Who really launched caravan ‘invasion’ of America?

Immigrants from Central America making their way to the U.S. border (Screenshot CNN)

The media would have Americans believe that thousands of Hondurans spontaneously got together for a 2,000-mile march to the United States, where they expect jobs, social services, education and more.
But the reports leave unexplained how the “invasion,” as talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh described it, is being funded.

Rush Limbaugh described it, is being funded.

Certainly there are hot-button political issues involved, including the Democrats’ aim to make President Trump look bad if he separates illegal alien families who cross into the U.S.

Democrats, meanwhile, accuse the president of using the invasion to divert attention from their talking points on health care.

The origin of the caravan, however, likely won’t become clear until it’s revealed who is coordinating the campaign.

“They’re trying to make this look organic, but it can’t be! It can’t be organic! Something like this has to be planned,” Limbaugh said. “And so I’m asking myself, who’s behind the planning? I’ve asked the question, well, they have to eat. Well, they have to use the bathroom. Well, there’s some kids there without their parents,” he said Monday.

He said “rich Democrat donors” anxious to embarrass the president could be behind it.

“It could be that they want to demonstrate the cold-heartedness and the mean-spiritedness of Donald Trump by having him do what he said he would do, not let them in. Basically shut down the border. If the Democrats are thinking that, man, oh, man, do they not get it,” he said.

Limbaugh said that for Democrats to get a political boost from the caravan, something bad would have to happen to someone in it.

Then, he said, the media and the Democrats could blame Trump.

Otherwise, he said, the caravan is “a microcosm” of what got Trump elected.

He said Democrats may also be hoping Trump will do nothing about it.

“They might be rolling the dice that Trump isn’t gonna do anything because they think they’ve rattled Trump with their stories earlier this year about how he separated families at the border and how Trump didn’t like that narrative and didn’t want it to last so he did what he could to change it.”

No matter the politics, there is someone behind the scenes “making this happen,” he said.

“We’ve got how many? Two-thousand miles? Stop and think of this. From Honduras to the southern border of United States, Arizona, is around 2,000 miles. Seven thousand people one day just decided to start walking to the United States 2,000 miles.”

He said another possibility is that the drug cartels are involved.

“But there has to be political involvement here, too, because money has to be available. There has to be money being spent on this. So you’ve got 7,000 people who all of a sudden decide, all of a sudden, ’cause nobody saw this coming. And there was no advance word of it. Seven thousand people decide to start walking 2,000 miles.”

He described the necessary accommodations for such an entourage.

“We don’t see pictures of where they’re using the bathroom. We don’t see pictures of them gathering or getting food and eating it. I mean, look, in random video you might see some people chewing things, but we don’t see how this is being handled. We don’t see the Porta-Potties. We don’t see. … And are they just urinating in rivers and streams, and what would the environmentalist wackos think about that if that’s happening?” he wondered.

“Every time you see a caravan, or people illegally coming, or attempting to come, into our Country illegally, think of and blame the Democrats for not giving us the votes to change our pathetic Immigration Laws!” Trump tweeted Monday morning. “Remember the midterms! So unfair to those who come in legally.”

He said police south of the border apparently are unable to stop the movement and warned “Middle Easterners” may be in the mix, noting ISIS members have been caught in the region in recent years.