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Established Trinity Vs Apostolic Trinity in Pictures

How to find the will of God for Your life

How to pray in a time of Crisis

Try the Spirit

An Inconsiderate People

“Windows Open towards Jerusalem”

How to Grow

Why Jerusalem (A City) Went To Hell

The Christian’s Greatest Need

The Unsparing God

No Remedy

The Woman Who Wouldn’t Leave the Men Alone

The Beauty   of A Christian Home

Are You There?

The Many Faces of Sin

Our Heavenly Father’s chastening

The Heavenly Jerusalem

Things God Has Obligated Himself To Do

If the Foundation be destroyed

A sin unto Death

Giants in our Lives

Has the Lord Accepted You?

Are you prepared?

Then He passed by

Sons of God

Standards a blessing or a curse

A Perfect Church


Only the Sons of God will inherit the Kingdom of God

The Saga of the Birthright

You can’t sin and have Eden too

The Ministry of being let down

Have you climbed the Jesus Tree

5 Errors in the Bible

Signs of our times

Why God has not answered our Prayer

Living a Wholesome Christian Life

Joy of the Lord is my Strength

One thing in Heaven made by Man

Why should one Tithe

The Devil made her do it

His Day had come

The Anchor of God

The Man who missed Church

The Disciple who never called Jesus Lord

Victory shall be mine

I didn’t have Time

How to find God’s will for your life

Don’t be deceived

What the devil wants me to do?

How to be a good Christian

The seven feasts of Jehovah

The seven wonders of all time

Good qualities of Christ’s sheep

Days which were before

Under God’s shelter

When Impossible Things become possible

Thirst come drink

The Necessity for the Cross

Teach us to Pray

How to kill a Church without trying

The eye of Faith

There is nothing too hard for thee Lord

Some things Jesus would not do

How God’s love affects you

Some things God has obligated Himself to do

Eight sins that Damn

How to prepare for Revival

Paul the Master Preacher

Jesus signed my pardon



Who dares wins

For such a time as this

Are you a Miracle about to happen

Stay in the Ship

There is a Balm in Gilead

Can you lose your Son Ship?

Devil’s Lion Den

O Death where is thy sting?

Eternity is nearer than you think

Professor or Possessor

One Moment with the King

Buy the Truth and sell it not

What do you have in your hand?Where art thou?

Are you a Church Builder or a Church Killer

Into His wonderful Path

The Almost unforgivable sin?

The Revelation of our Unseen Unpronounceable God

Samuel hears voice of God

You won’t like our church?

Have you sold your Birthright?

One moment in Time — Here to Eternity

9/11 Poem

By George Duke

Twas not day nor was it light

When she arose from the night

Would not be much more than an hour

That she would be at work in the tower

She got on her knees to pray as she knelt on the floor

Not just a sentence but a whole lot more

She prayed for her kids, her nation and kin

Not knowing that day of those horrible men

Who despised the life of others and their own

Thinking in their minds to their god they’d be known

So after her coffee and a roll

She left the house for the stroll

Up the lane and down the street

Smiling to all that she did meet

Twas not long fore she entered the door

Took the Elevator to the 73rd floor

Greeting co-workers as she took her seat

Picked up some fallen papers at her feet

Looking out the window suddenly she cried alas

As the plane came crashing through the glass

Now Satan their god was ever so pleased and laughed and shouted in glee

For that morning his followers had bowed to him on their knee

Twas Tuesday Sept 11th of that horrible day

When children in school were not allowed to pray

The pledge of allegiance was all they could speak

Before sitting at their desks with a squeak

But school was not out on that solemn day

When rules were broken as they sobbed and did pray

In school that day they prayed for those that did die

They cried to the God that was way up in the sky

Jesus our God looked down from above

Heard the cry of the people that he did love

He reached down his hands to the WTC

And took his children of that you can see

Many a person will never be found

Among the rubble that fell to the ground

Some there were not known and of little fame

But our Jesus knew them all by their Name

His promise is still true

For one day out of the blue

Jesus will come and above we will go

And we will be able to tell the world I told you so

The prodigal son  Poem by George Duke

In the beginning he was doing just fine

Then he left home & his Father behind

For days he enjoyed riotous living

Serving the devil with all of his being

One day he had plenty of time and wealth

The next day he was starving to death

It was at this time he begin to think

In my Fathers house there is plenty of food and drink

So he returned to his home ready to plead

All because he had such a dire need

He found his Father was quick to forgive

But the brother complained and condemned

We all at some time are like the prodigal son

Enjoying Worldly pleasure and having fun

So take it from me and you will plainly see

It’s in his house you need to be

So the father offered mercy and grace

And allowed him back in his place

But the brother did not want him back

He was not concerned with his lack

Today you may feel that very same need

To return to the heavenly Father and plead

For his forgiveness you will surely find




TEXT: Rom. 12: 1-2

INTRODUCTION: How can a Christian know God’s will in his life? Every Christian should be keenly interested in knowing God’s will for his life  Whether one is seeking guidance as to a momentary problem or as to a life career, there are five steps to be followed. These may be summarized as follows: YIELD, CONFESS, PRAY, STUDY, WAIT.

  1. YIELD. To yield is to present oneself to the Lord. It means to lay aside personal hopes, ambitions and desires. It means to want His way su­premely. Paul yielded when he asked, “What wilt thou have me to do?”
  2. CONFESS. If we want to be in the center of His will, we must confess and forsake any secret sins which we cherish. Remember the words of the Psalmist, “If I regarc iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me (Psalm 66: 18).
  3. PRAY. This simply means that we must come before the Lord regularly, asking Him to do as He has said.
  4. STUDY. Spend much time in the Word of God. Read it while you are on your knees, asking God to speak to you through it.
  5. WAlT. If God does not answer immediately, wait (Psalm 62: 6). If

you have prayed for direction and no answer comes, then God’s guid­

ance is for you to stay where you are.

  1. GUIDANCE THROUGH THE BIBLE. God often uses verses of Scrip­ture to guide us to take a certain definite course of action. A verse that you had never noticed before may take on new meaning because it tells you what to do at the vcry time when you were praying for direction (Psalm 119: 105 )
  2. GUIDANCE THROUGH CHRISTIANS. It is sometimes helpful to seek the advice of mature, spiritual Christians. Their experience and counsel can often save a younger person from serious pitfalls. Hebrews 13:7, 17).

III. GUIDANCE THROUGH CIRCUMSTANCES. Since God controls the entire universe, He can ind often does plan the circumstances of our lives to reveal His will.


The Spirit of God can influence our convictions, our desires or our inclinations in such a way as to make God’s will clear. In such cases, the guidance is so ob­vious that to refuse it would be the same as disobedience (Acts 11: 12; 16:6, 7).



























TEXT: Daniel 2: 14-23 and 46-49

INTRODUCTION: The opening verses of the second chapter of Daniel cer­tainly reveal to us the fact that Daniel faced a great crisis at this time. Perhaps you are facing a crisis now. What should you do about it? The answer is: Do what Daniel did – pray. Daniel 2: 14-23, and see how to pray in a time of crisis.


Why did Daniel ask the king for “time”? Because he wanted time to

pray. Immediately he was faced with the problem he set aside time for

prayer. Now, if you are facing a time of crisis the first thing you should do is to set aside a definite time in order to seek the face of God and place the matter that is perplexing you into His hands for solution.


