Detained for Hours by the Police as Men Spit on the Name of Jesus: My Day in Jerusalem

I’m writing from the quiet of my hotel room in Jerusalem at midnight, but today was anything but quiet. (If you’re impatient and want to jump ahead, watch this short video now. You’ll see things got pretty intense.)

I was with a small team in a mixed area in Jerusalem, getting video footage to use on Christian TV. Some of the people were very religious, others more secular. But my goal was to interview the more religious Jews and, if they were interested in talking more, connect them with some local believers.

Soon enough, some of the religious Jews started yelling “Missionaries!”, at which point we shut down the interviews, not wanting to create a scene.

But as we tried to leave quietly, one agitator started following me and yelling “Missionary!” in the crowded marketplace. He was then joined by other ultra-Orthodox Jews, who started to surround me and challenge me.

At that point, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to share my faith boldly and clearly. I already had someone offering free (albeit loud and very negative) publicity. I told them that, yes, of course, I believe in Yeshua (Jesus), and yes, I’m still a Jew.

I turned to the onlookers, many of whom were not religious, asking them, “Is this illegal? Is it illegal for me to preach openly here? Is it illegal for a Jew to believe in Jesus?”

Of course, they told me it was not illegal. One of them even asked me, “Are you for Trump?”

When I said yes, he sang my praises to the onlooking crowd. Seriously. (I’ll talk about this more in another article, but you’d be amazed to hear how much President Trump is respected by many Israelis.)

As for the ultra-Orthodox Jews who surrounded me and yelled at me, you have to see things from their perspective. What they read about Jesus in their own literature tells them he was a deceiver who did miracles by magical power. They believe he led people away from the one true God. And they associate him directly with the Holocaust and with Jewish suffering throughout history.

That’s why one of them (captured on the video) shouted out in Hebrew, “We don’t believe in Yeshua,” then spat on the ground.

As for me, in their eyes, I was even worse. I was not only a missionary but also a fraud, since I still claimed to be a Jew. How my heart goes out to these men!

Eventually, after the main agitator kept harassing us, I decided the last thing he would do was drive us away. So as long as he yelled, I stayed and shared my faith.

But he had called the police, claiming (falsely) I was breaking the law. And then, when he pushed his phone right up to my face (literally) and I pushed it away, he started shouting that I attacked him. Seriously!

Finally, two policewomen arrived and because of his accusations, we had to go to the local police station. The whole process took about four-five hours, with the great majority of the time spent sitting without a phone, doing nothing. (Of course, I was praying silently and thanking God for this special day, also praying for my accuser, who sat across from me the whole time.)

The big problem for me was that I’m fluent in biblical Hebrew but weak in modern Hebrew, so I missed a lot of what my accuser was saying and was concerned I couldn’t explain things clearly to the police officers.

Finally, an interrogator arrived, spending about 20-30 minutes with my accuser, then interviewing me. By this time, we had this same video up on YouTube, so he could get a feel for what was happening. And he fully understood I had done nothing wrong or illegal.

Then he asked me, “Are you a missionary?”

In the Jewish world, especially Israel, this has very bad connotations. But since I had made clear to him that I was a public, unashamed believer in Jesus and that I share my faith with my people, I answered in the affirmative.

To my delightful surprise he said, “That’s OK. Missionaries are good!”

A few minutes later, with a smile and without any paperwork to take with me, he told me I could go.

Now it had been hours since my phone was taken from me, so Nancy and my family and ministry team and friends had no idea where I was or the details of what happened. But, when I walked out of the police station, before I could call home and tell the full story, I was greeted by three more ultra-Orthodox Jews. One shouted “missionary” and took my picture with his cell phone. I greeted him with a big smile.

Another said with a smile, “So Michael Brown is now violent?” (It looks like he knew me already!) I laughed with him, realizing that he knew the story was phony.

Then he said to me, “You should bring this message to Bethlehem.”

I said, “I’m going there this weekend to speak at a controversial, anti-Zionist conference as a friend of Israel!”

He responded, “I know!”

And then, asking if he could revert to Hebrew (since we were speaking in English), he said, “For this one time, I wish you success!”

What a day in Jerusalem!

Satanists Declare War Against Spirit-Filled Senator

Sen. Jason Rapert, left, with Franklin Graham, center.

Senator Jason Rapert spoke with Charisma News recently about an uptick in spiritual warfare against his family since he started bringing God back into the public square. Here’s part of his story.

What is your specific involvement with the Ten Commandments statue?

