Hamas slams US VP for ‘desecrating’ Al-Aqsa during Western Wall visit

Gaza-based terrorist group says that by praying at the holy site, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence had “defiled Al-Aqsa with a Jewish ritual” • Hamas: Pence’s speech before Israeli parliament proves the U.S. has a strategic alliance with the Zionist entity.

Hamas on Tuesday denounced U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, saying his prayer there “desecrated” a Muslim place of worship.

The Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray, is part of the Temple Mount compound, which also houses Al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam after Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.

Pence visited the site on the last leg of his Middle East tour. He stood solemnly with his hand on the wall and left a note, as people who pray there traditionally do. In response, the Gaza Strip-based terrorist group said that by praying at the Wall, Pence had “defiled Al-Aqsa with a Jewish ritual.”

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said Pence’s tour in Israel was “unwelcome.” He accused the U.S. of promoting pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian policies, saying that Pence’s speech before the Israeli parliament “proves the USA has a strategic alliance with the Zionist entity.”

America “doesn’t take the interests and requirements of the Islamic and Arab nation into consideration,” Haniyeh said.

He accused the Trump administration of targeting “the principles of the Palestinian cause” by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and cutting funds to U.N. Relief and Works Agency, the agency responsible for Palestinians refugees and their descendants.

Hamas further praised Arab Israeli lawmakers who disrupted Pence during his Knesset address.

Hamas’ tweet lauding Joint Arab List MKs’ heckling of the vice president during his Knesset address

Joint Arab List MKs hoisted signs reading, “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine” during the speech and heckled the vice president. They had to be forcibly removed from the plenum.

Pence responded to the fracas by saying with a smile: “It is deeply humbling for me to stand before this vibrant democracy.”

The Palestinians called for a general strike across the West Bank and east Jerusalem on Tuesday in protest of Pence’s pledge that the U.S. Embassy in Israel will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by the end of 2019.

Demonstrations protesting Pence’s visit were held in Bethlehem and Nablus on Monday. In both locations, protesters shouted anti-Israel and anti-U.S. slogans as they waved crossed-out posters depicting Trump and Pence, and some even burned them.

Last Remaining Fragments of Dead Sea Scroll Deciphered – Here’s What It Revealed


More than 60 years after their discovery, Israeli experts have finally figured out the contents of one of the last two undeciphered fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Scientists at Haifa University reconstructed 60 tiny fragments that were part of six different scrolls.

What they discovered after they put it all together was a unique 364-day calendar used by a Jewish sect living during the Second Temple time

“Most Jews used a calendar that is similar to the one used today,” Dr. Eshbal Ratzon of Haifa University told Israel’s Haaretz newspaper. “The sect used a calendar that is almost based on a solar year, comprising 364 days.”

Notes on the fragments show the sect even gave names to the days marking the four seasons. The days were referred to by the word “Tekufah” which in Hebrew means “period.”

“This term is familiar from the later Rabbinical literature and from mosaics dating to the Talmudic period, and we could have assumed that it would also be used with this meaning in the scrolls, but this is the first time it has been revealed,” remarked professor Jonatan Ben-Dov, who helped Ratzon decipher the ancient texts.

Some of the fragments were so tiny, measuring approximately 0.155 sq inches.

“This is the most important archaeological find ever made in Israel,” Ratzon said. “This is literature from the Second Temple period, and that’s rare.”

The scrolls, which date back almost 2,000 years, were part of 900 ancient Jewish manuscripts discovered in the Qumran caves near the Dead Sea between 1947 and 1956.

Ratzon and fellow scientist Ben-Dov, who teaches at the Bible Department at Haifa University, said they also discovered fascinating comments in the margins of the scrolls.

“What’s nice is that these comments were hints that helped me figure out the puzzle,” exclaimed Ratzon.

He believes the notes were made by a scribe as changes were being made to the ancient documents.