Verse 17 tells us that “Daniel went to his house.” Why did he do this?

Daniel 6: 10 tells us. In his house he had a place of prayer, a special

room where the windows were open towards Jerusalem. Do you have a place of prayer?


Daniel could have prayed alone about his great need, as he did in Daniel 6: 10. But Daniel sought the prayer fellowship of his three companions, as verse 17 tells us.


Verse 18 tells us that these four young men prayed “concerning this

secret.” If you go through your Bible you underline all the occasions of prayer that are recorded there you wil! notice over and over again that the praying was definite.


In Verse 18 we are told that Daniel and his friends prayed “that Daniel

and his fellows should not perish with the rest of the wise men of Baby­lon.” Prayer with the wrong motive cannot prevail. James 4:3.


That is to say, when you pray, pray in faith. The incident before us

clearly shows that Daniel had implicit trust in God that He could hear

and answer prayer. One reason why our prayers do not prevail is because of our unbelief. James 1 :5-7.


Look at verses 19-23 and notice the kind of answer that God gave.
























TEXT: I John 4: 1

INTRODUCTION: The scriptures speak of the “spirit of man” and the

“spirit of beast,” there are also many other KINDS of spirits spoken of

in thte Bible. Notice:

  1. THE “GOOD.”
  2. Nathanael had a “clean” spirit, Jo. 1:47
  3. A “broken” spirit is usually good, Ps. 5 I : 17
  4. A “faithful” spirit is good, Provo 11: 13
  5. Good spirits cannot always be detected by “outward” appearance,

I Sam. 16: 7

  1. We need the GIFT – “discerning of spirits,” I Cor. 12: 10; Provo


  1. THE “EVIL.”
  2. Christ speaks of:
  3. “Unclean Spirits,” Matt. 10:1; 12:43
  4. “Devil-spirits,” 8: 16; 12:28
  5. “Wicked spirits,” 12:45
  6. “Dumb Spirits,” Mark 9: 17
  7. Tattlers need this kind.
  8. “Foul spirits,” 9 :25
  9. “Evil spirits,” Lu, 7:21; 8:2
  10. “Spirit of infirmity,” 13: 1 I

III. OTHER KINDS. 1. Paul refers to the spirit of:

  1. “Devination” – fortune telling, Acts 16: 16
  2. “Bondage,” Rom. 8: 15
  3. “Slumber,” 11:8
  4. “The world,” I Cor. 2: 12
  5. “Disobedience,” Eph. 2:2
  6. “Seducing,” I Tim. 4: I
  7. “Fear,” 2 Tim. 1: 7
  9. There are three ways we may “test” the spirit; they may be called:
  10. The “spirit test,” I Cor. 12:3; I John 4: 1
  11. The “doctrinal” test,” I John 4:3
  12. The “fruit-bearing” test, Matt. 7: 15-20

CONCLUSION: There are many, many spirits, but only One Holy Spirit, and GOD wants US to be “Filled” with the Holy Spirit, Eph. 5: 18.
































Text: Psalms 11:3

  2. Our nation was founded on religious principles,
  3. More and more, God is being left out of national affairs; while

Atheism comes to the front, but the Bible gives the answer

Psalm 9:17, “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the

nations that forget God.”



  1. Moral standards have reached a new low.

Example: Dope, troubles, sex promiscuity, etc.

  1. Sex teachings in the schools – a disgrace to the nation.


This is our relation to our nation and our fellowman.

Dishonesty runs rampant – tax -. cheating, etc.

  2. The situation: Mother working a job, or gone to the social club.
  3. Dad gone to the tavern

3.. The children gone to hell.

  1. The old-fashioned home, Where God is honored, hardly exists.

L Consider the church’s place in God’s plan, Eph. 3:10, 21.

  1. God’s program is a church program. “To him be glory in the


  1. The church is autonomous – self-governing – independent.
  2. The Devil is trying to rob the Churches of their God-given


  1. There is a universal effort to compromise the churches with

false churches and religious movements. Ecumenism.

  2. Christianity is really three things:
  3. An experience – in salvation.
  4. An expression – in Christian living.
  5. An expectation – of Christ’s return.
  6. There is a loose concept of Christian Iiving. We are ceasing

to be a separated people. Anything goes.

Separation is commanded, See II Cor. 6:17, .Col. 3:1, 2, etc.

  1. Bible study and prayer are too much neglected.



































TEXT: Isa. 1 :3. “The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib: but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider.”

INTRODUCTION: This is God’s charge against His people. In their back­slidden condition they did not have as much judgment as the ox or the ass. These knew where to look for their food, but backslidden Christians turn to the world and worldly things to try to satisfy their souls. There are many things we do not consider:


“For the Lord is a great God, and King above all the gods.” Psalm 95: 3 “Thy way, 0 God, is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God?” P:salm 77: 13

  2. Israel had forgotten all God’s wonderful works toward them.
  3. The deliverance from Egypt
  4. The crossing of the Red Sea
  5. His provisions for them in the Wilderness.
  6. God’s people of today are just as prone to forget as the Israelites.

“Not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance” Rom. 2:4.


  1. Christ paid the price in His suffering and death. Luke 24:46
  2. The ransom must be as great or greater than the object sold.
  3. Christ’s blood is the ransom
  4. This is the greatest price ever paid.
  6. God’s description of His rebellious children. Isa, 1: 3-6
  7. The results of their sins. Isa, 1: 7-9
  8. By rebelling against God, Christians bring chastisement upon them­selves. Jer. 2: 19
  10. Christian workers need a new vision of hell and its horrors.
  11. Christians should consider that the unbeliever is lost already. John 3: 18
































TEXT: Daniel 6: 1-11

INTRODUCTION: Every man whom God has greatly used has been a man of prayer. The value of our service before men is determined by the meas­ure of our fellowship and communion with God in the secret place of prayer.


There were no temples in Babylon, except heathen temples, but Daniel had a “prophet’s chamber,” a sacred place within his own home where he frequently withdrew in order to have fellowship in prayer with God. This is the essential in the life of every Christian.


These open windows were symbolic of the whole attitude of his soul. His heart and soul were opened God-ward. These open windows tell us that Daniel was a man who believed God, who trusted Him to keep His word, and who waited expectantly for the fulfillment of His word.


When we pray the bodily posture is not the important thing. We can pray walking or standing, while We are working or while we are resting in bed, but the attitude of our hearts when we pray should be that of kneeling, for this indicates humility and reverence and submission.


No man had a more valid excuse for not giving much time to prayer, and yet Daniel prayed regularly three times “day. For Daniel prayer was not supplemental, something added on after everything else had been seen to, it was fundamental, a priority ill his life.


This man Daniel was burdened. Are we burdened about the condition of things in our own land? – the pagan atmosphere, the receding tide of spiritual blessing, the lowering of moral standards.


What had he to be thankful about? Everybody was against him and he was in a most difficult situation. Yes, but he gave thanks and thus obeyed the injunction written by the Apostle Paul many years later – Philippians 4: 6· 7.






























TEXT: II Peter 3: 18

INTRODUCTION: The Word of God has given us seven beautiful similes of the growth of the Christian character, and cur Lord says that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed, or graced like the lily of the field.


“As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters” (S. of Sol. 2:2). “Let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit perfecting holiness in the fear of God (II Co. 7: I ).

God promised Israel that they should “grow as the lily” when they re­turn to Him (Hos. 14:5).