I was the original sponsor of ACT 1231 the Arkansas Ten Commandments Monument Act. I filed the legislation in 2015 when it was originally passed by the Arkansas legislature and signed into law by Gov. Asa Hutchinson. After the bill became law, I formed the American History & Heritage Foundation, installed a board of directors and we began raising private money to pay for the monument and installation as the law required. After the monument was destroyed, I vowed to raise the money again to ensure the monument was re-installed. You can read more here:

How were you attacked for your involvement?

From the beginning, I started receiving hostile e-mails, threatening messages and hate mail. I endured public ridicule by the atheist community, extreme liberals and even by organized satanic organizations.

There is no question the American public has been successfully confused about the Judeo-Christian history and heritage of our nation by secular humanist organizations over the past few decades. The ignorance present in our country about the Ten Commandments as a historical and moral influence on the development of American jurisprudence has fueled the intensity of organizations that seek to undermine any reference to God in the public square.

If a public display of the Ten Commandments is good enough for the United States Supreme Court to have carved on the doors leading into the court chamber, then it is appropriate and good for every state, county and city in our nation to honor the Ten Commandments as well.

How has your faith been strengthened throughout the ordeal?

Psalm 56:11 has been one of my favorite verses—I put my trust in God; what can any man do to me as I stand up for truth? The Word says “Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me” (Matt. 5:11). No one likes to have people talk bad about them, attack their business, their ministry and seek to defame their name.

We have definitely endured public persecution by those who hate the things of God in our country, but I am revolved to stand up for what is right, advocate righteousness in the public square and do my best to ensure our nation lives up to our national motto “In God We Trust.”

I was ordained into the ministry before ever entering into politics. I was also a businessman, raising my daughters and enjoying life with my wife, just like many people reading this article today. Our family has been active in evangelism and mission work through our ministry,, since 2002.

But in 2009, God began to deal with me about what was going on in our nation and I found myself stirred to run for elected office and do my part to help turn our nation around. This struggle about staying focused purely on our ministry which was our heartbeat—building water wells in Ghana, West Africa; conducting village feedings; funding scholarships for African pastors to spread the gospel in their own country; preaching and teaching on the power of God to transform lives and helping those who cannot help themselves—or actually running for political office was a tough one at first.

I prayed and fasted for God to clearly direct me on what He wanted me to do. I will never forget the clear answer God gave me in early 2010 during my prayer time. He actually posed a question to me, “Why are you not willing to sacrifice to serve at “home” at the same level you have sacrificed to serve overseas in mission work when it is your country that is now in trouble?” I realized that America was in terrible spiritual decline, and if I did not stand up and do something, the nation would continue to dishonor God and the future of our nation was in jeopardy.

Just like so many reading this article today, I have a strong faith in God. History shows that most of our Founding Fathers had a strong faith in God as well. The Pilgrims set their hand to a contract asking for God’s blessings on this nation during their first voyage to the New World when they executed the Mayflower Compact.

Decades later when the Declaration of Independence was drafted, our Founding Fathers made sure to incorporate references to God as our “Creator”, “Supreme Judge of the World” and “Divine Providence” throughout the founding document of our nation. American history is full of references to God in our public and private lives.

The recognition of this history and my dedication to a biblical worldview has always led me to take stands honoring God and the influence of the Bible whether it be sponsoring the nation’s first successful heartbeat bill in 2013 when we passed the Arkansas Heartbeat Protection Act; passing resolutions to honor Israel; sponsoring resolutions to defend marriage between one man and one woman; honoring George Washington and the Washington Cruiser Flag, which includes the phrase “An Appeal To Heaven” or sponsoring the Ten Commandments Monument Act which honors the historical and moral foundation of law in our country.

These bold stands have resulted in vicious personal attacks by the liberal media, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the American Atheists, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the Satanic Temple and other extreme liberal activists. My work against abortion and advocating for the Ten Commandments have made national news, and this publicity has drawn tremendous attacks against our family—from death threats in 2013 for my work on the Arkansas Heartbeat Bill to false police reports being filed against me by a liberal activist who came to our community just this year who has been dispatched to “bring me down.”

That man was arrested, he has been charged and is being prosecuted for his false police report against me.

I have given everything I have to be a voice for what is right in our state and our nation. Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world. Genesis 1:26-28 is a clear directive to all who serve God—we have been given dominion and authority over everything in the earth.

God meant for His people to subdue and influence the entire world and every aspect of life—this passage is the foundation of that notion. We need Christians all over this nation to pray and ask God if He would have them serve on school boards, city councils, county quorum courts, state legislative offices and Congress. Regardless of the false accusations, the personal attacks and the plans meant to silence my voice—I remain committed to upholding the United States Constitution and being a voice for Judeo-Christian principles in our nation.

What sort of spiritual warfare have you encountered over the last year or so with the project?