Razton added that the scribe’s annotations “showed me how to assemble the scroll”.

Ratson and Ben-Dov said they spent over a year reassembling the 60 fragments, most of which were written in Hebrew.

Now, only one more known scroll remains untranslated.

German Jews ‘Appalled’ by Iranian Spy Network’s Focus on Jewish Targets

“As I have seen, those who plow evil And sow mischief reap them.” Job 4:8 (The Israel Bible™)

The Central Council of Jews in Germany is appalled by the fact that ten recently uncovered Iranian spies were spying on Israeli and Jewish targets, Focus Magazine reported Friday. “This action must not go unpunished,” Council Chairman Josef Schuster told Focus.

The Islamic Republic, which is apparently behind the spy ring, has disqualified itself from being a partner for the German government in view of these espionage missions, Schuster stressed. With regard to the rulers in Tehran, he said, Germany should not put its economic interests above the country’s domestic security.

Tehran’s spies operated in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Bochum, Darmstadt and Weilheim. On Tuesday morning this week, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office raided the apartments and business premises of ten suspected Iranians, who carried Afghan, Turkish and Pakistani passports.

According to Focus, the AJC is now demanding the expulsion of Iranian ambassador Ali Majedia, who has already been summoned to the Foreign Office two days before Christmas Eve and requested to tell his bosses in Tehran to immediately stop their espionage against German interests.

An orthodox Jewish community located near Alexanderplatz, a large public square and transport hub in Berlin, was being spied on by the Iranians agents and its rabbis were followed, Focus reported, citing federal investigators. The Jewish sports club Maccabi in Berlin, established in 1898, was also on the list of the Iranian spy ring.

All three Jewish institutions were presumably being studied as potential targets for retaliatory strikes by Iran.

A senior state security official told Focus, “Iran is expanding. In the event of a military conflict in the Gulf, with the participation of the US and Israel, Germany and Europe would offer well-documented targets for retaliatory attacks, including murder and bombing.”

According to German authorities on the day of the raids, the suspected Iranians belong to a special unit of the Quds Force, which kills opponents of the Ayatollahs’ regime worldwide. Its agents are trained in combat on land and underwater, and are also paratroopers and explosives experts.

Trump Is Messianic Figure, UN Is Gog: Prominent Israeli Rabbi

Rabbi Mendel Kessin, a rabbi who interprets modern events from a Torah perspective, gave a lecture two weeks ago in Jerusalem, in which he emphatically stated that US President Donald Trump is bringing the world closer to the Messiah.

“The Messianic process is unfolding literally in front of our eyes,” Rabbi Kessin said, giving the last US presidential election as proof. “Trump’s election was a revealed miracle. He shouldn’t have won since all the politicians and many Americans hated him more than any president before in American history. They hate him because he will cause a Satan to die in America. They don’t want this to happen and this is why they don’t want him to help Israel. But Trump is greater than that.”

The rabbi explained that Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem was Israel’s capital and the ensuing international furor over it was the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, specifically what he called the ‘Tikkun (fixing) of Esau’.

“When Esau is seen helping Israel, it is a sign Moshiach is right around the corner,” Rabbi Kessin said.

In explanation, Rabbi Kessin quoted the Bible concerning the prophesied fate of Jacob and Esau told to their mother, Rivka.

And Hashem answered her, “Two nations are in your womb, Two separate peoples shall issue from your body; One people shall be mightier than the other, And the older shall serve the younger.” Genesis 25:23

The rabbi noted an ambiguity in the Hebrew text that had vastly different import.

“Due to the absence of pronunciation markings, the wording of the Torah text can be read either as ‘va’ya’avod’, meaning he shall serve, or ‘va’ya’aved’,  he shall enslave,” the rabbi explained. “Esau will help Jacob by either serving him or by causing him to suffer since suffering is a way to bring God back into the world.”

Rabbi Kessin stated that this prophecy did not materialize in the Bible but it is destined to come about in the era preceding Messiah.

