The Winds of Meggido are already blowing Rapture soon

by George C Duke


God spoke to me and informed me about the battle and it was then that he spoke to me about the Rapture. He said that he would not tell me the day or hour of his return for his Bride but it would be within the next ten years. When he spoke to me regarding this event, I felt his power overshadow me and tears came to my eyes as I felt his Spirit sending chills all over my body. After he spoke to me I had another voice to speak to me and tell me that if I propagated this that people would think I was out of my mind. So I did not publish it at that time nor relate it to others. But during the writing of my book Conspiracy God spoke to me again and asked me, “Why are you not telling people about what I revealed to you?” My reply was, Lord I felt that they would think I was out of my mind. It was then that I asked God to forgive me and I promised to tell it and to publish it. Later God inspired me to make another journey to the UK. I wanted to share with everyone that I could what God had revealed to me. Apparently the enemy did not want me to spread this prophecy because he used every means to hinder or to stop me from visiting the various churches. I heard all kind of excuses from the Pastors as to why they could not have me to visit their congregations. Some that I had made bookings with many months before opted out. I wept as I realized that so many of those that I brought to the Lord many years ago had decided that the things of the world mattered more to them than the man of God that had revealed to them How to become a son of God! Also during the time I was in the UK I became very ill and lost most of my strength. Each time that I spoke in the various churches I found my energy was exhausted. But in spite of this ,I was thrilled to visit churches in Cardiff, Wales, Red Lodge, Bury St. Edmunds, Oxford, and the UPC Church in Milton Keynes, England. On the last Sunday that I was there I was scheduled to speak in Cambridge but because of my exhaustion and illness, I had to cancel out much to my regret. My prayer today is that these churches that I did visit will share what God has revealed to me with others before he comes for his sons and daughters. Another message that I also spoke about was, “ 50 Reasons why the Lord is about to return.” Which I list here:

1- Instability in nature Luke 21:11

2-Increasing lawlessness and violence Mt 24:12

3-Increasing immorality  Mt 24:37

4-Materialism 2 Timothy 3:2

5-Hedonism  2 Timothy 3:4

6-Influence of Humanism 2 Timothy 3:2

7-Depraved Entertainment 2 Timothy 3:4

8-Calling Evil good and Good evil 2 Tim. 3:3

9-increasing use of drugs 2 Tim 3:3

10-Increasing blasphemy 2 Tim 3:2

11:Increasing Paganism  2 Tim 3:1-4
12-Increasing Despair  2 Tim 3:1

13-Signs in Heaven Luke 21:11 & 25

14- Increasing Knowledge Daniel 12:4

15-Increasing Travel Daniel 12:4

16-Explosion of Cults  Matthew 24:11

17-False Christ’s   Matthew 24:5

18-Apostasy in the church 2 Tim 4:3-5

19-Increasing attacks on Jesus Romans 1:18

20-Inc. attacks on the Bible  Rom 1:18

21-Inc. Persecution of Christians Matthew 24:9

22-Occultism    1 Tim  4:1

23-Wars & Rumors of wars   Matthew 24:6

24-Weapons of Mass destruction Luke 21:26

25-Increasing Famine  Luke 24:11

26-Pestilence    Luke 21:11

27-Computor Technology  Rev 13:7

28:Television   Rev 11:8-9

29-Satellite Technology  Rev 13:7

30-Virtual Reality  Rev 13:14-15

31-Unification of Europe   Daniel 2 & 7

32-Far Eastern powers   Rev 9:16 & 16:12

33-World Government  Daniel 33:7-23

34-Regathering of the Jews   Isaiah 11:10-12

35-Re-establishment of Israel   Isaiah 66:7-8

36-Reclamation of land of Israel Ezekiel 36:34

37-Revival of Biblical Hebrew  Zephaniah 3:6

38-Reoccupation of Jerusalem Zech 12:6

39-Resurgence of the Israeli Military Zech 12:6

40-Re-Focus. of World  politics on Israel Zec 12:3

41-Russian threat to Israel  Ezekiel 38 & 39

42-Arab threat to Israel  Ez. 35 & 36

43-Denial of the 2nd coming   Peter 3:3-4

44-Denial of creation by God   Romans 1:18-22-

45-Outpouring of the Holy Spirit  Joel 2:28-29

46Translation of the Bible Many languages Mt. 24:14

47-Preaching of the Gospel whole world Matt. 24:14

48-Revival of Messianic Judaism  Isaiah 40:3-5

49-Revival Davidic praise worship  Isaiah 40:3-5

50-Undering of Bible Prophecy Amos 9:11


I am sure that most of you looking at this list might think that most of these have been being fulfilled for years but there is one difference. The frequency! Jesus spoke about the frequency of these events as similar to a woman in child birth. They get stronger and more frequent at the moment of birth. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. Wake up smell the roses. It’s time to be ready.  Please share this with others that you know. The clock is ticking away the final seconds before the Rapture.