Israeli Border police stand guard by newly-installed security metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount  in Jerusalem's Old City, on July 16, 2017. (AFP PHOTO / AHMAD GHARABLI)

Islam “cannot exist side by side” with another religion [because] “within Islam there is only the concept of one religion being dominant over the other.” -Dr. Mordechai Kedar

(Israel)—[] The Israeli government reopened the Temple Mount complex to Muslims and members of other faiths Sunday with strict new security measures, in the wake of last Friday’s attack near the flashpoint holy site, in which Arab terrorists killed two Israeli Druze police officers. (Photo: Israeli security officers stand near a newly installed metal detector (left) at one of the entrance gates to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem/Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90/via

Israeli defense experts who specialize in understanding radical Islamic culture stress that such attacks are likely to occur again.

“For many years, there has been the motivation to create an apocalypse between Islam and Judaism on the basis of the Al-Aqsa mosque (the name of the mosque on the Temple Mount plaza). Sheikh Raed Salah (the head of the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel) is very bold in using this argument day and night,” Reuven Berko, a former colonel in the Israel Police and former adviser on Arab affairs for the Jerusalem Police Department, told

Islamic leaders have called on Muslims “to reject and boycott all the Israeli aggression measures,” claiming the changes violate a long-held status quo between the Islamic Waqf, which administers the site itself, and Israel, which controls access to the Temple Mount.

After metal detectors were installed at the entrance gates to the Temple Mount, Sheikh Omar Kiswani, director of the Al-Aqsa mosque, told Israeli media, “We reject the changes imposed by the Israeli government. We will not enter through these metal detectors.”

Unholy act at a holy site?
“Radical Muslims do not give a d–n about the fact that a site is holy—even to themselves.  They have a long track record of using holy sites of all faiths as arenas to promote their radical agenda, across the Middle East,” Berko said.

Berko suggested that future incidents on the Temple Mount are likely due to ongoing “incitement and the circumstances which support and encourage using weapons, killing innocent people and creating chaos.” He noted that the terrorists, who came from the Israeli Arab town of Umm al-Fahm, were incited by radicals like Salah, who are affiliated with Hamas and were “raised on the same petri dish” as the global movement of Islamic State and other Muslim terror groups.

There have been numerous cases of weapons stockpiling on the Temple Mount in recent years, with multiple incidents of stone-throwing and firebombing. Last Friday’s attack was the first major incident in recent years involving automatic weapons.

“Many times within the Al-Aqsa mosque, we discovered several hiding places, stockpiled with means to kill,” Berko said, referring to his time with the Israel Police.

According to Dr. Mordechai Kedar—a researcher at Bar-Ilan University’s Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies and a leading scholar on Arab culture, who served for 25 years within the IDF’s military intelligence units—the Temple Mount has long been a source of radical Islamic incitement against Israel and the U.S.

“There are hundreds of recordings of sermons from the Temple Mount, replete with violence, replete with incitement against the Jews, against Israel. And unfortunately, Israel just lets it go,” Kedar told

Kedar said the violence stems “from an ideological imperative to prevent Israeli sovereignty,” noting that in Muslim doctrine, Islam “cannot exist side by side” with another religion, and that “within Islam there is only the concept of one religion being dominant over the other.” (Photo: Muslim worshippers stage a prayer protest outside the Temple Mount compound against metal detectors that were set up at the entrance to the holy site after a terror attack two days prior/credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90/via Times of Israel)

“Muslims do not want Jews in the land of Israel, especially in Jerusalem, and particularly on the Temple Mount. Islam, as a religion, cannot accept a Jewish state. They view Judaism as a threat [to] Islam,” said Kedar, adding that while murderous acts are considered unholy to Jews and Westerners, acts of martyrdom can be considered holy in Islamic culture.

Determination to prevent future attacks
Understanding Islamic culture and using it to develop sound policies is a key to preventing further violence, according to both Berko and Kedar.

“They are violent, but if they face an iron wall, they will retreat—once they understand that they cannot defeat us,” Kedar said. “And this is now left for the state of Israel, to decide whether Israel will succumb to the dictates of Islam, or not. The more determined Israel is in this regard, the better the chances that this round of violence will be short, and on low gear.”

