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Saving Bessie

Mrs. Dee had a terrible night. She was still feeling very sleepy. The storm last night kept her awake. She slowly got out of bed. To her surprise Misty, her dog, was still asleep, which was very unusual. She was the one that woke her up every morning.

“Come Misty. We need to check on the chickens after that storm.”

Hoping that the chicken pen had not blown down and the chickens were safe, she dressed quickly. She put on her boots, preparing herself for a disaster. To her surprise everything looked intact, no damage. 

She was so relieved. She collected all the eggs and placed them into her egg basket. The storm had not affected the hens’ laying. Mrs. Dee was quite happy with collecting her six eggs.

“Come on Misty. We need to wake up Mr. Dee and get the coffee on. I need to feed you too.”

As Mrs. Dee headed back to the house she heard a dog barking. Misty seemed restless, and upset. I wonder who’s dog that is? I don’t know of anyone who has a dog back that way.

“Come on Misty. We need to go in.” But Misty was becoming very fussy, and headed for the creek that ran through their property.

“What’s the matter Misty?”

Misty was a very obedient dog , so Mrs. Dee couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t follow her into the house. The other dog was still barking in the distance, and Misty was getting more upset. She refused to come into the house, even to eat.

Leaving Misty outside, Mrs. Dee went into the house to put the coffee on, thinking she will want to come in after awhile. After about fifteen minutes, she looked outside to check on her and to see if she wanted to come in. But Misty was still acting strangely. She kept running back and forth towards the creek.


“My goodness that dog that I heard early this morning is still barking. I wonder if that is what is upsetting Misty. Maybe something is wrong,” Mrs. Dee thought.

It wasn’t too far to the creek. Even though they were on four acres of land, it was mostly all woods. Mrs. Dee decided to take a look and see if she could see the dog that was now making such a fuss.


Misty led the way. The closer to the creek they got, the faster Misty ran, leading the way. As Mrs. Dee got to the creek, she looked to where Misty had stopped. Across the creek, she saw the cutest little dog caught in the briars. It was soaked from the storm. “Poor little thing,” she thought.

As pitiful as the poor little dog looked, it was so happy to see her. Looking as if to say, “Please help me.” Mrs. Dee was an animal lover. Her heart was touched to see the poor little dog so trapped. “I have to rescue that dog. But how?”

The water in the creek had risen from the storm, and it was flowing like the rapids, with a lot of debris. Mrs. Dee couldn’t swim. “I have got to get across that creek,” thought Mrs. Dee, “but that current could knock me down. I’ve got to find a way or that poor little puppy is going to be stuck there for hours.” 

Looking over to the other side while the little dog was getting frantic, Misty was wagging her tail as if to say, “You can do it”.

Mrs. Dee weighed up the situation and made a plan of how she could rescue the dog. If only I could find a strong stick to steady me in the water, I would feel more secure. Looking around, she could find nothing long enough. Plus she didn’t know how deep the water was.


Looking up, she saw a tree that was hanging over the water with some good strong limbs. She said to herself, “If I could pull one of the limbs to where I could hold on to one of them, I could get to the other side safely.”

Reaching with a stick and pulling onto one of the limbs, she succeeded in getting one close enough to grab onto. She took her first step into the creek, taking it very slowly. The water was making it very difficult. The current was very strong, but the limb she was holding onto was a great support. 

The closer she got to the little dog the more excited it got, entangling itself more. Mrs. Dee finally made it to the entangled dog, who was wagging its tail like crazy. Steadying herself, she reached for the dog and untangled her. The sweet little dog jumped in her arms and kissed and kissed her rescuer.

Now for the return trip to the other side. Now Mrs. Dee has a dog in her arms and has to hang on to the limb, as well, to make it safely back. Getting her footing, she said a little prayer, and started back to the other side. At last she made it. She went to put the dog down, but the dog clung on, not wanting to let go. So she carried her to the house.

“You must be hungry and thirsty.” She left the dog outside, went in, got some food and fresh water, and brought it out for the dog.

After the dog had had its fill, Mrs. Dee thought the dog would leave and find its way home, if it lived not to far away. She stayed outside a while to see if the dog would stay around, or leave on its own accord. The dog stayed.

“OK, little girl,” she said to the puppy, “you look a mess.” She checked her over. She was covered in ticks and stickers. “My goodness,” she thought, “you must be feeling miserable.Bathfor you, sweet one. Then we are going to search for your owners.”

The bath was poured for the dog and a good smelling dog shampoo was applied. “We will have you smelling good in no time,” said Mrs. Dee. “Then we will get rid of those ticks and stickers. After, her bath, she wrapped her in a warm towel, dried her, and cleaned and brushed her. She looked like a different dog.

Mrs. Dee, had explained everything all that had happened in the last two hours to her husband. She explained, “This dog has been taken care of. Its nails are groomed. The dog is not starving. It’s a very loving dog, very social. Somebody is missing this dog. There may be children crying for their dog to return home. We must put up posters, then drive around some neighborhoods close by to see if we can locate the owners. We can leave the dog with Misty for company until we get back.”

Mr. and Mrs. Dee set about making posters and putting them up around the neighborhood, even knocking on a few doors to see if anyone had lost their dog, with no luck.

Nobody knew anything about the dog or anyone that had lost a dog. “I guess we can put an add in the paper and see if someone is looking for their dog,” said Mr. Dee.

Mr. Dee said, “Why don’t we drive around to the back of all the woods? I know. It’s a long way around, but we have tried everything close by. Mrs. Dee agreed. Even though they had no idea what was on the other side, they traveled about four miles around to the back of the woods on the highway.

“I don’t see any houses around this way,” said Mrs. Dee.”Lets go about two more miles, then we will turn back if we don’t see any homes.” Mr. and Mrs. Dee traveled on. They had gone another mile and passed an open cleared field. It looked like a field and way back, there were three houses with a trail going to each house. As they were looking, Mr. Dee said, “Those woods back up to our property. Even though it seems a long way out, there’s a good chance we may be in luck on finding the owners of the little dog.”

As they were talking, a car turned onto the property. “Let’s follow them,” said Mrs. Dee. “They may know something about the dog”. They followed them for quite a distance until they drove up in front of a house. Two ladies got out of the car, followed by three small children. The man in the car leaned out of the window. Mr. Dee leaned out of his and said, “Have you…” and before he could finish, the man said, “lost a dog?”

Mr. and Mrs. Dee got out of their car, as did the man. Everybody was so excited when they heard the news that their dog had been found.

The children’s eyes lit up as Mrs. Dee explained how she found the dog. 

They said their dog had been missing for over twelve hours, and they had gone to bed crying. They were from Alabama and were visiting their grandmother along with their parents. Their father had let the dog out before they all went to bed, and the dog saw a deer in the woods. 

She had never seen a deer before, so she chased after it, and never came back. She was out all night in the storm. Their father had taken a flashlight and went out looking for her, but had no luck. The children went to bed very upset, praying that their dog would return to them.

Everyone got back into their cars. The dog’s family followed Mr. and Mrs. Dee to their house. What a wonderful reunion! The children were so happy. Mrs. Dee told them, “Jesus heard your prayers and answered them. He brought Bessie safely home.” This was a very happy ending to an exciting day.