Doctors wanted to Abort Baby

Born with a severe disability, no one thought she would be able to sit up, much less graduate from college, marry, and bear children.

But Melissa Davert’s strong faith in God and his plans for her life proved all the doubters wrong.

“If I ever started to feel down or sad or sorry for myself my parents would say, ‘Look, there’s a reason and a purpose for your disability,” Melissa says on a Facebook video. “’You might not know what it is now, but you will someday. You just have to have faith and trust in God and His plan.’”

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Fight to read Bible in public hits Britain

St. Paaul's Cathedral, LondonSt. Paul’s Cathedral, London

A British religious-rights organization that has focused on relief of persecuted Christians in Muslim lands has a new fight on its hands – fighting for the right to read the Bible in public in England.

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We’ll close one church every week, Indian Christians told

Christian villagers in a rural district of India’s Maharashtra state have been told that one church will be closed down every week because they have been “destroying” local tradition and culture by “luring” others to convert to Christianity.

Since June, over a dozen houses belonging to Christians have been attacked by local extremist groups across five villages within Gadchiroli district.

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by Editor George C Duke

50 TO 75 Years ago Newspaper Editors and Newsmen fought to be able to present good honest reliable news no matter who it affected. Today we are living in a day where the news has become so corrupted that one does not know what to beleive and who to trust.

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Florida Member of The Satanic Temple Convicted of Trespassing for Disrupting Government Meeting

PENSACOLA, Fla. — A Florida member of The Satanic Temple who is known for his objections to the promotion of Christianity by the government has been convicted of trespassing after disrupting a government meeting by standing in front of the dais and reciting the Lord’s Prayer, refusing to sit down or stop talking until the meeting was called to order.

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‘The Israel Bible’ merging Jewish, Christian history

Jerusalem (aerial view)

A Jewish scholar is touting a first-of-its-kind Bible that is designed to help give Christians a unique perspective on the people and land of Israel.

American Rabbi Tuly Weisz and a team of biblical scholars published The Israel Bible, a new commentary and study on the Hebrew Bible – the Old Testament Scriptures.

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Military-Backed Forces in Burma Beat Two Youth Pastors, Sources Say

Burma army personnel. (Wikimedia)

YANGONBurma (Morning Star News) – Burmese army-backed militia beat two youth pastors in northern Burma (Myanmar) last week, detaining one of them overnight at the force’s base, sources said.

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