Ways to Combat School Violence

(Editors note  1-Do not allow your child to play violent video games)

Like many, I am deeply concerned about school violence. A massive shift has occurred. Talking, chewing gum and making noise were the top three public school problems in the early 1960s. Currently, rape, robbery and assault could lead the list.

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Authorities in Zanzibar, Tanzania Close Down Pentecostal Church

Bishop Daniel Kwileba Kwiyeya. (Morning Star News)

NAIROBIKenya (Morning Star News) – The pastor of a church on Tanzania’s semi-autonomous Zanzibar Island was preaching earlier this month when a plainclothes police officer and local officials strode into the church service.

“One of the police officers in civilian clothes walked through the church’s door, stepped up to the podium... Read More | Share it now!

Sentence Upheld for Pastor in Algeria Stopped for Carrying Christian Literature

Court in Tiaret, Algeria. (Morning Star News)

TIZI-OUZOUAlgeria (Morning Star News) – A case that began with police in Algeria stopping a Christian suspected of carrying Bibles in his car ended yesterday with a large fine for the church leader.

A judge in Tiaret, 600 kilometers (372 miles) southwest of Algiers, on Wednesday (May 16) denied pastor Nouredine Belabed’s appeal of a sentence... Read More | Share it now!

Right on cue, the world condemns Israel

Is it any coincidence that all this is taking place at the same time we relocated our embassy to Jerusalem? Things are falling into place just as scripted by Hamas.

Here are the fake Media reports: Israel is slaughtering unarmed men! Israel is killing women and children! Israel is butchering babies! It’s time for the world to condemn this genocidal nation!

Things are falling into place just as scripted by Hamas. The terrorist organization recruits and sends its young men on... Read More | Share it now!

The Pro Gay Marriage Bishop

Royal Wedding Pastor Michael Curry Is Pro-Gay Marriage--Should it Matter?

Royal Wedding Pastor Michael Curry Is Pro-Gay Marriage–Should it Matter?

Christians across the globe were inspired by Bishop Michael Curry’s message about love during the royal wedding Saturday, but many of those same Christians then debated whether his views on gay marriage and LGBT issues should matter.

In 2015 he was installed as presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, becoming the first... Read More | Share it now!

Another court hears fight over Pensacola cross

Pensacola cross

Oral arguments are scheduled for today over a public cross that could be taken down if atheist plaintiffs succeed with their lawsuit.

The American Humanist Association (AHA) and the Freedom from Religion Foundation filed for summary judgment in April 2017 on behalf of local residents, arguing that the City of Pensacola’s large cross, maintained by the city in a city... Read More | Share it now!

Man Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Kills One, Wounds Four in Knife Attack in Paris

PARIS — A knife-wielding man shouting “Allahu Akbar” killed one person and injured four others on Saturday in a popular tour district in Paris. He was killed by police minutes later.

“France has once again paid in blood, but will not give an inch to the enemies of freedom,” French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted.

According to reports, Khamzat Azimov, a 20-year-old French resident who was born in Chechnya, began randomly attacking passersby in the Opera... Read More | Share it now!

CA: Nope, can’t tell your kids there is no Ze and Zir

Gender Unicorn (sex unknown)

Parents and conservative activists are spreading the word that parental rights come after the right of the State of California to indoctrinate your children.

The latest dispute involves a California health law that mandates parents cannot remove their children from sex education lessons.

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Mitt Romney Criticizes Pastor Slated to Pray at Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem

Image result for Pastor Jeffress images

Senate candidate and former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney objected to the inclusion of Pastor Robert Jeffress in the opening of the new embassy in Jerusalem. He brought up comments Jeffress made about other religions in the past and said it made him a poor choice for the occasion. Romney stated on his Twitter account Sunday that, “Robert Jeffress... Read More | Share it now!

Five ISIS Leaders Caught After Three Month Long Intelligence Operation

(Worthy News) – At least five senior Islamic State officials have been captured in a three-month operation by Iraqi and American intelligence that involved phone apps and the breaking of secret bank accounts and communication codes, according to news reports.

The captures were announced Wednesday on Iraqi state TV, which broadcast images of four of the detainees wearing yellow prisoner jumpsuits.

President Trump, in a tweet on Thursday, said only that “Five Most Wanted leaders of ISIS just... Read More | Share it now!