“In the end, Esau will do a Tikkun by defending Jacob, fighting the nations that come against him,” Rabbi Kessin said. The rabbi stated that Israel and the Jewish people are the descendants of Jacob but Esau’s identity in modern times is more complex.

“Esau is also a patriarch. He became the nation of Edom, which eventually became Rome,” Rabbi Kessin said. “And then it transformed into a religion, Christianity, so that it could spread out into the world.”

Rabbi Kessin noted that historically, Christianity has fulfilled Esau’s prophetic role of causing distress to Israel.

“Christianity has spent an inordinate amount of energy persecuting Jews, though not all of Esau did this,” Rabbi Kessin said. He stated that in its Christian incarnation, three different aspects of Esau developed into three separate national entities.

“The arrogance of Esau became Russia under the communists,” Rabbi Kessin said, citing the decidedly anti-religious aspect of communism. “The ultimate arrogance is when a man becomes an atheist and says there is no God; there is only me.”

“The fraudulent aspect of Esau is Europe,” Rabbi Kessin stated. “On one hand they preach love, while on the other hand, they have had more wars than any other part of the world.”

“The holocaust, the Inquisition, this is all fraudulent piety,” the rabbi said. “To this day [European nations] are incredibly anti-Semitic. They can’t hide it or hold back. They just keep coming out against Israel.”

The rabbi then explained America’s role in this prophetic process.

“The third part of Esau is America, the part that seeks pleasure,” Rabbi Kessin said. “But this is the good part of Esau. In the end of days, this is the part of Esau that will be restored by helping Yaakov. Therefore there has to come a time before Moshiach when this good part of Esau does tshuva (repentance) by helping Israel.”

“Donald Trump is that man, that part of Esau,” Rabbi Kessin said. “He doesn’t know it and he wouldn’t believe it, but he is a messianic figure.”

The rabbi clarified this astounding statement.

“He is not the messiah but he will create a paradigm shift,” Rabbi Kessin stated. “His mission is transformative. He is going to change America, purify it. God wants to clean up America of all its sins before Moshiach. The liberals Especially have caused an incredible moral decay. This what Trump really means when he says he wants to make America great again.”

Rabbi Kessin noted that by announcing to the world that Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal capital, President Trump fulfilled Esau’s Biblical vow.

Esau said, “I have enough, my brother; let what you have remain yours.” Genesis 33:9

“When he made his declaration, Trump recognized that all of Israel was given to the Jews. He is defending the Jews in front of the world to the point where he is willing to punish them.”

The rabbi emphasized that when the US stood up for its Jerusalem declaration in the United Nations General Assembly, that was the prophesied pre-Messianic battle of Gog and Magog. He explained that in gematria (Hebrew numerology), ‘Gog and Magog’ equals 70. 70 is understood to signify all the nations of the world since the Bible lists 70 descendants of Noah.

“Trump defended Israel against the entire world, and that is the prophesied battle of Gog and Magog,” explained Rabbi Kessin, citing Ezekiel.

After a long time you shall be summoned; in the distant future you shall march against the land [of a people] restored from the sword, gathered from the midst of many peoples—against the mountains of Yisrael, which have long lain desolate—[a people] liberated from the nations, and now all dwelling secure. Ezekiel 38:8

“[The prophet] stated that all the nations will gang up against Jerusalem, and isn’t that what they just did in the UN?” Rabbi Kessin asked rhetorically. “The UN is Gog and Magog.”

“This is all part of Esau doing tshuva, becoming great, so he can help Israel. And America will become great,” Rabbi Kessin stated. “God wants America to be prosperous so that they can assist Israel in the next step.”

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PA Arrests Brokers Who Sold Land to the Jews

“The Binyaminites did not dispossess the Jebusite inhabitants of Yerushalayim; so the Jebusites have dwelt with the Binyaminites in Yerushalayim to this day.” Judges 1:21 (The Israel Bible™)

Palestinian Authority media this week are celebrating the successful application of the most racist laws on the books anywhere on the planet, prohibiting the sale of land to Jews – under penalty of death.