For more than a decade, worshippers or tourists wishing to visit the adjacent Western Wall—a site revered by Jews in absence of full permission to enter and pray on the Temple Mount—have been forced to pass through metal detectors, despite the fact that there have been no recently recorded incidents of Jews seeking to commit acts of terror at the site. Now these same measures are being installed on the Temple Mount, where tens of thousands of Arabs can gather to pray on Fridays and during the month of Ramadan.

Berko noted that recommendations for stricter security measures at the Temple Mount were presented in 2014, “but they were not implemented.” He stressed the sensitivities Israel must contend with when dealing with Jordan, which controls the Islamic Waqf; the Palestinians, many of whom are employed by the Waqf; and Muslims who pray on the site.

Muslims with a stake in the issue object to the stricter security measure, Berko said, “because they are afraid. They view this move not as a step to protect their own prayers, or to protect the mosque, but rather they treat it as an attempt by Israel to control Al-Aqsa.”

In addition to the new metal detectors, Berko said Israel must strengthen the powers of police around the Temple Mount, improve surveillance, and strengthen coordination between the police and the Shin Bet security agency to gather better intelligence on attacks before they occur.

“The only ones that can prevent Al-Aqsa from turning into a base for terror operations,” he said, “are the Israeli police.”

Archaeologists Find Clues in Search for Ark of the Covenant

Archaeologists Find Clues in Search for Ark of the Covenant

Archaeologists at a site in Israel’s West Bank say the success of their search for the Ark of the Covenant looks promising.

According to The Christian Post, the archaeologists are searching for the ancient Ark of the Covenant at Shiloh. Their search has turned up clues that are helping them determine whether they are in the right location to uncover the Ark.

Shiloh is mentioned in the Bible as the site where the Tabernacle, with the Ark placed inside in the Holy of Holies, was located.

An article in the Times of Israel notes that the discoveries archaeologists have made thus far are “already encouraging,” but are yet not “remotely definitive.”

Archaeologists have already uncovered objects that are believed to have been displayed in the ancient Israelite Tabernacle. These objects include pottery jugs and a goblet used in worship.

“There are some who say the Bible is unreliable. We have found it to be very reliable. We’re taking the Bible as a serious historical document.”

“A sense of awe came upon me as I contemplated how God had set before us an open door at Shiloh which will have a direct impact on how people read their Bibles in the future,” continued Stripling.

Jews Return to Temple Mount

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Proving once again that the “status quo” on the Temple Mount can and should be changed, police allowed a group of Jews up onto the Temple Mount on Monday morning, for the first time since the Islamic terror attack on Friday in which two Israeli policemen were murdered by Israeli-Arab terrorists.

What made this visit so unique is that for the first time in years, there were no Waqf officials and no paid Islamic Mourabitoun (m) and Mourabitat (f) provocateurs tracking, following and harassing the Jewish visitors to the holy site, as is normally the case.

There were no screams of “Allahu Ahkbar” and the police weren’t afraid of Arab riots, violence or trouble. The police were also unconcerned with what the Jews said during their visit.

Arnon Segal, a Makor Rishon reporter and Temple Mount activist wrote on his Facebook page, “We’re back, thank God. With more Jews on the Mountain, freedom of worship and service to God, tomorrow our smile will be even more beautiful.”

Waqf officials, some of whom the police suspect may have assisted the terrorists, are refusing to enter the Temple Mount after the police installed metal detectors at the entrances.

Already a change for the better.


Anti-Israel bias in the textbooks used by many American high schools may be to blame for the decrease in sympathy for Israel among young adults. (Photo: an Anti-Israel protest on campus/via In Focus)

According to the Brand Israel Group, only 54 percent of U.S. college students lean more toward Israel than the Palestinians, down from 73 percent in 2010. The decrease was even sharper among Jewish college students, dropping from 84 percent to 57 percent.

“The problem starts in high school,” Dr. Sandra Alfonsi, founder of Hadassah’s “Curriculum Watch” division, told “There’s no doubt the lack of sympathy for Israel on college campuses today is at least partly the result of several generations of teenagers being educated with textbooks that are slanted against Israel.”

