Ex-Witch: I Have Seen Lucifer In the Christian Church

Beth Eckert

An ex-witch who came out of occult, satanic ritual abuse and more says she had an encounter with Lucifer in the Christian church.

“This time, I just want to dig into things I’ve personally witnessed and experienced over the last couple of years as I’ve been navigating of learning this corruption in the Christian church,” Beth Eckert says in a new video.

“[I’ve been] learning about this already-established, antichrist, New-Age indoctrination and movement that’s already infiltrated the Christian church,” she says.

Watch the video to see more.

(Editor’s Note) In my book Guns to the Gospel, I point out how I had to fight many battles that involved people that were used by Satan to destroy the church. One person can tear down a church in one day what took many years to build. You will be able to purchase on Amazon my book by next week. 

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