According to the news agency Ma’an, following a lengthy investigation, the PA General Intelligence Service (GIS) in Qalqilya on Sunday arrested four Arab real estate brokers suspected of attempting to “divert land to the occupation,” or, more simply, sell land to Israeli customers.

“Palestinian land laws” cover the ownership of land under the Palestinian Authority. These laws prohibit PA Arabs from selling Arab-owned lands to “any man or judicial body corporation of Israeli citizenship, living in Israel or acting on its behalf.”

Land sales to Jews are considered treason by the PA, because they encourage “the spread of moral, political and security corruption.” Arabs who sell land to Israelis may be sentenced to death, although death sentences have only rarely been carried out. Instead, suspects of selling land to Jews are tortured in prison by PA security forces. In 1998, Amnesty International reported that torture of Arabs accused of selling land to Israelis appeared to be systematic, and unlawful killings were also reported against those accused.

The four Qalqilya detainees this past weekend, including a lawyer, are suspected of planning to sell land to Israelis in and around Jerusalem, Qalqilya, Shechem, Tulkarm and inside the Green Line.

The GIS announced that the group worked in cooperation with land brokers inside the Green Line on a deal worth about 8 million Jordanian dinars ($11.27 million).

The suspects were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution, and all the transactions related to the deal have been stopped, according to the report, which stated: “This was a failed a plan to transfer thousands of acres to the occupation.”

The General Intelligence Service urged the Palestinian Authority citizens to exercise caution when selling land, and to ensure that all procedures are in accordance with the law, especially in “occupied Jerusalem, the border areas and the areas adjacent to the settlements,” and to inform the authorities of any suspected cases of “diversion of land in favor of the occupation,” as this poses a serious threat to national security.

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New Elite Military Unit Ready to Defend Israel From Gaza Terror Threat

“Blessed is Hashem, my rock, who trains my hands for battle, my fingers for warfare.” Psalms 144:1 (The Israel Bible™)

A new elite IDF infantry unit is about to take up its position along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip.

The Haruv (Carob) unit, named after a renowned force that operated in Israel’s southern desert borders in the 1960s and 1970s, was once a regular infantry battalion in the Kfir brigade, focusing on security operations in Judea and Samaria (the territories).

Several months ago, the IDF decided to convert this battalion into an elite unit, and to give it the training, weapons, vehicles and high-tech equipment it would need to fight in Gaza.

Since then, the unit has been selectively recruiting cadets into its ranks and placing them under intense special force training. This process culminated at the end of December in a large-scale war drill that simulated Gaza’s urban warfare settings.

“The elite unit has abilities and components that an ordinary infantry battalion does not,” Maj. Nir Mor, deputy commander of the new unit, told JNS.

“The training, structure and organization are all different,” he said. Cadets had to undergo weeks of high-intensity field navigation training before practicing combat drills against heavily armed, well-trained guerrilla terrorist forces embedded into built-up areas—otherwise known as Hamas, Gaza’s ruling faction.

image: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Haruv2.jpeg

Haruv unit in training. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

“The Gaza Strip requires complex preparations, which begin three to four months in advance. Preparing to operate in Judea and Samaria is simpler than Gaza,” Mor said.

The Haruv unit had to learn how to use armored vehicles to maneuver on the Gaza border, and to practice moving into Gaza itself, in the event of an outbreak of a new round of fighting. The soldiers also learned how to use new kinds of weapons, including those mounted on the armored vehicles.

“The soldiers became familiar with the enemy, and learned about the [Gaza] sector’s history,” said Mor. “The doctrine for using force in Gaza is different than Judea and Samaria. Commanders had to learn to make the adjustment.”