‘Unabashed propagandizing’
One of the most controversial texts used in high schools around the country is the “Arab World Studies Notebook,” a 540-page volume authored by Audrey Parks Shabbas. She heads Arab World and Islamic Resources and School Services, a curriculum publisher that seeks to promote a positive image of Arabs and Muslims in U.S. schools.

After parents in Anchorage, Alaska, complained to their local board of education in 2004 about the book’s slant against Israel, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) prepared a 30-page analysis of the Notebook. The AJC found it to be riddled with “overt bias and unabashed propagandizing,” such as depicting Israel as the aggressor in every Arab-Israeli war and praising Muslim conquerors throughout the ages for their “gentle treatment of civilian populations.”

As a result, the Anchorage Board of Education removed the Notebook from the local high school curriculum. School authorities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have also withdrawn the text.

Shabbas has claimed the Notebook has been distributed to more than 10,000 teachers, and “if each notebook teaches 250 students a year over 10 years, then you’ve reached 25 million students.”

“The most important statistic is the number of workshops that Shabbas has given to instruct teachers in how to use the book,” Curriculum Watch’s Alfonsi said. “She has conducted hundreds of such three-day teacher-training sessions.” Shabbas’s website names 211 schools where she ran teacher workshops from 2000-2006. Other years are not listed.

Shabbas did not respond to requests for comment from

Dispute in Massachusetts
The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) recently published a 108-page monograph, “Indoctrinating Our Youth,” which describes how high schools in the Boston suburb of Newton have been using biased texts such as the Arab World Studies Notebook and inviting anti-Israel speakers to address their students.

The controversy began in 2011, when a Newton South High School parent complained about a passage from the Notebook accusing Israel of torturing and murdering hundreds of Palestinian women. Other parents soon joined the protests. Matt Hills, vice chair of the Newton School Committee, dismissed the critics as “McCarthyesque.”

In early 2012, Newton Superintendent of Schools David Fleishman said the Notebook had been removed from the curriculum because it was “outdated.” But an investigation by Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT), a Boston-based activist group, found that the Notebook was still being used in Newton as late as the 2013-2014 school year.

The dispute has been complicated by the refusal of Newton school authorities to identify which Israel-related materials were being used by teachers. Many school districts around the country list their curriculum materials on their websites. APT President Charles Jacobs told his group “will continue to build support for a policy of transparency, so that parents and citizens can know what is being taught to Newton’s students.”

In response to a request for copies of the materials, Fleishman said the requester would need to pay $3,643 to cover photocopying expenses. Eventually, a Freedom of Information request filed by community activists forced the release of some of the materials.

Newton Mayor Setti Warren, a member of the nine-person School Committee, attended committee meetings on the textbooks issue but did not actively participate in the discussions, according to community members. The mayor, who is now a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Massachusetts governor, did not respond to requests for comment from

Several mainstream Jewish organizations in Boston, including the local chapter of the Anti-Defamation League, initially denied that biased materials were being used in the schools. They also criticized APT for organizing protests against the Newton school authorities. Later, the New England ADL changed its position, agreeing that the Arab World Studies Notebook and another anti-Israel text, “A Muslim Primer,” should not have been used in schools.

The CAMERA monograph reports that as a result of the controversy, “there has been some change in the selection of materials” by Newton officials and “more careful vetting of them.” Yet some of the supplemental materials that Newton teachers use “continue to favor fringe perspectives,” according to the study.(Image credit:

Steven Stotsky, the monograph’s author, told the situation “remains unresolved,” pointing out that Newton North High School hosted another anti-Israel speaker in June. Since no curriculum materials have been shown to the parents since 2015, “we don’t know” if any of the anti-Israel books are still being used, Stotsky said.

Controversies around the country
Other texts have been at the center of similar controversies elsewhere around the U.S. in recent years.

Parents in Tennessee’s Williamson County complained to school authorities in 2013 over a textbook called “The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography.” In a section on the reasons for the rise of terrorism, the book asks: “If a Palestinian suicide bomber kills several dozen Israeli teenagers in a Jerusalem restaurant, is that an act of terrorism or wartime retaliation against Israeli government policies and army actions?”

The protests, which were led by Christian pro-Israel activist Laurie Cardoza-Moore and supported by the Jewish Federation of Nashville, prompted the Tennessee state legislature to take steps to ensure greater parental involvement in the selection of textbooks.

