Guns to the Gospel


6-      Fore word

8-      Guns to the Gospel

10-    Crossbar Motel

14-    The capture of the escaped Prisoners

21-    The Girl with the red hair

23-    Smoky the Crooked Cop

27-    Oh No Not the Red headed Girl again

29-    The Cops on the Prowl

31-    Doctor on the Prowl

33-    My First resisting arrest

37-    The Beginning

40-    The good old days

44-    The bad old days

47-    Early working years

52-    The move to Pensacola

56-    The Vagabond

58-    Pastor Robert Glass

63-    The US Air Force

67-    The Specialist

69-    Overseas

77-    I married an Alien

79-    End of the Air Force career

81-    God loves Cops

85-    AAA Scandal

86-    Jim joins the force

89-    Carol is born again

91-    Satan speaks to me

93-    Voice of God speaks to me

94-    A Real Miracle

96-    God allows me to drink from the well


97-    Call of God into the Ministry

98-     My Vision

101-   Pastor Glass’s Warning

108-   New Beginnings

110-   More Miracles

112-   Conference in Germany

115-   Sister Barker rose from the dead

119-   Return to the USA

123-   The Jay Church Rescue

125-   Texas Bible College

127-   Galveston Oh Galveston

132-   Fake Tongues – The Search

140     My Big Mistake

147-   Billy Graham Baptized in Jesus Name

150-   Tent Crusade in the park

156-   Fred the X-Burglar

160-   Paul Goodhall’s Excerpt on Oxford

173-   Satan and His Wiles

170-   Pioneering Church in Falkirk Scotland

171-   Callendar House Home of the Livingston’s

173-   Girl guide hall

181-   The perfect Organization

186     The perfect church

189-   The War begins

194-   The Lawn war

200-   88 Reasons Jesus shall return in 1988

209-   The perfect Pastor

214-   Dukes silver nuggets

228 –  Full Salvation Plan

229-   About


There are Physical Injuries and sometimes Physical death that results while one is serving as an Enforcement Officer. One never knows when it can or will occur, if he did then it might be possible to avoid it.  So when one chooses this arena he or she must expect danger or death to be lurking in the shadow of time. From the time that he reports for duty until the time his shift ends a Policeman must stay alert and on guard as he never knows when this could be the very moment or day he faces a dangerous situation where he might be injured or even die.

As you read this book you might note some of the near-death experiences that I faced in the physical realm. Most of them occurred when I least expected it. It happened so quickly and was over before I even realized I was in danger. Also there were comical times that when I remember them they still cause me to laugh.

Also in the religious realm, you will notice that there are similar situations that sometimes cause spiritual injuries and sometimes even spiritual death.  As I have tried to place these traumas out of mind some are hard to overcome because of the party or parties that caused havoc or attempted to wreck my life. Where most of the dilemmas or near death experiences as a cop were brought on by accident or criminal behavior, the Spiritual ones are so many times caused by those that we might least expect. Normally as a Cop, you are aware of the enemy but in the Spiritual, it is not always possible until the deed is done. That person that is seated by you an overseer, or even a fellow worker in the church can be used by Satan, Actually, Satan is the god of this world and can work in so many devious ways through friends, kindred, and even Pastor’s to perform his dirty deeds. I would like to point out that one that does evil to another must repent and seek the forgiveness of the one they wronged. I am so thankful for my Pastor for all of his encouragement when the enemy came rushing in like a raging storm. It was his wisdom that helped me and my wife to endure many situations. Please note that some names have been changed so as not to embarrass anyone.

By George Duke

As I sit down to give you an undeniable proof of my actions while serving as some of you would call, “A Cop” and considering your desires as indispensable orders for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Ungracious then as the task may be, I shall recall viewing those dangerous stages of my police life, out of which I emerged, at length, to the enjoyment of every blessing in the power of love, health and fortune to find Jesus Christ; whilst yet in the flower of my youth, and not too late to employ the leisure afforded me to use that knowledge gained by the power of God.  And  later  I would be able to cultivate an understanding, Spiritually and naturally to be able to share the wonderful power of who Jesus Christ is, and what he can be to you, not a despicable one, but something so real and vivid that stayed with me for the remainder of my life, and which has outweighed the whirl of loose pleasures I had been raised in, exerted more observation on the characters and manners of the world than what is common to those of my profession, who, looking on all though or reflection as their capital enemy, keep it at a great  distance as they can, or destroy it without mercy. What I have learned was derived through much seeking, study, research, and most of all prayer. There were many awesome events that occurred during my service on the PPD. The sit-ins at the department stores in which I had to make many arrests. One of the things that I appreciated was that we as Policemen were instructed to arrest all persons involved in any disturbance in the sit-ins and allow the court to determine who the instigator was. Another order from our City Manager was that we were not to discriminate in who we might have to ticket or arrest. His statement was even if you stop me for a driving offense you should ticket me. Also during the time of my service I was shocked by the death of Robert Kennedy. My brother Robert Duke was working for the Mobile Press Register Newspaper at the time and covered the prediction that had been made by Jeanne Dixon. In Ruth Montgomery’s book on Jeanne Dixon she names having read the article by Bob.

There were so many things that occurred while I was a Police Officer in Pensacola Florida. It would be impossible for me to remember all of the many events that I was involved in.