In the event of a new armed conflict with the Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror groups, the entire Kfir infantry brigade would be mobilized from the territories to Gaza, but the Haruv unit would have special missions. These would include engaging Hamas’s underground tunnels and destroying them. Most of Hamas’s tunnels are inside Gaza, forming an underground maze designed to allow operatives to move weapons and fighters around, and launch hit-and-run attacks.

In mid-December, the Haruv special unit arrived at the IDF’s training center for ground forces at the Tze’elim base in southern Israel, which has a mock Palestinian village that replicates conditions in Gaza.

“We train as we will fight,” Mor said. “This exercise summed up eight weeks of training. There was live fire, tank fire and artillery fire. We used digital command systems and operated as if we were going into Gaza tomorrow.”

Capt. Yinon Gadasi, a company commander in the Haruv unit, said the latest drill was the most realistic and intensive he had encountered in his three years of military service.

“It simulated as much as possible the enemy that we are supposed to encounter. It dealt with the underground tunnel threat and there was also a big emphasis on the civilian population, which is a large challenge in Judea and Samaria, and certainly even more so in Gaza,” Gadasi told JNS.

“We understand that in any situation we will encounter in Gaza, we will run into the threat of tunnels,” the company commander added. “We are preparing the soldiers for this, mentally and physically, through briefings, lectures, videos, and physical and technological training.”

image: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Haruv3.jpeg

Haruv unit in training. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

The unit is now scheduled to rotate to the Gaza border for the first time in its current form. It will conduct daily patrols and surveillance operations along the volatile border, on guard to protect the southern Israeli villages, farms and towns, which came under mortar fire as recently as Dec. 29.

“There are all sorts of scenarios we must be ready for—a terrorist infiltration, via tunnels or overland, into communities; attacks on patrols,” Gadasi said.

“This is the first time that this elite unit, with this quality of personnel and ability to deal with the underground threat, is arriving at the Gaza border,” he said. “There have been many incidents there recently. As a company commander…I can say that my company is ready to deal with any mission or challenge.”

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Delta Sued for Anti-Semitic Policies

“I will bless those who bless you And curse him that curses you; And all the families of the earth Shall bless themselves by you.” Genesis 12:3 (The Israel Bible™)

Four Delta Air Lines flight attendants, former and current, initiated a lawsuit against the company in a Brooklyn court for what they claim is an “anti-Jewish, Hebrew, and ethnic Israeli attitude” towards employees and passengers.

First reported by TMZ, the long-time employees accused the company of maintaining “a pattern of intentionally discriminating and retaliating against ethnically Jewish, Hebrew and/or Israeli employees and passengers” specifically on the flight route from New York City to Tel Aviv.

“Delta has encouraged and maintained an anti-Jewish, Hebrew and ethnic Israeli attitude among management, who, through words and deeds, operate under an express assumption that ethnic Jews and Israelis, as employees and passengers, cannot be trusted, are aggressive and inappropriate, and engage in what are deemed to be ‘strange’ behaviors by conducting prayers on the flight and requiring special dietary accommodations (kosher meals),” the plaintiffs’ attorney, Brian R. Mildenberg, said in the statement.

Cynthia Fukelman, who had worked for Delta for 21 years, claimed she was fired in March because she is Jewish. Delta claimed she was terminated because she missed a flight but the attendant claims she was on maternity leave at the time.

Tsipora Kuba was denied membership to Delta’s purser program after applying three times despite her “qualifications, seniority and experience”. Kuba served in the IDF, had prior managerial experience, and spoke four languages. She claims she was discriminated against for being Israeli. Kuba reported that seven flight attendants whe were Jewish or Israeli were fired last year.

A non-Jewish attendant claimed she was suspended without pay and had her travel privileges revoked after she shared her “Travel Companion” pass with a Jewish friend.

Morgan Durrant, a spokesman for Delta, denied the allegations in a statement to Newsweek.