Further, the book’s publisher, Pearson Education, removed the suicide bomber passage from subsequent editions. But Cardoza-Moore told her campaign was “only a partial victory, because ‘The Cultural Landscape’ contains other biased statements about Israel that were not removed.”

In Georgia’s Sumter County, Campbell Middle School parent Hal Medlin complained in 2011 about a class assignment featuring a fictitious letter from a Saudi woman who defended Islamic sharia law and her husband’s polygamy, on the grounds that she was being “cared for” by her husband. Conservative activist Pamela Geller, who joined the protests against the Campbell Middle School assignment, told the letter was “an outrageous whitewash of the subjugation of women by Islam.”

The curriculum unit also included a document in which a pro-Palestinian activist suggested terrorist attacks against Israeli Jews are “understandable.”

In neighboring Henry County, school authorities responded to complaints about the text by withdrawing it from the curriculum. Sumter County officials took no such action, but Sharon Coletti—president of the InspirEd curriculum developer, which had prepared the controversial materials for Georgia public schools—told that “the topics of women’s rights and the West Bank have largely been dropped [from statewide curricula], so we removed” the texts.

Parents at a high school in Pittsburgh complained to Curriculum Watch’s Alfonsi in 2007 about a teacher’s use of “Habibi,” a young adult novel by Naomi Shihab Nye. Alfonsi found that the book has a “strongly pro-Palestinian slant, including extreme accusations about ‘Israeli oppression.'” The fact that it was being used in an Advancement Placement English class “meant that it was indoctrinating some of the brightest kids in the school,” she said. As a result of Alfonsi’s discussions with school officials, “Habibi” was dropped from the class’s curriculum.

“The problem is that for every school that removes an anti-Israel text, there are a hundred more that are continuing to use it,” Alfonsi said, adding, “When I began this work 20 years ago, we were reviewing curriculum materials used for the 6th to 12th grades. Now we are seeing anti-Israel in bias in texts going all the way down to the 4th grade. I’m concerned that many in the Jewish community still do not recognize how serious this problem is.”

Mennonite Church USA Votes to Boycott Israel

The Mennonite Church USA voted Thursday to divest itself from any financial holdings with companies profiting from Israel’s “occupation.”

divestment resolution, which received 98 percent support among the 550 delegates at the church’s national convention in Orlando, Florida, says the Protestant sect “opposes the Israeli military occupation while taking a stand against anti-Semitism and affirming the need to build stronger relationships with Jewish communities.”

The resolution asks the church’s $3 billion financial agency, Everence, to “review investment practices for the purpose of withdrawing investments from companies that are profiting from the occupation.” It also calls on individual adherents of the Mennonite denomination to review their investments.

The economic impact is expected to be minimal.

Mennonites had rejected a divestment proposal at their last national meeting two years ago amid fears that the resolution would be considered anti-Jewish. In addition to opposing anti-Semitism, the statement adopted Thursday endorses a review of the Mennonite response to the Holocaust.

Drawing its roots from the Radical Reformation of the 16th century in Germany and Switzerland, Mennonite Church USA was formed as a result of the 2002 merger between the Mennonite Church and the General Conference Mennonite Church.

Like other mainline Protestant movements, Mennonite Church USA has suffered substantial membership declines in recent decades. Its stated membership was just 75,000 in 2016.

Earlier this month, another mainline Protestant church, the United Church of Christ, overwhelmingly approved a resolution condemning Israel for its alleged treatment of Palestinian children.

Thousands Flock to Holy City for 9th Annual Jerusalem Light Festival

And unto his son will I give one tribe, that David My servant may have a lamp alway before Me in Yerushalayim, the city which I have chosen Me to put My name there.” I Kings 11:36 (The Israel Bible™)

From Wednesday, June 28 to Thursday, July 6, the public was treated to the 9th Annual Jerusalem Light Festival, an extraordinary and magical event which brings together the rich atmosphere of Jerusalem with experimental light-based art.

Managed and produced by the Ariel Municipal Company, the festival, organized by the Jerusalem Development Authority in collaboration with the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage and the Municipality of Jerusalem, marked the 50th anniversary of the city’s reunification. It was fitting, then, that thousands of individuals young and old, from near and far, flocked to Jerusalem to commemorate the occasion and witness the spectacular sights and sounds.

