2,000-year-old complex near Western Wall puzzles experts

2,000-year-old complex near Western Wall puzzles experts

An underground complex carved out of rock that dates back to the Second Temple era has recently been excavated at the foot of a 1,400-year-old building near the Western Wall. On Tuesday, the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Western Wall Heritage Foundation presented the first images of the complex, which is located beneath the entrance lobby to the Western Wall Tunnels site.

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There is a known fact that says “Man has an insatiable fascination with the hereafter and the afterlife”

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Iran is pushing ahead with its uranium enrichment and missile and space programs, as well as its activities in Syria.

In July 2019, Iran began to explicitly violate the July 2015 nuclear agreement. The recent International Atomic Energy Agency report (March 3, 2020) addressed the following breaches by Iran on uranium enrichment:

Iran pledged to reduce the number of centrifuges in the Natanz enrichment plant to 5,060 IR-1 units and to limit its uranium enrichment to 3.67 percent. However, as of July 8, 2019, it began to enrich up to 4.5%.The agreement demands that the Fordow... Read More | Share it now!

Tithing Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

The question arises many times about tithing, Is it biblical for Christians today? There are more than the 2 witnesses in the bible that fulfills the requirement to tithe.

As a matter of fact there are enough in both the old and new testament to meet this requirement.

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4 views of Revelation that most have never heard about

by George C Duke

In order for you to better understand the teaching on Historicism I would like to let you know about all 4 major teachings of prophecy or the 4 Views of Revelation. If you ask most people — Christian or non-Christian — what they think the book of Revelation is about, the chances are they will tell you it is a book about the “end of the world.”  Most people have never heard any... Read More | Share it now!

The Historic Interpretation

The Historic Interpretation composed & edited by George Duke

This study demonstrates that AD History can be found encoded in the prophetic verses of Revelation.

Most people view the Apocalypse of John as a prophecy about some terrifying events that will take place sometime in the future. We must understand that this futuristic teaching emanated from the Roman Catholic Church. Two Jesuit Priests Francisco Ribera and Cardinal Robert Bellarmine used it to counteract the teachings of the Reformation where the Reformists beleived that Rome and the Pope were the Anti-Christ.... Read More | Share it now!

Iran expanding military base in eastern Syria, satellite images show

Images released by ImageSat International indicate Iran, whose IRGC forces are deployed in Syria extensively, is building a new weapons storage facility at the Imam Ali military base in the country’s east. Construction includes a tunnel capable of holding advanced weapons systems.

New satellite images released Wednesday suggest that Iran is building a new underground weapons storage facility in a military base in eastern Syria.

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Muslim astonished by Jesus’ healing touch

As a Muslim, Khaleed Matmati was skeptical that Jesus would take away the pain from his mouth infection. But after prayer he was so astonished when the pain was gone the next morning.

“I started punching myself in my face, trying to make some kind of pain in my teeth and my face,” Khaleed says on a CBN video. “I realized Jesus was God. I just told Him, ‘Okay, Jesus, I give you my life.’”

Khaleed grew up as a Muslim immigrant who wasn’t particularly drawn to the rigorous disciplines of Islam. What drew him was music.

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American Missionary Pilot Dies in Plane Crash While Delivering Humanitarian Aid

Died: Joyce Lin, Missionary Pilot Transporting Coronavirus Supplies

On Tuesday morning, an American missionary pilot perished in a plane crash.

According to The Christian Post, Joyce Lin, 40, was en route to deliver supplies to remote Indonesian villages battling the novel coronavirus when her plane went down.

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