How many Jewish Israelis support annexation?

New survey finds that 71% of right-wing Israeli Jews, 31% of those in the center and 8% on the Left support sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, and the Jordan Valley.

A majority of Jewish Israelis (52%) support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, according to a poll published on Sunday.

However, only 32% of Jewish Israelis actually think the government will actually annex any territory, according to the Israeli Voice Index for April carried out by the Israel Democracy Institute.

Among Jews, 71% of those on the Right support annexation of parts of Judea and Samaria, while in the center the figure is 31% and on the Left only 8%.

On security issues, the most optimistic were Jews on the right (82%), followed by the center (69%) and the Left (53%).

As to what rights the Palestinians living in the annexed areas should have, most Jews (37%) said they should not be changed while among Arabs, the most common opinion (47%) was that these Arabs should be given citizenship.

With regard to national security issues, optimism among Jews was at 75%, while among Arabs it stood at only 43%.

The survey was conducted by the Guttman Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research at the Israel Democracy Institute online and by telephone from April 30 to May 3. Of the 769 respondents, 615 were interviewed in Hebrew and 154 in Arabic.

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