The Hurva Synagogue is all lit up during the 9th annual Light Festival in Jerusalem. (Photo: Miriam Feyga Bunimovich/TPS)

Consisting of approximately 40 exhibits constructed by artists hailing from around the globe, the Light Festival is renowned for sheer ambition: No two works of art are exactly alike, each providing its own distinctive “wow” factor that spectators can delight in.

For example, “Solaris” is a mapping projection devised by Polish art company Visualsupport. Located in Hurva Square, in the Jewish Quarter, it utilizes the history and architecture of the Hurva Synagogue to full effect, telling a breathtaking story to illustrate how time impacts the building through sound, patterns and colors.

Israel’s own spectacle, “The Tribe”, is a dance show involving characters who literally play with fire. Located at HaTsanchanim Road, this death-defying act brought to life by Lital Natanzon wowed audiences with fire dancing so kinetic and spellbinding that those who see it are unable to take their eyes off it.

Because the Jerusalem Light Festival took place when it did, attracting tourists was never an issue. Mordecai Holtz, Press and Events Coordinator for the Jerusalem Development Authority, not only praised the festival as a “great opportunity to really bring the various cultures of Jerusalem together” but noted the advantage of its date, the summer “specifically because people are on vacation-mode”.

Families gather at one of the exhibits in the Jerusalem Light Festival (Photo: Miriam Feyga Bunimovich/TPS)

Overall, the Festival was a rousing success, fulfilling Holtz’s goal of “bringing together different people of all ages coming to the Old City and bringing out the positivity and a sense that everyone should live together”.

No doubt  the Festival will return, as magical as it was last week, next year in Jerusalem.

Terrorist Elected Mayor of Hebron Gloats Over Role He Played in Murdering Jews

“Woe to them that devise iniquity and work evil upon their beds! When the morning is light they execute it because it is in the power of their hand.” Micah 2:1 (The Israel Bible™)

A video showing the newly elected Arab mayor of Hebron Tayseer Abu Sneineh boasting about murdering Jews to his constituents was released on social media last week, just two days before UNESCO voted to exclusively recognize the Muslim history of the city while simultaneously designating it a world heritage site.

Abu Sneineh ran his successful campaign just a few months ago based on his past merits: in 1993, he was elected to the to the Waqf (the Muslim authority) which administers the mosque in the Cave of the Patriarchs. He is also member of the Fatah party, formerly known as the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), headed by Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas. But the accomplishment of which he spoke most proudly throughout his campaign was spilling Jewish blood with his own hands in the streets of Hebron, the city he now runs.

In May 1980, after careful planning, Abu Sneinah and three others attacked a group of Jews returning from Friday night prayer. Using automatic weapons and hand grenades, the terrorists murdered six Jews and injured 20 in the most deadly terror attack since the 1967 war. The victims were young yeshiva (Bible school) students, two of them Americans and one Canadian. The four terrorists were sentenced to life imprisonment, but were released in the early 1980’s in a prisoner exchange deal.

With no pretense of remorse, Abu Sneinah boasted to his constituents about his role in the murders as seen in a video just released last week which showed Abu Sneinah speaking to a group of Hebron Arab residents, describing how he and his cohorts waited in order to kill the most Jews.


“We looked for a large group of settlers so that there would be a big political response. We found this place and started deciding when we would carry out the operation. We chose the moment when Mustafa Khalil, prime minister of Egypt, would be holding political discussions in Herzliya. We decided that the terrorist attack would be carried out that night. We followed them and planned the attack for eight months. There were days when there were a lot of settlers, and others when there were less. I told my friends [other members of the terrorist group] that if there were less than 50 we would wait for the following week. We climbed down the steps: 100 or 50 meters… At this point, we threw four bombs on them. We shot at the first target and exchanged our ammunition with a machine gun and decided that we should conserve the ammunition. We were very enthusiastic… We had made our presence felt.”

Abu Sneinah was elected on May 14. As if coming as a Divine reminder, the election fell on the Hebrew date 17th of Iyyar, exactly 37 years after the murders.