Over the years, I have come to recognize the rise in spiritual warfare surrounding struggles in the political arena in our nation. I happen to believe we are in a very critical time in our country. Spiritual warfare is manifesting into the physical realm—school shootings, the nearly 60 million killed in our nation by abortion, crumbling marriages, opioid abuse, the rise in youth suicides and churches’ struggle with apostasy in their pulpits because of ordaining homosexuals and more. The country and the church are under spiritual attack. We must stand up and be strong, earnestly contending for the faith as Jude commands (Jude 20).

On a personal level, our family depends upon prayer and fasting to endure the personal attacks that have come against us. God’s Word sustains us, as it says in Isaiah 54:17: “No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment, you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their vindication is from Me, says the Lord” (Isa. 54:17).

When your DNA research pokes holes in Darwin

Evolutionary tree

Researchers are announcing they have made a game-changing discovery in evolutionary biology and it could bring science one step closer to biblical truth.

According to the researchers, an American and a Swiss scientist, their study of DNA suggests that 100,000 animals first appeared at roughly the same time – not gradually over millions of year.

Likely realizing how that damages the evolutionary model, one of the scientists publicly stated they were hesitant to release their findings.

Secular scientists hesitate to release research that aligns with the Bible primarily because …

“There’s a great danger to the evolutionary model in this study in ways they don’t quite realize yet,” comments Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, a research biologist for Answers in Genesis.

Jeanson, who holds a PhD in cell development from Harvard, tells OneNewsNow that it’s true the researchers concluded that animals and humans arrived on earth at roughly the same time. The same study, he says, also found there is no cross-over species.

A robin may evolve into a better robin, for example, but it didn’t become a lizard.

The researchers aren’t admitting that Genesis 1:1 is true, of course, and the May 28 story headline describes “new facets of evolution” in a study published in a journal entitled Human Evolution.

But the story describes the “startling result” that nine out of 10 species on earth today, including humans, “came into being” 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.

That date line may not win over so-called “Young Earth” adherrents, who use Genesis to date the earth to about 10,000 years old, but the researchers said the findings left them baffled due to evolutionary models dating back millions of years.

Another researcher quoted in the story surmised that, perhaps, many animal species suddenly died out from an “environmental trauma” such as a virus or an ice age. But the story pointed out that the theory of a mass extinction from an asteroid strike is 65.5 million years ago, still leaving a lengthy gap.

“The conclusion is very surprising,” one of the researchers said, “and I fought against it as hard as I could.”

Abe Hamilton, general counsel for the American Family Association, tells OneNewsNow that the study shows Christians don’t have to “check their brains at the door” when they trust scripture, including the Genesis account of creation.

Baptist Church Decides to Remove Jesus Statue That’s ‘Too Catholic’

Baptist Church Decides to Remove Jesus Statue That’s ‘Too Catholic’

(Editors Note- So many today are ignorant of the history of the RCC. For an update why not study the attributes of the Antechrist in my book, “Winds of Megiddo”.)

A Baptist church’s decision to remove a statue of Jesus it deems “too Catholic” has divided Christians on social media.

The 7-foot-tall statue has stood at Red Bank Baptist Church in South Carolina since 2007, The State newspaper reported.

“We have discovered that there are people that view the art as Catholic in nature. We understand that this is not a Catholic icon, however, people perceive it in these terms,” read a letter to the artist from church pastor Jeff Wright and Mike Dennis, the church’s chairman of deacons.

Bert Baker Jr. is the artist who carved the statue. He is a former member of the church.

“I’m not interested in stirring the pot, but people not liking it because it looked too Catholic is crazy, man. It’s been up there for 11 years,” Baker told The State. “I don’t agree with the letter, it bothers me.”

On Facebook, Christians were split on the church’s move.

“Heaven won’t be divided by Lutherans, Methodists, Baptist or Catholics,” Jill Rogers wrote on The State’s Facebook issue. “It seems they are pulling out from Christianity all together. Did someone make them worship this statue. I think not. Seems they need to be worrying about souls as statues. It’s a sad day for Christianity.”

Another person, Deborah Lynn, wrote, “Why do y’all hate Catholics so much? Do I look too Catholic because I have red hair? If I wanted to go to your church would I be removed because of my Catholic looking red hair? Stop pretending the Baptist church isn’t anti-Catholic.”

But some said the issue is a church issue and shouldn’t be in the news.

“Since the Current membership voted to remove the statue this is not much of a news issue,” Benjamin Cliatt wrote. “I see it as a media attempt to create news as opposed to reporting it. Stir the pot to create an issue from a church membership decision.”

Wrote Douglas Baer, “Must have been a slow news day.”