Dutch man, 69, wants to legally change age because he ‘feels 49’

A Dutch man who feels his age is holding him back in business and dating has launched a legal battle to be legally recognised as 20 years younger.

Emile Ratelband, was born on 11... Read More | Share it now!

Great Move of the Holy Spirit Erupts in Sicily

(Shaneen Clarke/Instagram)

A great move of the Holy Spirit has erupted like Mount Etna on the Island of Sicily. I visited there last weekend to speak in Palermo at Ministero Saron, led by Pastors Eliseo and Lina Siino.

I was greeted by major flooding in the area, though the waters did not prevent my reaching the platform. The spiritual hunger of the Italian men,... Read More | Share it now!

God Sent Donald Trump to Prepare the Church for the End Times, Jim Bakker Says

Christian End Times prepper Jim Bakker said that God told him He put Donald Trump on this earth to give the church time to prepare for the impending end.

On a television broadcast, the well-known End Time prepper asked the audience if they had ever seen so much hatred for a political leader. Bakker said, “Have you ever seen a time when we hate our president like the people do now?” He... Read More | Share it now!

US Missionary Shot to Death in Front of His Wife, Son

An American missionary was shot to death this week in Cameroon while riding in the car with his wife and son.

Charles Wesco of Indiana was out to shop when two bullets struck him through the windshield, according to Dave Halyaman, assistant pastor at Believers Baptist Church in Warsaw, Indiana.

The bullets knocked Wesco unconscious, and doctors were unable to revive him at the hospital.

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NATIONAL SECURITY ‘Tent cities’ could work, says CIS

The head of an immigration enforcement think tank is praising President Trump’s effort to deal with the approaching migrant caravan.

President Trump has announced a major change in U.S. asylum policy, declaring that the government will no longer allow migrants who jump the border to turn around and claim asylum in an attempt to gain a foothold here. He pledged... Read More | Share it now!

Burma’s Beleaguered Baptists

Burma’s Beleaguered Baptists

They drove hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims from their homeland from 2016 to 2017. Now many of the same Burmese troops that purged southwest Myanmar have moved north to another beleaguered religious and ethnic minority: the Christian Kachin.

Thousands of Kachin have been driven out of more than 50 villages as of June 2018, adding to a tally of more than 400 villages, 300 churches,... Read More | Share it now!

Russian Rebels in Ukraine Shut Down Churches

Rebels in Ukraine’s Luhansk region are reportedly raiding Christian churches.

According to reports, the group, which controls Luhansk, has demanded that churches re-register as a religious organization, but the rebel group is denying approvals for those registrations.

Forum 18, a Norwegian human rights organization, says neither Baptist nor Seventh-day Adventist churches have been allowed to re-register.

There are also reports that Protestant churches have been... Read More | Share it now!

Oxford students vote against Christian group’s residential camp

Oxford University

(Editors Note- We pioneered a Apostolic Church in Oxford England in 1977 Today that church still exists. On my recent trip to minister in the UK I was able to visit with and pray for the new Pastor there and his wife. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE CHURCH THERE) Read More | Share it now!