It is interesting to note that the video was released on social media two days before the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCOvoted to name Hebron an endangered World Heritage Site located in and belonging solely to Palestine. Their vote included a detailed description of Islam’s connection to the city while entirely ignoring 3,000 years of Jewish connection to the site, or the detailed account Bible of the Patriarch Abraham purchasing the Machpelah (the double cave) that is the focus of the holy city.


“We are all worried by the manifestation of hatred against Jews and Israel by a minority in Europe who are becoming more vocal and aggressive. So we felt this would be a fun and novel way to express support for God’s chosen people. The route winds along the beautiful mountainsides of North Wales which have been an area where regular prayer for Israel has been carried out over the past 20 years.” -Pastor Mike Fryer

(Wales)—[Israel Today] An eight-kilometer run along a beautiful Welsh mountain range is being staged as a demonstration of support for Israel. (Photo: a view of the lake beside the town of Bala, on the edge of the Snowdonia range in North Wales/credit: Charles Gardner/via Israel Today)

Organized by the Father’s House Congregation in North Wales, the five-mile trail will take place on Sunday August 6th, and an Israeli flag will be hoisted on the mountain as part of the event.

The exact location is being withheld for security reasons, but participants who have registered an interest will be informed nearer the time.

Sponsors are encouraged to back competitors with a view to benefiting various organizations in the Holy Land. And a walk along an alternative shorter route will also be available for those with less stamina.

The event is being held as part of a weekend gathering at Father’s House—in Shotton, Deeside—including prayer, worship and teaching.

This extraordinary show of support for Israel comes in response to the persistent rise in anti-Semitism here in Britain along with the obvious ongoing political and military threats faced by the Jewish state.

“We are all worried by the manifestation of hatred against Jews and Israel by a minority in Europe who are becoming more vocal and aggressive,” explained Father’s House pastor Mike Fryer. “So we felt this would be a fun and novel way to express support for God’s chosen people. The route winds along the beautiful mountainsides of North Wales which have been an area where regular prayer for Israel has been carried out over the past 20 years.

“We are hoping to welcome folk from as many areas of the UK as possible, and even from other countries, to join us in this expression of love. We want to make it very clear how much support Israel really does have here in the nations.” [For more details, call Mike on +44 (0)1244 823378]

Wales has in the past blessed the nations through awesome revivals of Christianity whose influence has spread throughout the globe.

In the midst of one of those Holy Spirit outpourings, at the turn of the 19th century, a 15-year-old girl called Mary Jones, having saved up for six long years so she could afford to buy a (Welsh) Bible, trekked 26 miles across perilous mountain tracks in order to make her precious purchase.

Inspired by her endeavors, Rev Thomas Charles and his colleagues founded the British and Foreign Bible Society (now known simply as Bible Society), which has since printed and distributed millions of Bibles in hundreds of languages throughout the world!

Clearly, Welsh people have placed a great value on God’s Word over the centuries—so it is not surprising that Christians among them should express such love for the God of Israel, and the people to whom he has promised “everlasting love.” (Jeremiah 31.3)

Meanwhile a grim picture of the predicament of UK Jews has been presented in a recent Jerusalem Post article by Isi Leibler.

Calling on them to seriously consider making aliyah in light of the surge of support for Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn—a ‘friend of Hamas’—he says the threat to their well-being and safety may be worse than at any time since 1656, when Jews returned to the country following their expulsion in 1290.

He said the “indifference of a substantial proportion of the electorate who voted for an overtly anti-Semitic leader must surely switch on a clear red light for British Jews.”

He added: “The anti-Israel rhetoric has reached unprecedented levels both in street demonstrations and at the universities, where many Jewish students seek to disguise their Jewish identity and in some cases even display hostility to Israel to curry favor.”

It is indeed a shocking thing to consider that, despite nearly 70 years of sovereignty and thousands of years of being connected to the Holy Land, Israel is still trying to ‘prove’ its right to exist there.