“Delta strongly condemns the allegations of discrimination described in this suit and will defend itself vigorously against them,” Durrant said in an email. “As a global airline that brings people across the world together every day, Delta values diversity in all aspects of its business and has zero tolerance for discrimination.”

This is not the first time Delta has been accused of anti-Semitic policies. In 2011, Saudi Arabian Airlines joined Delta’s “SkyTeam” network. Critics said the Saudi airline had “anti-Semitic” and “racist” policies.

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2,700-y-o artifact backs Jewish claim to Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock 2

As the world questions the Jewish claim to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital following President Donald Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to the Holy City, archaeologists have unearthed a “unique and significant discovery” of a “sealing” that belonged to the city’s Jewish governor 2,700 years ago.

The “stamped piece of clay” is an artifact from Israel’s First Temple period (1006–586 B.C.) that was owned by “the governor of the city” of Jerusalem – the highest-ranking local title held in the city during biblical times nearly 3,000 years ago.

“The Bible mentions two governors of Jerusalem, and this finding thus reveals that such a position was actually held by someone in the city some 2,700 years ago,” lead excavator Dr. Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah explained, according to CBN News.

A look at the evidence

The find was reported by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) as being just half an inch wide, a little longer in length and about one-eight of an inch in thickness. with an impression of two people facing each other next to an ancient Hebrew script inscription.

“[It was] attached to an important transport and served as some sort of logo – or as a tiny souvenir – which was sent on behalf of the governor of the city,” Weksler-Bdolah added. “It is likely that one of the buildings in our excavation was the destination of this transport sent by the city governor.”

For more than a decade, digs in the area have worked to substantiate the Jewish claim on what many refer to as East Jerusalem.

“The impression, the size of a small coin … was unearthed near the plaza of Judaism’s Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem – where excavations have been underway since 2005,” Fox News reported.

Hebrew University Professor Tallay Ornan and Tel Aviv University Professor Benjamin Sass scrutinized the sealing and provided a more detailed description of the imprint, and revealed that the articulation of the figures is evidence that they were Israel Jews.

“[The sealing portrays] two standing men, facing each other in a mirror-like manner,” Ornan and Sass described, according to CBN News. “Their heads are depicted as large dots, lacking any details. The hands facing outward are dropped down, and the hands facing inward are raised. Each of the figures is wearing a striped, knee-length garment.”

Biblical importance

They translated the inscription located below a double line as reading “belonging to the governor of the city,” and noted its importance and connection to Old Testament Scripture.

“The title ‘governor of the city’ is known from the Bible and from extra-biblical documents, referring to an official appointed by the king,” the Israeli professors continued. “Governors of Jerusalem are mentioned twice in the Bible: in 2 Kings, Joshua is the governor of the city in the days of Hezekiah, and in 2 Chronicles, Maaseiah is the governor of the city in the days of Josiah.”

In archaeological terms, this find was unprecedented and adds more proof to confirm Israel’s legitimate claim to the city that has been disputed by the Palestinians, the United Nations and dozens of other nations around the world that have adopted an anti-Semitic stance on the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has essentially endured for millennia.

“It supports the biblical rendering of the existence of a governor of the city in Jerusalem 2,700 years ago,” Weksler-Bdolah noted, according to Fox News. “This is the first time that such a sealing is found in an authorized excavation. This docket adds to the find of seven seals that we’ve found here carry the names of Netanyahu son of Yaush, Hagav, Yeda-ayahy Usha, and more.”

History on Israel’s side

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat publicly decried the significance of the discovery that further establishes the Jewish history of Jerusalem.

“It is very overwhelming to receive greetings from First Temple-period Jerusalem,” Barkat announced at the presentation of the recently excavated artifact, according to CBN News. “This shows that already 2,700 years ago, Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, was a strong and central city. Jerusalem is one of the most ancient capitals of the world, continually populated by the Jewish people for more than 3,000 years. Today, we have the privilege to encounter another one of the long chain of persons and leaders that built and developed the city. We are grateful to be living in a city with such a magnificent past, and are obligated to ensure its strength for generations to come.”