The corn must fall into thte ground and die (John 12:24). Die to all of the flesh and be quickened by the spirit. This is the way for the “much fruit.” It is the development of the new life, even as John the Baptist said, “He must increase, but I (J ohn ) must decrease” (John 3: 30).


As the ivy clings by the power of life within, so we are able to cling to the tree. Our Lord loves to have us cling to Him. Ruth clave to him (Ruth 1: 14). Barnabas exhorted the saints to cleave unto the Lord “with purpose of heart” (Acts I 1 : 23) .


We read, “Take us the faxes. the little foxes. that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes” (S. of Sol. 2: 15). These are the little incon­sistencies of our life that the enemy uses to ruin our testimony. We can­not bring forth fruit of ourselves. but the Word says. “Take us the little

foxes,” so we need to watch out for the fox.


“By faith … rooted and grounded in love” (Eph. 3: 17); “That we

henceforth be no more children. tossed to and fro. and carried about with every wind of doctrine. by the sleight of men. and cunning crafti­ness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive” (Eph. 4:14). It is said of Reuben, “unstable as water” (Gen. 49:4). How many are like Reuben today!


We read, “Noah was a just man and upright in his generations, and Noah walked with God” (Gen. 6:9). How blessed also to be classed with Job as an upright man (Job I: 8)

Just A Missionary

Apostolic Missionaries are the only Angels (Messengers) that most men will ever see.




BY George Duke


John 1:12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:




5-    Song I’ll Go where you want me to Go

6-    Foreword

7-    How to reach people in a foreign land

9-    Every Member is a Missionary

12-  My Appointment as a Missionary

22-  Arrival on the Field

25-  Resurrection of Sister Barker

31-  Missionary Roy Lindo

32-  Missionary Hilda Allen

34-  Irish Club

36-  Move to the Townfield House

37-  The Guild Hall

41-  The Missionary Taco?

44-  Wycliffe Bible Center

48-   Hari Krishna Missionaries ?

51-   The Missionary Tithe

53-   Tithing the past the present the future

59-   Song It’s For Me

60-   The Baptism of Billy Graham

64-   The U.S. Air Force

68-   The Specialist

70-   Overseas

79-   I Married an Alien

81-   The End of my Air Force Career

83-   The British Board

84-   Missionary Carnegie

86-   Missionary Mervyn Miller

90-   Missionary Lloyd Edwards

92-   Missionary S.G. Sappleton

95-   Missionary David Campbell

99-   Missionary Fred Turley

102-  4 Views of Revelation / PP Pictures

118-  Missionary James Dallas

121-  Missionary Leroy Francis

123-  Trinity Reformed Church

128-  Tent Crusade in the Park

132-  Missionary Dennis Beedie

134-  Missionary Michael Joules

137-  Missionary Arlo Mohlenpah

138-  Missionary On Deputation

140-  The Texas Mission   144- Fake Tongues

153-  The Return of the Missionary

156-  The Attempt in Newport Wales

160-  The Lydney Church

167-   Missionary Helen Diamond

174-   Missionary Fred Plumb

181-   Missionary Paul’s Excerpt

193-   Missionary Robert Phillips

197-   Missionary Don Johnson (song)-199

201     Newmarket Fred and Me

205-   Missionary Rhona Williams

208-   The Falkirk Report       215- Kelleys

219-   Accepted trinity Vs Apostolic Trinity

242-   Missionary Harold and Vivian Caffee

250-   About

Song I’ll Go where you want me to Go

(1) It may not be on the mountain’s height,
Or over the stormy sea;
It may not be at the battle’s front
My Lord will have need of me.
But if by a still, small voice He calls
To paths I do not know,
I’ll answer, dear Lord, with my hand in Thine,
“I’ll go where You want me to go.”

I’ll go where You want me to go, dear Lord,
Over mountain, or plain, or sea.
I’ll say what You want me to say, dear Lord.
I’ll be what You want me to be.

(2) Perhaps today there are loving words
Which Jesus would have me speak;
There may be now, in the paths of sin,
Some wand’rer whom I should seek.
O Savior, if Thou wilt be my Guide,
Tho’ dark and rugged the way,
My voice shall echo the message sweet,
I’ll say what you want me to say. [Refrain]

(3) There’s surely somewhere a lowly place
In earth’s harvest fields so wide
Where I may labor thro’ life’s short day
For Jesus, the Crucified;
So, trusting my all to Thy tender care,
And knowing Thou lovest me,
I’ll do Thy will with a heart sincere,
I’ll be what You want me to be. [Refrain]


As I write these words I have to ask myself the question should I title this book Just a Missionary or Memoirs of a Missionary. There are many types of Missionaries. Normally we think of a missionary as one that leaves his land and travels to a foreign country to preach the gospel message. But there are also those that are called home missionaries that go to a city and pioneer a new work of God. My definition of a Missionary is anyone that sacrifices and preaches the Gospel message of the Lord Jesus Christ. As you read this book please note that the stories I share are all based on memory so there could be some minor errors that I am not aware of. Also I have tried to give credit to all that served in the UK during the time that we served. All of these were Hero’s of the faith in Great Britain.


By George Duke


As a former Missionary that pioneered new works throughout the British Isles I would like to share with you some of the suggestions that will help you in your ministry in a new land among a new people. During my tenure on the foreign field I made a lot of errors that resulted in my losing some even though I was able to win some. I would like to list some helpful suggestions that will benefit you if you desire to be a soul winner in a new land and especially if you are an American Apostolic.

1-Forget about your Nationality and learn to become one with the people you are to minister too.

2-Follow the Apostle Paul’s word’s  found in

1 Corinthians 9:18 What is my reward then? Verily that, when I preach the gospel, I may make the gospel of Christ without charge, that I abuse not my power in the gospel. 19-For though I be free from all men, yet have I made myself servant unto all, that I might gain the more. 20-And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law; 21-To them that are without law, as without law, (being not without law to God, but under the law to Christ,) that I might gain them that are without law. 22-To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. 23-And this I do for the gospel’s sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you.

3-Learn their language

4-Learn their ways and customs

5-Preach only what is true and proven in salvation and in standards. If you have certain dress standards teach them by setting the example in your daily living

6-Remember they may not enjoy loud microphones and thundering or booming speakers. Jesus never used a loud speaker or a mike; neither did any of the Apostles

7-Show them love and respect in all things

8-Do not force people to the Altar invite them instead. The acceptance of Salvation, miracles, and/or healing must be their decision. Jiggle their heart and not their throat.

9-Reveal to them the power of the new birth and the name of Jesus Christ

10-Allow Jesus Christ to lead and guide you in all things.