Archaeologists Discover Road on Which Jesus Walked From Pool of Siloam to Temple

They also found evidences of the battle between the Roman forces and the Jewish rebels, which resulted in the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.
Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists have unearthed a road running from Jerusalem’s gates and the Pool of Siloam to the Temple. “Jesus would have walked on this newly excavated road to the Temple Mount”, said Moran Hagbi, one of the directors of the excavation. The archaeologists also discovered evidence of the last battle between Roman forces and Jewish rebels which resulted in the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70.   “IT SHEDS NEW LIGHT ON THE HISTORY OF JERUSALEM” The section of the road that has been exposed is 100 meters long by 7.5 meters wide, and paved with large stone slabs as was customary with construction throughout the Roman Empire.   Shai Halevy in the road discovered. / Israel Antiquities Authority “Recent research indicates that the street was built after Herod’s reign, under the auspices of the Roman procurators of Jerusalem, and perhaps even during the tenure of the Roman governor Pontius Pilate, who is also known for having sentenced Jesus to death by crucifixion”, the Antiquities Authority pointed out. They believe that “this conclusion sheds new light on the history of Jerusalem in the late Second Temple period, and reinforces recognition of the importance of the Roman procurators’ rule in shaping the character of Jerusalem.”   THE BATTLE FOR JERUSALEM The excavation, which has been ongoing for several years, has discovered well-preserved arrowheads and stone ballista balls, in the main road through the city to the Temple Mount. “These finds tell the story of the last battle between the Roman forces and the Jewish rebels who had barricaded themselves in the city, a battle that resulted in the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple”, the Antiquities Authority said.   The ballista stones. / Israel Antiquities Authority “There is evidence of the battle. Projectiles that were fired with catapult against the city, arrows aimed at the Romans and the Jewish rebels”, Hagbi explained.   A WAY TO ESCAPE They have also found a drainage channel of the pond that could have been an escape route. “The fight was happening here in the street and next to the drainage channel that is below us, and people fled there. Some of them went to Masada”, the excavation director concluded. As the excavation progresses toward the Temple Mount, archaeologists expected to discover new findings from the Jerusalem that Jesus toured two thousand years ago.

Vizhnitz Girls’ School in London Fails Three Inspections for Refusing to Teach LGBT Issues

The Vizhnitz girls’ school in north London, catering to 212 students, has failed three inspections conducted by the UK’s Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted), on the grounds it did not meet requirements set out in the Equalities Act. Ofsted reported that students were “shielded from learning about certain differences between people, such as sexual orientation,” The Telegraph reported on Sunday.

Vizhnitz is a Hasidic dynasty founded by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Hager of Vyzhnytsia, a town in present-day Ukraine (which back then was in Austrian Bukovina). As a matter of course, Vizhnitz devotes little or no time to learning about sexual orientation, other than those well known verses in Leviticus that frown on guys behaving like girls.

According to The Telegraph, Inspectors visiting the Vizhnitz Girls School last month said the Orthodox school does not give its students “a full understanding of fundamental British values.” It turns out that the students were not being taught about LGBT issues such as “sexual orientation,” which puts the school in breach of the equality laws.

“This restricts pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and does not promote equality of opportunity in ways that take account of differing lifestyles,” the Ofsted inspectors reported, pointing out that the students are being “shielded from learning about certain differences between people, such as sexual orientation.” As a result, “pupils have a limited understanding of the different lifestyles and partnerships that individuals may choose in present-day society.”

At the same time, the inspectors also noted that “the school’s culture is, however, clearly focused on teaching pupils to respect everybody, regardless of beliefs and lifestyle.”

Ofsted argues that while UK schools are not expected to “promote” ideas about sexual orientation, they are expected to “encourage pupils’ respect for other people, paying particular regard to the protected characteristics set out in the 2010 Equalities Act.”

The Equality Act 2010 requires equal treatment in access to employment as well as private and public services, regardless of the protected characteristics of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.

In other words, in its citing of the Vizhnitz girls’ school, Ofsted chose to overlook the protection of their religion or belief under the Equality Act 2010, in favor of the sexual orientation clause. Someone should tell the Queen.

Or, as Gill Robins of the Christians in Education group put it: “All equalities are equal but some equalities are more equal than others. Ofsted has revealed its true agenda. It doesn’t matter how good your school is in all other respects – simply refusing to teach very young children about gender reassignment will lead to your closure.”

Yes, we didn’t mention that part: should you see this as yet another quirky Brits story, you may wish to consider that UK private schools which fail to meet Ofsted’s requirements for “spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils” face closure.