The specific location of the find is just footsteps from where a Jewish synagogue was recently opened underneath the Temple Mount, and the fact that the “sealing” was owned by such a prominent Jewish figure of the time – compiled with numerous earlier discoveries of actual seals in the same building – indicate that Jerusalem was under Jewish authority in ancient times.

“[This discovery – along with those before it] – supports the assumption that this area – located on the western slopes of the western hill of ancient Jerusalem, some 100 meters (yards) west of the Temple Mount – was inhabited by highly ranked officials during the First Temple period,” Weksler-Bdolah pointed out, according to CBN News.

A miracle it’s still there …

Archaeological expertise indicates that the house where the artifact was found belonged to a very high-ranking Jewish official who would regularly have to seal and sign important documents, but the fact that it has survived numerous destructive sieges on Jerusalem over the millennia amazes historians.

“Back when, this building had been on prime real estate,” the Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported from an account given by Weksler-Bdolah, who noted that much of the city around it was razed. “It was located on a hill slope facing the First Temple, which legend says was built by King Solomon. Though it was positively monumental – with walls more than five meters in height – the archaeologists believe it was a house, not some sort of administration building or palace. Its plan is typical of houses of the era.”

Since most of Jerusalem was destroyed back in 70 A.D. – when the Jewish people were scattered around the world – many marvel that such an artifact was recovered in the ancient city.

“How exactly was this ancient house preserved in Jerusalem – a city destroyed more than once, where the very stones get repurposed time and again?” Haaretz’s Ruth Schuster posed. “After quelling the Jewish Revolt, destroying Jerusalem (again) and rebuilding it as capital of the province, ‘Aelia Capitolina,’ the ancient Romans paved their famous Cardo road cutting through the city – smack on top of this building. To wit, the Romans efficiently flattened the ground, and when they got to this building, they lowered the walls to the height they found convenient. Then they filled in holes here and there with dirt, and paved the Cardo with stone blocks above it.”

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Israeli Prime Minister Takes Stand for Persecuted Iranian Christians

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he stands with Christians in Iran.

“We stand with you, brothers and sisters,” he said. “The world stands with you.”

The supportive statement comes after Iran’s foreign minister tweeted a “hypocritical” tweet days before Christmas.

“A very happy and peaceful Christmas to all. May Christ’s universal message of peace be embraced in the coming year,” he said.

Netanyahu says, however, that the Christmas greeting is hypocritical because Iran has been ranked as one of the world’s harshest persecutors of Christians.

In Iran, house churches are considered illegal and government security raid the churches regularly. Many of the worshippers and leaders are imprisoned, while bibles are confiscated.

“Imagine praying quietly in your home, surrounded by your family—and all of the sudden, armed thugs burst in and drag you away to prison. They torture you merely for practicing your Christian faith. Welcome to Iran. Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ while jailing Christians in your own country is the height of hypocrisy,” Netanyahu said.

This is not the first time that Netanyahu has brought awareness to the persecution of Christians in Iran.

In October, he told Christian journalists to investigate Iran’s treatment of Christians.

“Profile the brave Christian leaders jailed for practicing their faith. Sit with the families, the school teachers jailed for years merely for converting to Christianity… Call out the lies of President (Hassan) Rouhani, who promised in 2013 that all religions would ‘feel justice’ in Iran while so many Christians live there in constant terror,” he said.

“Some world leaders are willing to ignore this repression and seek to appease Iran, but I am not one of them,” Netanyahu added. “I think that how a country treats religious minorities is a very good indicator of how it will treat its fellow citizens and its neighbors.”


Europe’s Tolerance for Terrorists

Saleh Ali was one of 64,000 Syrian refugees living in the Netherlands. The vast majority, like Ali, are young men. And the largest number of these migrants spend their days idling in Amsterdam.