There have been so many Missionaries that have done so much for the work of God in reaching the souls of mankind throughout the world. I want to share with you some of the Missionaries that I met while I was a Missionary in the UK. Many Missionaries pay a high price in order to obey God and their calling. Remember that a Pastor, Preacher, or even a Missionary is human just like you and I. Also many times their children suffer because of the parents calling.  We should recognize that when one becomes a missionary it is a decision that they make but their children do not always have a choice. They must go where their parents take them and many times they become the often unrecognized missionary in the family. They suffer much for that calling of God placed upon their lives because of their parents. Many times I have had to listen to my children speak about persecution in the school by teachers or other children just because they were American or a Christian. I would like to dedicate this book to my children and thank them for all the work that they did to help Carol and I to be successful Missionaries. My heart reaches out to them for their suffering and pain because God called me to be just a Missionary.  God bless each of you Mark Clifford Duke, Debra Ann Duke Dominguez, Susan Lorraine Duke Goodhall, and Rebecca Elizabeth Duke Schadt. My prayer is that each of you would be able to forgive and forget the terrible times in your lives where you might have suffered so much. I would also like to dedicate this book to Sister Hilda Allen and her family. I pray that as you read this book that you would strive to see an ordinary man that had a humble beginning and a life filled with sin changed by the power of God. Initially the wicked life that he was living was interrupted by a voice that cried out to him. I believe that in every life there is that same voice that speaks to us. It might be in a silent mode when we are in a dangerous situation or it may be in the middle of the night as we dream or when our inability to sleep is interrupted by a fright in the night. It also might be in those moments that we face injury or even death. There is one fact that we must face in this life and that is that God will speak to us for so long and if we continue to reject him eventually he will allow us to go in our own direction because he knows our future. Our God is all knowing. He is the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God. He is the creator of all things.

One of the great hindrances in the work of God today is political correctness.  Sometimes a missionary may have to have a meeting that makes it possible for him to reach a certain type of culture. It does not make him or her racialist. It’s call wisdom. The bible says He that winneth souls is wise.” — Proverbs 11:30.  Because of his love for all people he can sometimes be thought of in the wrong way. Missionaries have to become all things to all men but they must not be a partner with sin or hate. I have tried to give you accounts as accurate as possible regarding the stories, people, and events that you read here.  As you read this book please note the many lives of others that God used to help us at the same time that we were in his service. Truly God uses those that will submit their will to Him. I consider all of them as true missionaries.

My Appointment as a Missionary

It was the day before the General conference when I had been able to obtain an appointment with the Foreign Missions Board. For many years I had waited for this day. As I waited impatiently outside the room where the Foreign Missions board was holding their interviews for the foreign missions field I began to think about all of the many events that had led me to this moment when the door opened and the Secretary asked me to come in and meet the board. Slowly with hesitant steps I made my way to the chair where I would be seated but before I sat down the director greeted me then pointed out the members that would decide my fate. It was a lot like my days as a cop when I would have to go before a judge or hearing committee and be queried in regards to an arrest where there was a person that was injured during their arrest. Even though I had very few resisting arrests some of the people I had arrested were involved in scuffles with the officer that I had turned them over too such as the driver of the squad car or paddy wagon when I was walking a beat. Most of our policemen were great cops but there were a few that were rotten to the core. This is true on any type of job, secular or religious that we are involved with. So as I looked around the room I heard the director ask me to be seated. After being seated I was asked to relate to the board why they should appoint me as a missionary. I then begin to share with them how God had spoken to me and placed this burden in my heart. After sharing my desire and burden with them they began to ask me questions and finally the interview ended with the director informing me that the board would make their decision and he would inform of me of their decision. Waiting can really be a dangerous situation. I had been in many awful moments as a cop but I think I was more shaken up waiting for the answer from the board. The next day finally the answer came. No, they would be unable to appoint me.  I could hardly believe what I was hearing because I knew that God had called me to be a missionary. After being in the conference we flew back to Galveston and resumed our duties in the church. We had tried to keep the meeting to our selves but there were a few in the church that had found out about it and now they appeared happy that we were not leaving. Day after day though I would question the Lord as to why Lord, if you called me, why was I, not appointed. My world almost crashed when I had gotten that news in September 1971 that the UPC FMD had turned down my application. I did not know what to do or where to turn.  Well, a few months later I found out that the FMB were going to be in Houston, Texas and would be accepting applications again for missionary appointments. So I decided to purchase a ticket and fly over to England and meet with the district director there. After I had explained to him my dilemma, he looked at me and said that he would be happy to recommend me for an assistant Missionary appointment. As I thought about this I knew that the title did not matter. So happily, I flew back to the USA and made application to the Foreign Missions Board. I remember the day that I met with them in Houston which was only 45 miles from Galveston. As I waited in the reception room for my second application to receive my appointment I remember a long wait and then the secretary came in and said you can come in now. As I walked in I wondered if I might be able to convince them that they needed me as an assistant missionary. I shall never forget in that meeting what the director of Foreign Missions said when he found out what the district director had requested regarding an Assistant Missionary appointment for me. We do not have appointments for Assistant Missionary’s he told the board. I have been told in the past by some of the British ministers that they did not want American Missionaries, but here we have a recommendation for Brother Duke to be able to come over and be an Assistant Missionary. If they can accept an American Assistant Missionary, then they can accept an American Missionary. Brother Duke, what are your plans for your Missionary work in the UK?  My answer was I would like to pioneer new works. The next day I found out that my family and I had been appointed as Missionaries to the British Isles. So in the Foreign Missions service many people were surprised when the director of Foreign Missions began to announce the names of those that had been appointed. It was a very proud moment in our lives when we heard our name called and we marched out on the platform to be introduced as one of the Missionary’s under appointment. We had to travel for 6 months to raise our partners in missions then we traveled to Saint Louis for our final briefing. Now the time had finally come to fly to London England to begin our foreign missionary service.

Guns to the Gospel


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33-    My First resisting arrest

37-    The Beginning

40-    The good old days

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63-    The US Air Force

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77-    I married an Alien

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91-    Satan speaks to me

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94-    A Real Miracle

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97-    Call of God into the Ministry

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101-   Pastor Glass’s Warning

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110-   More Miracles

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115-   Sister Barker rose from the dead

119-   Return to the USA

123-   The Jay Church Rescue

125-   Texas Bible College

127-   Galveston Oh Galveston

132-   Fake Tongues – The Search

140     My Big Mistake

147-   Billy Graham Baptized in Jesus Name

150-   Tent Crusade in the park

156-   Fred the X-Burglar

160-   Paul Goodhall’s Excerpt on Oxford

173-   Satan and His Wiles

170-   Pioneering Church in Falkirk Scotland

171-   Callendar House Home of the Livingston’s

173-   Girl guide hall

181-   The perfect Organization

186     The perfect church

189-   The War begins

194-   The Lawn war

200-   88 Reasons Jesus shall return in 1988

209-   The perfect Pastor

214-   Dukes silver nuggets

228 –  Full Salvation Plan

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There are Physical Injuries and sometimes Physical death that results while one is serving as an Enforcement Officer. One never knows when it can or will occur, if he did then it might be possible to avoid it.  So when one chooses this arena he or she must expect danger or death to be lurking in the shadow of time. From the time that he reports for duty until the time his shift ends a Policeman must stay alert and on guard as he never knows when this could be the very moment or day he faces a dangerous situation where he might be injured or even die.

As you read this book you might note some of the near-death experiences that I faced in the physical realm. Most of them occurred when I least expected it. It happened so quickly and was over before I even realized I was in danger. Also there were comical times that when I remember them they still cause me to laugh.

Also in the religious realm, you will notice that there are similar situations that sometimes cause spiritual injuries and sometimes even spiritual death.  As I have tried to place these traumas out of mind some are hard to overcome because of the party or parties that caused havoc or attempted to wreck my life. Where most of the dilemmas or near death experiences as a cop were brought on by accident or criminal behavior, the Spiritual ones are so many times caused by those that we might least expect. Normally as a Cop, you are aware of the enemy but in the Spiritual, it is not always possible until the deed is done. That person that is seated by you an overseer, or even a fellow worker in the church can be used by Satan, Actually, Satan is the god of this world and can work in so many devious ways through friends, kindred, and even Pastor’s to perform his dirty deeds. I would like to point out that one that does evil to another must repent and seek the forgiveness of the one they wronged. I am so thankful for my Pastor for all of his encouragement when the enemy came rushing in like a raging storm. It was his wisdom that helped me and my wife to endure many situations. Please note that some names have been changed so as not to embarrass anyone.

