transgenders in their business or non-profit organization.

“I think throughout the campaign, President Trump made it clear that discrimination would have no place in our administration,” Pence said during an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” according to a transcript of the discussion. “He was the very first Republican nominee to mention the LGBTQ community at our Republican National Convention and was applauded for it. And I was there applauding with him.”

He also rejected reports about his beliefs regarding “conversion therapy” as being “fake news” this past February, as he cheered openly homosexual figure skater Adam Rippon in his Olympic quest.

“@Adaripp I want you to know we are FOR YOU,” he wrote (caps in original.) “Don’t let fake news distract you. I am proud of you and ALL OF OUR GREAT athletes and my only hope for you and all of #TeamUSA is to bring home the gold. Go get ‘em!”

View the tweet here.

Proverbs 14:34 states, “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Proverbs 28:4 also says, “They that forsake the Law praise the wicked, but such as keep the Law contend with them.”

Women desert Labour over ‘men are women’ policy

Over 300 women have resigned from the Labour Party over its position on allowing men who say they are women to be on all-women shortlists.

Labour says that the shortlists are open “to all women, including trans women; and that trans women do not need a gender recognition certificate to participate”.

In a letter to The Times, women leading the large-scale exit said they were “dismayed” at Labour’s position, and told other news sources they “cannot continue to be in a party which takes women for granted”.

No debate

The women stated: “We now face a situation in which any man can simply claim to be a woman and be included on all-women shortlists.

“Sex is not a self-defined characteristic and it is disingenuous for Labour to pretend that it is.”

They also particularly objected to the Party’s decision to make the change “without any debate or consultation with women members”.

Denies reality

One of the women leaving the party, Jennifer Isaacson, said she was “horrified” by what is happening to women’s rights in Labour, but that she was pleased there were so many showing their resistance.

“Sex is not a self-defined characteristic”Letter to the Labour Party

She lamented that while all-women shortlists used to be the preserve of women: “We could now see those places go to people who have spent the majority of their lives living as men.”

She added: “We all know sex is not a self-identifying characteristic, we all know what a woman is and this is the wilful denial of reality.”


Earlier this year, Labour suspended two members for declaring that men who say they are women are still men.

Jennifer James began a campaign to force Labour to back down after it allowed men who self-identify as women to feature on all-women shortlists.

She was targeted by an online group calling itself Labour Against Transphobia, and subsequently received a letter informing her of her suspension from the Labour Party.

Venice Allan, another party member who backed the legal action, was also suspended in similar circumstances, with one of the reasons being that she posted a photo which read: “Trans women are men” on social media.