On Thursday morning, Saleh Ali took a walk to trendy Amstelveenseweg while wearing a keffiyah and waving a terrorist PLO flag. He stopped in front of a Jewish restaurant, shouted “Allahu Akbar” and began smashing the windows. The Amsterdam police stood by and watched quizzically until he was done. Then when he entered the restaurant, they finally called him out and arrested him.

And in two days he was back on the street.

Amsterdam is a very tolerant place. Not just of drugs or prostitution, but of Islamic violence.

Saleh Ali had lied about his past to get his temporary residence permit while claiming to be a refugee. He had combat training and had fought with Jihadists in and out of Syria. He told the police that he had been prepared to die in the attack on the restaurant and that he will continue engaging in violence.

But this information was kept secret until an anonymous source in the police department leaked it. The lawyer for HaCarmel, the restaurant that had been assaulted by the Islamic terrorist, issued a statement expressing outrage that the attacker who had pledged to commit more attacks was back on the street.

“It is incomprehensible and shocking that this man with a terrorist background, who claims to be prepared to commit violence, has been released,” wrote Herman Loonstein, a lawyer and Jewish civil rights activist. He warned that the attacker poses “a serious danger to society.”

And the prosecutor’s office took immediate action by filing a complaint against the restaurant’s lawyer. The Chief Officer of the Public Prosecution Service objected that “sharing of information from the police interrogation report is ’inappropriate’”. It’s inappropriate because it revealed that Saleh Ali should never have been in the Netherlands and that the authorities had stood around watching while a trained terrorist attacked a Jewish restaurant and then let him go even after he vowed to launch further attacks.

image: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/28-BIN-OpEd-Experts-300×2501-300×250.png

While the prosecutors went after the restaurant for exposing the terrorist past of the attacker, the attacker was headed back to court for an appearance before a three-judge panel.

Saleh Ali wore camouflage to court. According to Matthys van Raalten, a conservative commentator, he told the court that, “he feels like a volcano that is waiting to erupt”. He had already informed an officer that “the attack on the kosher restaurant was only the “first step” and that a next step would come.

He refused to discuss what the next step would be.

So, of course, they let him go a second time.

“If we assume that this person is a danger to society, we will not just put this person on the street,” the Public Prosecution Service claimed. But what more could Saleh Ali possibly do to prove he’s a danger to society?

He’s a Jihadist with weapons training who staged a violent attack, expressed a willingness to die during the attack, and promised that he would carry out future attacks, both to the police and the court.

Ali showed off a Koran, threatened violence and so the authorities, as they often do, decided that he might be suffering from psychological problems. And so the court released him for three months while a psychiatrist and a psychologist take turns trying to exonerate him on the grounds of mental illness.

Mental illness is a popular defense for Islamic terrorists in Europe.

A Muslim terrorist stabbed four people at a train station near Munich while screaming, “Allahu Akbar”. He shouted that his victims were all “unbelievers” and, “Infidel, you must die”.

The German authorities blamed mental illness.

In Russia, Gyulchekhra Bobokulova beheaded a 4-year-old girl and displayed her head in the street while shouting, “Allahu Akbar. I hate democracy. I am a terrorist. I want you dead.”

The Russian authorities decided that this could only mean mental illness.

In France, Karim Cheurfi had been investigated for terrorism activities for months. The French police had questioned him about his threats to kill police officers. Finally, he opened fire on police officers in the Champs-Élysées. ISIS claimed credit for the attack. So, of course, his former lawyer claimed that he wasn’t an Islamic terrorist, but suffered from a “psychologically fragile character”.

When Kobili Traore attacked Sarah Halimi, the 66-year-old director of an Orthodox Jewish nursery in Paris, while shouting, “Allahu Akbar”, the police refused to do anything until she was thrown out of a window. The authorities then tried to blame the Muslim killer’s actions on “psychiatric problems.”

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