By George Duke

As I sit down to give you an undeniable proof of my actions while serving as some of you would call, “A Cop” and considering your desires as indispensable orders for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Ungracious then as the task may be, I shall recall viewing those dangerous stages of my police life, out of which I emerged, at length, to the enjoyment of every blessing in the power of love, health and fortune to find Jesus Christ; whilst yet in the flower of my youth, and not too late to employ the leisure afforded me to use that knowledge gained by the power of God.  And  later  I would be able to cultivate an understanding, Spiritually and naturally to be able to share the wonderful power of who Jesus Christ is, and what he can be to you, not a despicable one, but something so real and vivid that stayed with me for the remainder of my life, and which has outweighed the whirl of loose pleasures I had been raised in, exerted more observation on the characters and manners of the world than what is common to those of my profession, who, looking on all though or reflection as their capital enemy, keep it at a great  distance as they can, or destroy it without mercy. What I have learned was derived through much seeking, study, research, and most of all prayer. There were many awesome events that occurred during my service on the PPD. The sit-ins at the department stores in which I had to make many arrests. One of the things that I appreciated was that we as Policemen were instructed to arrest all persons involved in any disturbance in the sit-ins and allow the court to determine who the instigator was. Another order from our City Manager was that we were not to discriminate in who we might have to ticket or arrest. His statement was even if you stop me for a driving offense you should ticket me. Also during the time of my service I was shocked by the death of Robert Kennedy. My brother Robert Duke was working for the Mobile Press Register Newspaper at the time and covered the prediction that had been made by Jeanne Dixon. In Ruth Montgomery’s book on Jeanne Dixon she names having read the article by Bob.

There were so many things that occurred while I was a Police Officer in Pensacola Florida. It would be impossible for me to remember all of the many events that I was involved in.

First of all, I would like to reminisce on some of the events that remained in my mind while serving as ‘A Cop”

Crossbar Motel

As I have mentioned there were many events that were laughable as I served on the Pensacola Police Force. Once while I was patrolling in the southern part of the downtown area as I made a left turn near the old courthouse I saw a woman walking in the middle of the street. I noticed that she was staggering quite a bit. All of a sudden she saw my car and waved her arms back and forth calling out Taxi, Taxi, Taxi. I pulled up beside her and she opened the back door and jumped in the back seat. She looked at me and said I need to find a hotel. I said ok and drove toward the Police station where we had our city jail. Suddenly she looked at my uniform and the metal screen that divided the front seats from the rear. Say what is this she asked, this is not a taxi. I said sure it is but we only have one motel we take people to. It’s called the crossbar Motel.


The Rookies First Capture and arrest

The clock had already struck the 11:00 hour on Saturday night when the paddy wagon dropped me off on the corner of Palafox and Gregory Street to walk beat 5 and 6.  The paddy wagon drove off and as it faded in the distance I looked around and suddenly, I spotted a man in the rear of the Hill-Kelly used car lot walking around..  As I kept a watch on him I began to wonder, “Why would someone this late in the night be looking at cars,”  Moving over into the shadows I continued to keep my eyes on him to see what he was doing and if I could identify him?  Was he on our wanted list?  Suddenly as he turned his face toward me and then I realized that here was a man that was wanted for Auto theft and embezzlement.  Had he seen me and moved to the back of the car lot to avoid being captured or was he looking for another vehicle to heist?  All kind of thoughts raced through my mind as I approached him, then suddenly when he spotted me walking toward him, I could tell he did not know what to do, and as he turned toward me I recognized him as a person I knew very well by the name of Munsey Dees.  Quickly I walked up to him, and said, you are under arrest!  Turn around and place your hands behind your back, I commanded. He turned and I quickly placed the handcuffs on his wrists.  After handcuffing him we walked back to the corner where a call box was located and I called for a squad car to come and pick him up. Rolling up to the corner in a black and white patrol car, the two officers jumped out and I informed them that I had captured him in the car lot and that he was wanted for car theft. I also let them know that there was a one hundred dollar reward for his arrest.  Who is he, they asked?  Munsey Dees I replied. Placing him in the back of the patrol car they looked at me and said good work and drove away to book him at the Police Station.


Munsey was a white male that had worked as a salesman at Ocean City Auto Sales in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. On a day when business was slow he became fed up with his job and decided to take all the cash and a car and leave. When the owner returned to the car lot he noticed that the building had been closed and no one was there. I had not been on the Pensacola Police force long when the man who owned the car lot reported the theft and embezzlement of the funds. At the time I did not know that Munsey was a nephew of the car lot owner when he instructed me to let other Policemen know he would was offering a $100 reward to anyone capturing Munsey. When I informed him that I had captured Munsey he was thrilled but when he told his brother, his brother was furious, not with Munsey but with his brother in law and me. Well, guess if I ever received my $100.00?  This loss made me realize that rewards need to be made officially to the department and not to just me.


The Capture of the Prison Escapees

Some months later while patrolling the central section of downtown Pensacola in car 19, I suddenly heard the call come over the radio, “Attention all cars we have received a report that a car with some escaped convicts from Raiford prison are reported coming across the Pensacola Bridge from Gulf Breeze, Florida”. Instantly, the radio was filled with several cars responding and the patrol officers saying they were in the vicinity. As I was in the downtown area and quite a distance from where they had given the location I did not respond but continued to listen as a description of the convict’s vehicle was given.  It seemed like only a few minutes later that I heard radio reports of a chase in progress. Apparently, one of the Patrol cars had spotted their car on east Gregory Street and began pursuit which turned into a high-speed chase. I heard another Patrol car state that they were also behind the getaway car and were in pursuit.  As they gave their locations, I could hear their sirens screaming and knew they were headed toward me. Here I was in downtown Pensacola patrolling on Garden Street and quickly made up my mind that they would be headed toward me at any moment.  Suddenly there they were making a turn heading north onto Palafox street. With tires squealing, red light flashing, and siren blowing I joined the chase. I was the last of the patrol cars that had joined in the chase and there were two patrol cars in front of me. Suddenly they made a right turn onto Baylen Street heading east. During the high-speed chase, it appeared that the patrol cars were almost on their tail when the escapees started making turns right on Palafox, then right on the next street right again. I began to consider the possibility that if I turned right on Railroad Street and went back to Garden Street I could intercept them on Garden Street. So as all the other patrol cars continued behind them, when I got to Railroad Street I turned right and got back onto Garden Street.  I was correct and when they saw me blocking their way they turned right on a trail with a rail track. The rails were very high and their tires could not jump them at the speed and angle they were traveling. Then they noted the tracks dead-ended and there was no way out. I now was in hot pursuit and followed them until their vehicle came to a halt. They leaped out of the car leaving the doors open and began to run. I leaped out with my gun in hand and began to chase them firing a shot over their head. It just took the one shot and they stopped with their hands raised and I was able to subdue them and placed handcuffs on them. Our Captain who now was on the scene was very happy with the way I had preplanned the direction that they would travel and apprehend these criminals who had escaped from the prison in Central Florida.

