Tithing Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

The question arises many times about tithing, Is it biblical for Christians today? There are more than the 2 witnesses in the bible that fulfills the requirement to tithe.

As a matter of fact there are enough in both the old and new testament to meet this requirement.

In the old testament we see Abraham tithing which was before the law, then in the Mosaic law again we see the command. In addition we read in Malachi that the people are cursed because they withhold tithes.

In the New Testament we see Jesus saying for us to not leave it undone in more than one of the accounts of the Gospels. Some may say the words of Jesus in the Gospels were only for the Jews, but if this was so it would have been in Matthew and left out of Luke. Matthew is written for the Jews but Luke is written to the Gentiles.  Also if God is no respecter of persons why would he place the requirement in the New Testament at all?

Why should one tithe?

In obedience. how should one tithe? Cheerfully.

When should a person tithe? First day of the week.

Now after I tithe and I find out the money is not used in the way I feel it should be used, what should I do? Nothing other than pray for the one that might be guilty of the misuse. Here is a great policy to follow. Go to church, place your tithe in the offering cheerfully, and as you give it pray and tell God, Lord I give this to you. When you have given in this manner it becomes the Lords and if it is abused or misused then it has become the responsibly of the Lord and not you as you have met your duty and obligation.

Do not give your Tithes to the Preacher, give them to the Lord and you will be  blessed.

Let god give them to the Minister or Ministry. In retrospect follow this guideline,  1- cheerfully.  2-unto the Lord. 3- believing.

No we are not under the law because it is now in our heart to give and support the work of God.