First of all, I would like to reminisce on some of the events that remained in my mind while serving as ‘A Cop”

Crossbar Motel

As I have mentioned there were many events that were laughable as I served on the Pensacola Police Force. Once while I was patrolling in the southern part of the downtown area as I made a left turn near the old courthouse I saw a woman walking in the middle of the street. I noticed that she was staggering quite a bit. All of a sudden she saw my car and waved her arms back and forth calling out Taxi, Taxi, Taxi. I pulled up beside her and she opened the back door and jumped in the back seat. She looked at me and said I need to find a hotel. I said ok and drove toward the Police station where we had our city jail. Suddenly she looked at my uniform and the metal screen that divided the front seats from the rear. Say what is this she asked, this is not a taxi. I said sure it is but we only have one motel we take people to. It’s called the crossbar Motel.


The Rookies First Capture and arrest

The clock had already struck the 11:00 hour on Saturday night when the paddy wagon dropped me off on the corner of Palafox and Gregory Street to walk beat 5 and 6.  The paddy wagon drove off and as it faded in the distance I looked around and suddenly, I spotted a man in the rear of the Hill-Kelly used car lot walking around..  As I kept a watch on him I began to wonder, “Why would someone this late in the night be looking at cars,”  Moving over into the shadows I continued to keep my eyes on him to see what he was doing and if I could identify him?  Was he on our wanted list?  Suddenly as he turned his face toward me and then I realized that here was a man that was wanted for Auto theft and embezzlement.  Had he seen me and moved to the back of the car lot to avoid being captured or was he looking for another vehicle to heist?  All kind of thoughts raced through my mind as I approached him, then suddenly when he spotted me walking toward him, I could tell he did not know what to do, and as he turned toward me I recognized him as a person I knew very well by the name of Munsey Dees.  Quickly I walked up to him, and said, you are under arrest!  Turn around and place your hands behind your back, I commanded. He turned and I quickly placed the handcuffs on his wrists.  After handcuffing him we walked back to the corner where a call box was located and I called for a squad car to come and pick him up. Rolling up to the corner in a black and white patrol car, the two officers jumped out and I informed them that I had captured him in the car lot and that he was wanted for car theft. I also let them know that there was a one hundred dollar reward for his arrest.  Who is he, they asked?  Munsey Dees I replied. Placing him in the back of the patrol car they looked at me and said good work and drove away to book him at the Police Station.


Munsey was a white male that had worked as a salesman at Ocean City Auto Sales in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. On a day when business was slow he became fed up with his job and decided to take all the cash and a car and leave. When the owner returned to the car lot he noticed that the building had been closed and no one was there. I had not been on the Pensacola Police force long when the man who owned the car lot reported the theft and embezzlement of the funds. At the time I did not know that Munsey was a nephew of the car lot owner when he instructed me to let other Policemen know he would was offering a $100 reward to anyone capturing Munsey. When I informed him that I had captured Munsey he was thrilled but when he told his brother, his brother was furious, not with Munsey but with his brother in law and me. Well, guess if I ever received my $100.00?  This loss made me realize that rewards need to be made officially to the department and not to just me.


The Capture of the Prison Escapees

Some months later while patrolling the central section of downtown Pensacola in car 19, I suddenly heard the call come over the radio, “Attention all cars we have received a report that a car with some escaped convicts from Raiford prison are reported coming across the Pensacola Bridge from Gulf Breeze, Florida”. Instantly, the radio was filled with several cars responding and the patrol officers saying they were in the vicinity. As I was in the downtown area and quite a distance from where they had given the location I did not respond but continued to listen as a description of the convict’s vehicle was given.  It seemed like only a few minutes later that I heard radio reports of a chase in progress. Apparently, one of the Patrol cars had spotted their car on east Gregory Street and began pursuit which turned into a high-speed chase. I heard another Patrol car state that they were also behind the getaway car and were in pursuit.  As they gave their locations, I could hear their sirens screaming and knew they were headed toward me. Here I was in downtown Pensacola patrolling on Garden Street and quickly made up my mind that they would be headed toward me at any moment.  Suddenly there they were making a turn heading north onto Palafox street. With tires squealing, red light flashing, and siren blowing I joined the chase. I was the last of the patrol cars that had joined in the chase and there were two patrol cars in front of me. Suddenly they made a right turn onto Baylen Street heading east. During the high-speed chase, it appeared that the patrol cars were almost on their tail when the escapees started making turns right on Palafox, then right on the next street right again. I began to consider the possibility that if I turned right on Railroad Street and went back to Garden Street I could intercept them on Garden Street. So as all the other patrol cars continued behind them, when I got to Railroad Street I turned right and got back onto Garden Street.  I was correct and when they saw me blocking their way they turned right on a trail with a rail track. The rails were very high and their tires could not jump them at the speed and angle they were traveling. Then they noted the tracks dead-ended and there was no way out. I now was in hot pursuit and followed them until their vehicle came to a halt. They leaped out of the car leaving the doors open and began to run. I leaped out with my gun in hand and began to chase them firing a shot over their head. It just took the one shot and they stopped with their hands raised and I was able to subdue them and placed handcuffs on them. Our Captain who now was on the scene was very happy with the way I had preplanned the direction that they would travel and apprehend these criminals who had escaped from the prison in Central Florida.

Weeks after the capture I received a reward of $100.00 for my part in the capture.  Below is a picture where the old Hill Kelly Car lot was located. Today most car lots are located north of the downtown area on North Palafox highway.