Weeks after the capture I received a reward of $100.00 for my part in the capture.  Below is a picture where the old Hill Kelly Car lot was located. Today most car lots are located north of the downtown area on North Palafox highway.

Winds of Megiddo


By George C. Duke


Revelation 16:16 And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.




John 3:8  The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

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The world is headed toward a great battle like one that we have never seen before. If you asked a Christian today if they thought that one day Britain and America would go to war against Israel, their answer would most likely be No Never! The truth is that one day this is most likely to occur and it could happen in our lifetime. Right now the world is heading toward a war that will involve all nations and that will bring God and the sons of God into that battle. As I discovered in writing this book the UN is the coalition and reforming of Babel. It was at Babel that God separated the nations. At Babel God saw men that were set on defying the God that created this world. Men considered themselves more powerful than their creator.  Genesis 11:5 And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of man had built. 6 And the LORD said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and there confuse their language, so that they may not understand one another’s speech.” 8 So the LORD dispersed them from there over the face of all the earth and they left off building the city. Yes he dispersed them but today it is the goal of these nations to become one. Since the formation of the UN their goal has been to sanction and destroy Israel. The majority are in favor but there are 6 nations that have veto power and among these are Britain and the USA. So far they have always prevented these resolutions against Israel from passing by using their veto power. With the invasion of Muslims into our nations in large numbers and the decline in respect for Christianity, lack of Morality, and non civility it is only a matter of time before the far left, liberals, atheists, socialists and Muslims will gain enough power to change the veto vote of Britain and the USA. While writing and compiling these articles I wept many times as the Spirit of God over shadowed and spoke to me about what would happen when all the UN join together against God’s people. The rapture will take place; the sons of God will be taken up and will join with God in this great battle against those that have come to destroy Israel. Today many Christians are depending upon a man of sin and the mark of the beast to occur before that day, but I am telling them that all of these prophecies have already been fulfilled. For 1,260 years the Ante Christ (RCC) ruled and reigned. This has already occurred. Yes history does have a habit of repeating itself. Also many things in the bible come to pass more than once.  A good example of this would be the prophecy made regarding the building of the temple found in 2 Samuel 7:12 And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and I will establish his kingdom. 13 He shall build an house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever. We know that David’s son Solomon built the natural temple in Jerusalem but Jesus the Son of God built the spiritual temple of God. In prophecy we can also find times that the word of prophecy appears to repeat, but many times when this happens we must fully examine the whole content of the prophecy as well as the fulfillment. In the study of prophecy one must understand the symbolisms that are used. For example we have to look at the Old Testament to find the real meaning of the word beast which is symbolical to the ruling power.  Also the same is applicable with the son, moon, and stars which is symbolic to the ruling powers also. Now let’s enjoy the story of Granny Dees search for the true meaning of the timing and battle of Armageddon.



People are caught up in prophecy because of the mystique of what will happen in the future. The Winds of Megiddo is about events that lead up to the final battle between the nations of earth and God. I ask you as you read this book to take into consideration that you will read about true events, fantasy, and studies regarding different views of prophecy, as well as a short bible study on the Apostolic Trinity. Also as in my other books I would like to ask you to study the plan of salvation that I include in all my books because I believe it to be a true plan that will insure your escape from this life to a life with Jesus Christ as a true son of God.   I believe in the rapture of the bride of Christ and I would love for you to be included in that rapture. Even if you see death before the battle of Megiddo the bible teaches that the dead in Christ shall rise first and we that are alive and remain shall be caught up to meet him in the air. Please remember that the Greek word for death was “Thanatos” and never was defined as ceasing to exist as many believe. The true meaning is “separation” of the body and the spirit. The Greek word for life was “Zoe” which means union. The union of the body and the spirit. God bless you as you read “ The winds of Megiddo.”


The content of this book might have some names or truth that could have caused distress. So in order to protect the innocent as well as the guilty I have altered names of persons in order to protect the innocent. Me! In the event that you do not appreciate common sense or reality then I am praying that this book might arouse your suspicion that there might be a lack of such in the present age that we are living in. All around us is proof of an age that has never existed before in the annuals of mankind. True there have been some eras of time that were so evil that God had to wreak destruction but could we really compare that age to this age where murderers are given free room, board and free TV for life if the crime was horrific enough. Best liar with the most charisma is elected to a political office or becomes a TV evangelist. Greatest commandment is do not Steal your government hates competition, Immorality is in and modesty is out, Government has become god. If a maniac uses a gun to kill people guns should be outlawed, if he uses a car forget about it. Islam is great and Christianity is evil. It’s alright for Men to want to be women and women to be men. Today Homosexuals want to marry and Heterosexuals don’t.










David’s Dream of Armageddon

David stood looking into the Mediterranean Sea as armada after armada gathered from every nation under heaven.  Shocked at what he was observing he just stood there aghast. He had not been in Cyprus long and what he was observing brought back memories from his bible studies and reminded him of a battle that was to take place in the Middle East where Nation after Nation would be drawn into a great battle. Eventually this battle would be an attempt to destroy Israel from the face of the earth. His memory took him back to a time when he came into contact with an American Missionary that taught that one could be born again and become a son of God. He had felt the power of God as he listened and soon found himself following the instructions that were spoken by the man of God. Those instructions were the same instructions given by the Apostle Peter on the day of Pentecost when Peter had ended his initial message and the people were so moved by the Spirit of God that they cried out Men and Brethren what must we do? Repent, be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and ye shall be filled with the Holy Ghost Peter replied. But Peter did not stop there he continued telling them that this promise is for You, Your children, and their children too. What really stirred David’s heart was that the minister pointed out the exact scripture for this experience with God. David had never felt anything in his life similar to what he was feeling at this moment. He had attended church before but it was not anything similar to this meeting. Then he felt that God was calling him so he responded by walking forward and kneeling down at an altar where the minister had placed some chairs that had been turned around. Then he found himself asking God to forgive him of his sins. Later the power of God overwhelmed him and had entered into his temple taking control of the most unruly part of his body. When God took control of his tongue, he began to speak in a language that he had never spoken in. Later he was baptized and he heard the words of the preacher saying I baptize you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins. When he came up from under the water God again took control of his tongue as he prayed and he again begin to speak in tongues as the Spirit gave utterance. Not only he but his friends and relatives began to be born again in this church of the apostolic faith. During one of the church services the Missionary minister spoke about the end of the Gentile church age that there would be an upcoming battle where the Lord Jesus Christ would return with his bride and an army of Angels to put an end to the army of nations that had come to destroy Israel and those that fought with her. For the last few days he had read about and heard reports how the nations of the world were fed up with this nation that had told the world that they had a special relationship with God. So now they were going to wipe her off of the face of the earth. This apostolic faith and the missionary minister had also taught him and the others another new truth that he had never heard before. He told them that there was only one person in the Godhead and the Trinity was in him and not them. He had used a illustration in his teaching where he took 3 chairs and set 3 people on them and counted 3 bodies, 3 souls, and 3 Spirit beings. In order to have 3 people being one God with only 1 throne all three would have to sit in each other’s laps or play musical chairs. But the Bible teaches there is only one God and that one God was manifest as the Father in creation, son in redemption, and the Holy Spirit in regeneration. He also said that the greatest commandment taught to an Israelite child was hear ye o Israel the Lord our God is one and ye shall love the Lord thy God with all of your heart. Pastor Dee many times would pray for people that were ill or needed the Lord and many were healed and filled with the Spirit. He taught that they needed to read the bible and many times they would have a bible quiz lining up in the church seeing who could get the most answers correct, For the one that finished first in the quiz got a prize but also ended up last in line for the next weeks quiz. David was amazed at all that he had heard and he was so happy that the Lord had allowed him to become a son of God through the new birth. The church grew and they were thrilled as a group until that day that the Missionary Minister left them and returned to the USA. When he had heard of their departure it was like a knife had cut into his heart. Suddenly a noise sounded bringing him back into the present. Then thoughts entered into his mind. What if this gathering of naval forces is a prelude to this battle? What will I do if it occurs now because I am not ready to meet the Lord? Why is it happening now when I no longer have a church to attend where I can be able to make amends for all the evil I have done. Then he remembered another American Missionary that told him that there would be seven years of Tribulation and an Anti-Christ figure who would rule the world before this battle. He knew at this time that there was no one man that had taken over the rule of the whole world so he felt that he had more time to get right with God. Also he had not taken any mark upon himself nor had a chip implanted into his body. So slowly he walked away from the seaside and began to make his way back to the bar where he could drown himself in liquor and rid himself of these memories that were causing him to feel bad. But before he could make it to the bar he found himself calling upon the Lord. Then he cried out for God to heal him of his weakness. Changing his mind about going to the bar he decided to go to his room and maybe if he could fall asleep the thoughts would go away.  Later that night as David lay on his bed the thoughts returned and began to flood his mind as he remembered that wonderful night that he had allowed Jesus Christ into his life.

The next morning when he awoke he walked back down to the seaside to view the armada of ships again. As he looked over the sea he could identify which country they were from by the flags that were displayed. As he looked at the many battleships and carriers he spotted Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Korean, British, French, Spanish German, and even a Japanese Carrier just cruising slowly in the Mediterranean.  As he spotted the Russian frigate he noted the sailors that were aboard had their battle clothes on. This really disturbed him when he saw them ready for battle so he began to look at the other ships to see if they were also dressed for battle or not. Yes, each one that he was able to see apparently was dressed in battle gear. Alarmed by what he was seeing he began to think, what if this battle begins here and now and that seven years story was not true. Where did that teaching of seven years come from? Where did it originate was a great thought because all of us need to understand that many things that we hear taught are not always the word of God? Let us leave David for awhile as he watches the ships that are gathered together. Please understand that when one deals with Prophesy that Prophesy is not a salvation issue. So we should not get mad or upset with the different views on prophecy.  Basically, two major views are the historical interpretation of Revelation and the futurist’s interpretation which is divided into three views of pre-rapture, mid rapture, and post rapture, during the great Tribulation. The Historic view was taught by the reformists who believed that the Roman Catholic Church was the Ante-Christ with the pope being the man of sin. Rome was losing so many of their followers’ that they had two Jesuit priests to come up with the futurist teaching. The historicist teaching was that from the time that John had the revelation; it began to unfold with the rule of Rome politically and later religiously. The Roman Catholic Church then came out saying no, all of Revelation was about the end time and the seven years great tribulation. It is during that time that there would be the mark of the beast and the anti-Christ. David wondered which one was correct?

Pastor Dee who was his first Minister in Scotland had always said the next great event in prophecy will be the battle of Armageddon. If all of these ships are here and this is it, then I need to get ready to meet the Lord now. So he decided that tomorrow I will go and find a church and pray and ask God to allow me back into his fold. But David did not know that sometimes tomorrow is too late. Then he remembered the song tomorrow and the words If tomorrow never comes you’re always A day A way Annie use to say!  As the words went through his mind suddenly he heard a sound that caused him to look across the Mediterranean Sea over into the land where the valley of Megiddo was located. To his amazement, he saw a huge mushroom cloud of smoke arise and a huge explosion that echoed across the sea. When he saw this fireball he knew that it was the type of cloud made by an Atomic explosion. As he watched more and more explosions began to occur and began to cover the whole area of Palestine. Ships in the sea began to fire and he could see missiles headed toward Israel. Then he reached for his binoculars and watched as suddenly the fire and smoke appeared over the area where Jerusalem was located. All of a sudden he felt a burning sensation and a wind that suddenly swept him off his feet as the power of the nuclear weapons being used in Israel swept across the sea. Lying on the ground David looked up and suddenly he saw something appear in the sky.  It was not airplanes or missiles that he was seeing but Robert was witnessing the arrival from Heaven that Pastor Dee had said would occur at this time. Yes, it was happening. Jesus had come.

Then all of a sudden he was awakened by Sonia his wife. David had been dreaming while lying on the beach beside the Mediterranean Sea. What’s the matter David she asked? Oh, nothing I just had a dream. “David you need to tell me what you dreamed”, Sonia said. Later David replied.  Was it just a dream warning David or had something delayed what David had just observed.

Excerpt from my book Conspiracy










3       Foreword

8       The Origination of Conspiracy

14     Conspiracy, Conspiracy, Conspiracy

22     United Nations Building

25     The first Conspiracy made on Mankind

38     Satan’s Triumph against Mankind

43     The Nephilim Conspiracy

56     Was Adam and Eve White

62      Satan’s Conspiracy against Job

67      The Conspiracy against the Son of God

90      Did Jesus conspire with Judas

 96      Satan’s war with the Son of God

 99      Satan conspires to use Religion

106    The Conspiracy of the Antechrist

116    The Awakening of the Reformation

122    Rise and fall of Christianity in Great Britain

130    The Rise and fall of Christianity in the USA

135    Satan’s New Conspiracy

153    The Muslim Conspiracy?

163    Conspiracy against the President

176    The plot

183  The Missionary Conspiracy

192    The Cop Conspiracies

201    Various Conspiracy Theories

211    There are 3 People in the Godhead

215    Alien Conspiracy & Final Warning

228    Satan’s Final Conspiracy & My Prophecy


How many times in your life have you been physically, mentally, or spiritually hurt by others? The hurt could have been caused by an enemy which is understandable but many times it can be caused by our friends, relatives, fellow employees, a boss, Officials in high places, Politicians, Ministers, or even by fellow church members. As you think about being hurt by others how many times have you hurt someone? It is factual for me to point out that from the day of our birth until the day that we die we will be hurt or we will hurt others. It is for that reason that Jesus Christ taught us to forgive. But we have to admit that it is sometimes very difficult to forgive those that have despitefully used us. Also we find it easier to forgive the enemy that has hurt us rather than to forgive the ones we love. All through ones life there will be those that hurt. It is a part of life. There also will be those that conspire against us as well as there will be times we will conspire against others. Why is it that we face these situations? There is a power that uses our mind to tempt us in order to create havoc.  It is my desire to expose the one that places the schemes, temptations, or the conspiracies in our mind, but we need to realize that we are responsible for the final actions that we allow to occur. The enemy only succeeds if we obey his suggestion. Since we are living in the age of Conspiracy, our minds are subject to either think or devise schemes that involve us or others. Think about this.

A man was sitting in his office one day when a thought entered into his mind. Instantly he began to dwell upon it and then realized this is not a thought that I would normally think of because it is so inappropriate. Why would I think this way?

The fact is we all have thoughts that come into our mind that cause us to later wonder, “Why did I think that way? Am I out of my mind?” I remember a young evangelist that preached really hard against sin and the temptations of the flesh.


One day he was riding in the car with a Pastor that had a very strict standard. As they drove along they passed a young pretty girl that was walking down the street in tight shorts. As they passed her the young minister kept looking at her saying, “look at that, look at that, look at that”, then turning to look some more he noted the Pastor looking at him and said, “Look at that it’s a abomination before God.”  Maybe you should stop looking at her the Pastor told him. The Pastor had noticed that this young man had been drawn in by his own desires of the flesh and had obeyed the voice that had spoken to him. Yes we do have thoughts that suddenly arise in our mind and even sometimes a voice that speaks to us. It could be something that if we responded to, it could cause us to perform an act that later we might regret. Daily we find that we have to resist suggestive thoughts and ideas that enter into the train of thought. Many times they are directing us to do an evil deed or to lust. Then it happens we follow through on the suggestion. We allow the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh or pride to take over and we find ourselves obeying the carnal side of self. From the birth of man till his death he struggles with right and wrong. Because we are born in sin and shaped in iniquity there is a continual warfare that we endure.  We might want to blame God for this but it was not God that created us this way. When he created Adam and Eve he created them free from sin. But he also allowed them to freely choose to obey or not to obey. They only had one choice to make.

God did not desire for man to fall from grace or to fail him, but when he did, he gave him a small still voice that would bring conviction. But because men and women love their sinful ways they would destroy that Godly voice in the early stages of their life. A good example of being born in sin is, “how a child learns to lie!” The parent does not sit a child down and tell them how to tell a lie, they automatically learn. If you tell a child not to touch something and you walk into the room and he has disobeyed you, when you look at him and ask, “Did you do that?”  Normally he will say, No.”  I remember an old illustration that showed an Angel on one shoulder and Satan on the other one whispering to the person. The one represented the right way and the other the wrong way. It was in the beginning of time when the first conspiracy was formed that would eventually shape the lives of everyone that would be born of woman. It is because of the conspirator and the recognition of our own weaknesses that we must force ourselves to forgive those that come against us, If we fail to forgive then it is impossible for us to be forgiven. Keep reminding yourself that you are not perfect and that there is one that attempts to control everyone that is born of man. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in the treachery that he uses to bring you down. Do not ever believe what you hear from Friends, Relatives, Politicians, Church members, even ministers unless you get the other side of the story. I would like to share with you the birth and also some of the ancient conspiracies as well as recent ones. This book could not hold all of the conspiracies that have occurred. Remember we are required to forgive. So let us find out who the conspirator is that speaks to us. Look out he might be speaking to you now.


The Origination of Conspiracy

Let me begin by introducing you to the first conspirator. His name is Lucifer. The story of Lucifer involves the head archangel who wanted ultimate power for himself, rebelled against God, and therefore was cast out of heaven. It has been stated he was the chief Musician in God’s heavenly choir. There are those that also say that this is the reason why so many songs are sensual and are used to stimulate mankind in the ways of sin that are not of God.

Lucifer is typically depicted with horns and a demonic expression, sometimes standing in a fiery hell and carrying a pitchfork. Prior to his fall from heaven, he often appears angelic with a bright face. Some refer to him as a bright and morning star. If he was the bright morning star then apparently he was also a handsome Angelic being that appealed to the other Angels because of his beauty, cleverness, agility and ability to lead. Apparently it was because of his charm and cunning ways that he was able to turn many of the Angelic host against their creator the great IAM. I would like to ask you if you think that anyone could ever be more powerful than the one that created them. Did Lucifer really believe that he could become more powerful than God? Is it possible that one so wise and cunning could have been so deceived by himself? As we study the word of God in the beginning, we discover that Satan did fail in his rebellion against God the creator of heaven and earth. Also after being cast down to Earth he continued in this rebellion. God had seen what Lucifer had done in his conspiracy of deceiving Eve.  With his victory over Adam and Eve, Satan was able to claim the rights of Adam that God had given to him. That was the right to oversee this world. Lucifer now had assumed that right. During the time that he would have dominion, he would be called the god of this world.  So when one makes the statement, “Oh I serve god!” They are telling the truth whether they realize it or not. Either they are serving the god of this world or they are serving the God that created this world. For those that say that they do not believe in god, I can assure them that there is a god they serve that does not require them to have faith in him. Since Lucifer was now in control he would be able to tempt and use mankind in various ways to create turmoil. Man would have to call on God to receive God’s help when he needed him. Is god in control? The answer is yes. The god of this world until man asks for the creator to intervene or when God decides to override him.

Satan and his demons main desire is to keep man from serving the great I Am and to keep him in sin so that his final destiny is eternal death. Satan knows how much God loved man and his desire for him to serve him. The one restriction that God placed upon Satan was that he could not force man to sin but he could tempt him and even plant thoughts into his mind and/or the mind of others in order for man to choose between right and wrong. Satan also has the power to possess those that allow him to. Remember Satan does not rest night or day in his warfare against God and Man. There is only one way that man can totally defeat him and that is by being born again. When one is born again he can truthfully say “Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.” When one is fully born again according to God’s way found in Acts chapter two and verse thirty eight he becomes a son of God. The bible states that, “as many as received him to them he gave the power to become sons of God. That power is in receiving God’s Spirit which we receive through faith, true repentance, and the new birth. Mark 16:17 says, and these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues. Satan can not possess one filled with God’s Spirit. This is the reason that Satan does not mind you being religious but he does not want you to be born again. He knows that as a son of God he has given you his Spirit to use for: casting out devils, healing, miracles, and deliverance for self and also for others. You have the power so use it for the glory of God because if you fail to utilize that power especially in your own life Satan is sure to overcome you. When I first was born again I did not understand this power of demon possession until one night a young man came to the altar that was possessed with a demon spirit. Lacking faith I failed that night but after fasting and praying we were able to cast the Spirit out of him.


I remember him falling on the floor and as the evil spirit came out he foamed at the mouth. All of a sudden he rose up lifted his hands and began to speak in tongues as the Spirit of God gave the utterance. Over the years I had to use the power that is in the name of Jesus to cast out spirits especially when I was a Missionary to the British Isles. I remember one night in High Wycombe England while ministering in the service in the Guild hall a young girl came to the altar and began to shake and scream. When I realized it was an evil spirit I realized that we had many people in the service that night that were not filled with the Holy Spirit. I began to seek what I should do and God enlightened me to bind the spirit in her. The reason that a spirit should not be cast out of a person in a group where there are some unfilled with the Spirit of God is because when a evil spirit is cast out, it looks for another vessel to enter. Those that are not filled with Gods Spirit are open and need to be protected. Before I left that night I asked Billy Graham to make sure to pray for deliverance for this young lady. Many years later I found out that she committed suicide. That is what Satan desires for each of us because he would love for us to leave this world as a unrepented sinner. Evil spirits desire a body to possess and you must make sure you do not play around with spirits which inhabit witches, soothsayers, and those that have turned themselves over to the devil. Lucifer has his army going to and fro looking for those they can devour.

Lucifer means “light bearer.” While many believe that Lucifer has brought evil into the world and seek spiritual protection from him, others invoke Lucifer’s power in order to gain spiritual strength. Lucifer is also found in many religions, including Christianity, the Bahai Faith, Judaism and Islam, and is generally considered to be a personification of evil. It was in the beginning that he gave birth to the first conspiracy.